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Attack On Moe H


If you’re looking for the next hentai game to jerk your dick off to, then this Attack on Moe H review is exactly what you need.

The thing is, Attack on Moe H is the kind of game that initially sells itself as an exciting RPG clicker until- well—you’ve played it for more than hour. And I know I’m not alone when I say that this clicker game will have you go through some excitement, then some amusement and ultimately leave you with frustration.

Attacking Moe Review

Attack on Moe H is a developed by Ignite Games ltd. And released through Nutaku’s platform. It’s an RPG clicker that puts you in this fantasy world very reminiscent of classic titles like Chrono Trigger in the way that it uses 16-bit pixel graphics for the most part. Here, you’re tasked with defending the land from ravaging monsters and, interestingly enough, cat girls.

Simply put, it’s like you’re thrust into the world of Attack on Titan, except instead of giant man-eating monsters, you’re fighting giant cat girls and sexy-ass anime bosses.

Being a clicker game, you pretty much just have to tap on the game screen in order to make your character perform attacks. And for some added variation to the whole experience, you also get clicker powers at the bottom of your screen to initiate special moves.

Additionally, the left side contains buttons that allow you to level your character up, upgrade any given clicker power, and hire additional A.I. heroes to help you in your battle.

Apart from those, you also get a variety of sections that show you whatever buffs or power-ups you possess in-game, but they’re only actually important if you’re willing to spend real-world money on these (more on that later).

Keep Tapping to Tap Some Ass

The main goal of Attack on Moe H is to collect Moetans—the game’s unusually gargantuan ho-bags— via boss fights. In this game, bosses appear every time you beat 9 regular units, which mostly consist of Final Fantasy and Pokemon rip-offs.

When you beat a Moetan, you get to add her to your collection, and this is where the Hentai part comes in… BARELY. You see, Attack on Moe H is separated into two sections, with the main gaming ground being the battle area where you fight monsters and the Moepedia section, where you get to finally see some anime honkers.

That is, if you’re able to slog through hours upon hours of Attack on Moe H’s abysmal game mechanics.

The Battleground is More of a Wasteland

The battleground section of Attack on Moe H is where the game revels itself as a full-on clicker adventure, minus all the things that could keep you interested.

Here, the only thing you could do aside from tap on the screen and purchase upgrades is to grind it out until you eventually luck out and find a Moetan that you haven’t beaten yet. Any given boss appears multiple times during the game and you really don’t receive anything if you beat one for a second time or more, which makes for a really repetitive and boring experience.

The Moepedia is a Blatant cash grab

Then comes what should supposedly be the main hook of the game: to see 2D bitches get wet.

But Attack on Moe H fails on this front, too, since you have to go through five levels of undress for each Moetan. And the way to do this is by meeting certain requirements in-game, such as beating hundreds or thousands of monsters and what-not.

In return, you get to gradually see a nearly static illustration of an anime ho slowly reveal her goods, and that’s about it. Sure, there’s a feature where you tap the screen and make them “climax”, but with no additional animation for it, it’s all just an empty feature.

Even worse, you can’t really achieve the max level (i.e. the lewdest of animations) in this game unless you purchase “moetokens” to upgrade your Moetan. Spoiler alert: you’ll more or less need real-world money to buy moetokens, since grinding it out will take you weeks.

So, simply put, Attack on Moe H feels less like a hentai game and more like a scam wrapped in a dumb clicker that sucks balls.

Don’t Let the Cat Girls Fool You

Aside from the obviously shitty P2W (Pay to Win) scheme that Attack on Moe H uses, the RPG aspect of it all poses no entertainment value whatsoever.

For one, the monsters and bosses don’t really attack when you tap on the screen, so there’s basically no risk of losing the game unless, say, you fall asleep in front of your phone. What you get is essentially a mindless experience all in the name of getting a slim chance at seeing some anime girl fingering herself.

Like I said earlier, this game is only fun for the first hour. Beyond that, and you’re just going on autopilot waiting to gain enough points or gems or in-game tickets to see some jugs. And the promise of those anime boobies ain’t even a sure thing (because, again, you need moetokens).

Our Attack on Moe H Review Verdict: It’s Crap

All in all, I highly advise just steering clear of this game; you’re better off either just watching some hentai or going for a casual hentai flash game in your browser.

In between the brutal grinding process, the blatant cash-grabbing and the overall trash features of Attack on Moe H, I could only see the most determined of perverts being able to enjoy this game.

The best part about this Attack on Moe H review is that I could finally get to delete this from my device after trying it out. Yes, it’s that bad.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


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Battleground section of the game takes cues from games like Chrono Trigger

Cute character designs

Hentai girls are well-drawn

Total cash-grab from its Pay 2 Win scheme

Brutal grinding process if you’re not willing to pay

Hentai animation is VERY minimal

A boring, mindless experience that barely passes as a game

Not even really a hentai game. More of a slog towards two-dimensional pussies

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