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Craving Quest

Boys, Craving Quest is here! Unlike you perverted fuckers, I don’t usually jerk it off to hentai games and all.

However, when I do that, it must better be fucking awesome. I’d rather spend an hour researching a good fap source than touch myself to mediocre stuff.

So, Craving Quest is a hentai game from the legendary Erogames. That’s one thing that caught my attention. I've heard rumblings here and there about this porn game website.

I’ve spent quite some time going through pretty much all the nuts and bolts of the Craving Quest game. You fuckers can count on me and I rarely disappoint you, right?! I know! I know!

So, let’s get into the game review and see if it’s jerk-worthy material or nah!

Craving Quest Porn Game Review - Available on Almost All Platforms

What’s a good hentai quest game, when it’s only available on one platform? It sucks when there’s a good-ass sexy game that you couldn’t play, just because you don’t have the proper device. Step ya' game up, bitches!

But relax, this game is not going to hurt with that. You can play and perversely jerk off on pretty much any device nowadays.

Craving hentai game lets you enjoy some amazing hentai porn action on Android, Windows, iOS, and even Linux. How good is that, huh?!

Getting Started with the Craving Porn Quest Games

Usually, most of the hentai games start it out with a lot of bullshit. I mean, I would want some action right away, not some instructional crap of world quest idle MMO walkthrough.

So, how does this game fare at this? Fucking good, I say! It begins straight up with a jolly good hentai blowjob.

Chick’s name is Zoe and the dude is Jacque. Enough with the introductions of these skyland hentai characters.

So, it all starts with Zoe dreaming about sucking this guy’s dick. Her petite body and tight boobs will already make you hard. But, hey, don’t jerk it off already!

Apart from the scenery, you also get sexy ass audio, with a lot of hot moans and stuff. The slurping sounds in this game are out of the world. Not many games could get right at it. Moreover, the dialogues were properly written, which don’t seem like worked by some dude from Cambodia.

Alright, after you get to see the blowjob thingy, you’ll be taken to a tutorial, where you’ll be learning how to play and all.

It’s not going to be all tits and cocks, beware! You’d be assigned a team, of whom, the duty is to save the realm and fuck chicks, lol.

How Good is the Gameplay of this Quest Cravings Hentai Game?

You want the best of both worlds. That’s why you’d want to play a hentai game, where you could enjoy some porn action, along with some gaming.

Most hentai games either focus too much on the gaming part or the other side. I love a hentai porno game where there’s a balance between both these things.

After play this game for a couple of hours, I’d say it ticks almost all the boxes.

The game is complex enough to give you some serious gameplay action, and also very good at showing you tits and making your boy erect.

In the beginning, the game may seem a bit too easy. However, that’s only to avoid confusion. After smashing a couple of levels, you’ll see the real action.

Basically, your goal is to win as many heroes as you can. There are two ways to do that.

1. Your daily dose of free summons.

2. By purchasing earning tickets, through quest completions.

Each hero comes with a set of unique powers. Some are good at class archetypes, whereas some others slay it at attack range. Well hey, you can’t have it all in one basket.

Apart from that, you get all other ero RPG shit like healers, crowd control, and target focus among others.

Erogames Quest Cravings Review – What About the Kinky Parts?

I know, I know. I must’ve bored ya’ll out by talking about the gameplay stuff. In fact, the game can get kind of boring if you are not into these types of games because all you're doing in clicking. But the action makes up for it. Alright, I’d want to make it up to you by letting you in on the kinky and perverted parts.

Here, you have to pamper the girl. Yep, just like with your girl in real life. However, you won’t be having any feministic drama here.

You just buy her some items, she likes, and she’ll let you do some nasty stuff. With every item you buy her, she’ll love you more and more. Crazy, right?

After you’ve been a good gift-giver, you’ll be able to access some mind-fucking or dick-hardening sex hentai quest games scenes. Cumshots, boobjobs, BDSM, you name it, they have it. I won’t go much into the detail, killing your excitement.

You play the game and see for yourself, you sex-starved fucker!

Features that Make it One of the Best H-Games

See, you guys, what I’ve liked the most about this game is, deliver what they promise, an amazing hentai quest game, unlike the majority of the idle hentai games out there. This idle porn game is a blend of some super-hot anime sex scenes and highly engaging and fun gameplay.

To have fun, you have to grind hard and get involved. Imagine how it feels when you satisfy your brain with some good gaming, and at the same time, giving it what it ultimately wants, some sexy girls game action.

Craving Quest Porn Studio Game – Is it Worth Your Time?

I’ve spent a lot of my time, going through the hentai games wiki, to find a gem of a game. I’m almost sure that this is what I was looking for.

Moreover, you don’t even have to pay a penny to play. However, shelling some coins will get you faster and further easily.

It has all the right ingredients, to let you have fun. Good gameplay, hot sex scenes, no-bullshit girls sexy game characters, and many more. I’d say, try it out for a few minutes and see how the water is.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Union Pay, PayPal via Segpay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other Cryptocurrency

Interesting gameplay

Free to play

Amazing voice and visual acting

Super-hot hentai sex scenes

Easy-to-earn currency

Hypnotizing music score that puts you to sleep

Requires high-speed internet to load properly.

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