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Comdotgame Adult or CDG, what is this porn game all about???

The first thing that captivated me about this site was the name. The developers have chosen a weird but easy to remember domain name. Another thing that you will need to know about this site before you start wanking your way through is the vast archive of games the site packs.

On, you have access to several kinds of gaming action. Could be mainstream, straight porn games, or gay porn games. Mainstream games are useful when you need to take a break from porn games. This way, you can still play regular games without leaving the site. But remember, ComDotGame Adult is not so different from the regular ComDotGame.

You don't need to create an account to enjoy the content. Enter the site URL, pick the game you want, and start playing. You do not even need to download these games; you can play them through the flash player on your browser.

Now that we have taken a quick look at what this adult site packs, let us dig deeper and see what more this site has in store for us. Review - The Website Design

The gaming website is easy to access and has its gaming section secluded from the forum section. Trying to distinguish adult games from mainstream games is not all guns and roses.

In this review, I'll be focusing on the adult section of the site. To gain access to the adult gaming section from the homepage, click on the adult tab located at the top. Here, you will be welcomed to the archive of crazy porn games. These games are so many that you might have to continue fapping for the rest of your lives.

ComDotGame Review - Sorting Options

In the adult section of the site, you get to see tabs like recent games, featured games, popular games, and searched games. These tabs will help you locate the right game that will make your dick and cunts happy. The site also lists a bunch of filters that will be able to guide you in finding what your dick likes.

The search bar seems pretty useful and capable of doing its job. When you want to exclude a particular filter from your search, add NO before inputting the keyword; It is as simple as that.

ComDotGame Gameplay

The Vagina Simulater game teaches you about the different parts of the vagina. The intro of the game comes with repetitive game music just like a lot of them have. Some game don't even have music, you're just sitting there clicking all around the page trying to figure out how it works. However, some have a volume button to turn the sound up and down. To start the game, click on learn about vaginas, and you will enter the game mode.

As you move your cursor over the different parts of the vagina, a short description of the vagina part and its functions will be explained. That seems to be all about the game. This is a big letdown as I was expecting more.

Most of these games are like that. Nothing more meets the eyes.

Another popular game is the Tinkle bell panty show. The name has no relation to the popular tinker bell animation from Disney. For some reason, the game seems to be in written Japanese. Like the Vagina Simulater, it also comes with boring repetitive music.

Let's see what this game offers. Since I do not understand Japanese, I had to click on the game options in a random way. After clicking randomly for a while, I figured out that there is an option that when clicked will display the high scores.

The real game seems easy to play, it's a click game that requires you to click the power bar when it's full, if you successfully click it while the power bar is full, you will be briefly shown the full view of one of the babes' panties, after this, you have few seconds to select the right color or pattern of panties she was wearing. So, if you click when the power bar is low, you might not be able to see the color and pattern of the pant when the skirt is raised.

Other Features from

Players can leave ratings for every game, this is represented by a thumbs up or thumbs down icon. Users can also leave comments, but many of the comments are from spammers.

This site packs a lot of great gay games that you can use to fap. It doesn't matter if its furry action or intergalactic and alien fucking you want to see, has it all. Altogether I counted 458 gay games that will keep you coming back to this great adult site.

An Active Blog Section has a blog, here members can take part in sexual stimulating topics. This section could use a bit of categorizing; all topics are in a list format. It figured it will take a long time to find the topic you might have interest in if you decide to use the list to go through your digging. Users can create topics, enter a subject and comment, then click on submit.

Altogether packs art styles belonging to CDG hentai and CGI hentai. There are different games to serve your niche and please you. Finding the right game can be a little bit tricky but I can assure you that there are games you will enjoy this porn site.


Year Launched

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Plenty of games to enjoy

Free games

Opening an account is not necessary

Low-quality games

Flash-based games

Hard to separate good from bad games

Games are short

No downloads for the games

Seems not to have an age verifier for the adult section

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