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The first time you land on the porn site, you will be so taken aback at the quality and the immediate live-action that it will take your breath away. One would think that being exposed to so many porn sites and watching so many porn videos over and over again, that nothing would surprise anymore, but is not just any old site. Review - Check Out This Mind-Blowing Premium Quality

The primary element of surprise on the website is the outstanding quality of production. The videos are the quality of production out of Hollywood, and that is precisely what owner Greg Lansky decided to do when he started the company in 2014. He wanted to make the Vixen site shine, and he tried to make it sing.

Lansky decided that the only way to make a difference in the very crowded world of porn is to make porn videos of such high quality that they will immediately stand out head and shoulders above the rest. On top of that, he committed to only hiring the best looking men and the hottest models to be the star of his vixen content. His models are stunning, are all over 18 years old and get involved in some of the most mind-blowing sex scenes imaginable.

This review was an easy one to do. The site is so easily navigable, and even if it were more complicated, no one would flinch, as every hack, and every click turns into a beautiful girl getting cock in a hole in exotic surrounds, all filmed in 4k quality and with no pimples and not even the tiniest lump of pre-cellulite on any legs or ass whatsoever.

Some people may not like this, and some may even prefer amateur sex sites, but this is not comparable. Vixen is a premium site, where people pay for the privilege of being part of the community of beautiful looking people getting fucked in amazing locations around the world.  Access is not that expensive, and extremely worth it, but more on that later.

The Porn Company Has Subtle Storylines

Although storylines do play a very subtle and often extremely weak element to many porn sites, it is a paramount part of The fresh-faced models are stars in stories of real people, experiencing real-world situations that involve situations like having no money for their studies, of waitressing, of older men, international travel, and even falling in love. As a result, there is a lot of very raunchy sex in beautiful settings and with incredible backdrops and scenery.

It will soon become evident that the Vixen site is an award-winning porn site. It has taken so many Adult Video Awards over the last few years that it is quite amazing how quickly Lansky took over this top-end segment of the porn industry. It is a website that spares no expense in delivering the most exceptional content.

The sex is either one-one-one both hetero and lesbian, or else it is FFM threesomes with some serious sharing of bodily fluids and some vicious pounding and licking and cum shooting that will blow your mind. There's virtually no kink, however, and the scenes are scripted and well thought out, without any weirdness like cosplay or soles or double anals. Just plenty of good, hard, fucking with sexy models and flat-stomached men with big dicks.

On the subject of anal sex, the site has an excellent search function where you can go down the rabbit hole in your search for something specific. Be warned though; the search function will not reveal anything weird or on any way disconcerting. It's all good, clean, jizzing fun.

Art and Porn

Moving back to storylines, does take careful attention to this part of the production, with most stories scripted and with a cool, old school ideology behind most of the videos. It's a website that oozes class and style and finds the connection between porn and art in the most subtle way that is very rare to find in today's porn bubble. There is more of a trend to publish and be damned, of getting more and more out there. This option is just a bid for clicks and likes and views and uniques.

Lansky has unequivocally chosen quality over quantity, and there is usually one scene released a week. Many other sites, especially the amateur 'reader's wives' type, like to bounce up to eight clips in a day, to stimulate traffic. Lansky it seems, has avoided this for the quest for perfection when it comes to the quality of content.

Apart from vixen, Lansky is also the founder of Blacked, Tushy,  as well as the at-times rough Blacked Raw.  He only began his climb to porn stardom in 2014, and in the space of a few short years started winning awards at the Adult Video News annual awards evening.

Vixen's Awards and Accolades

His accolades include Best New Studio 2917 AVN, Director Of The Year 2017 AVN, Best Boy/Girl sex scene 2017 AVN and Adult Site Of The Year 2017 AVN for the Vixen website. These awards are hotly contested, and to win a single award is a big deal in the industry. They aren't handed out easily, and a single win is a great feat. To come from nowhere and start racking up the awards shows how hard and diligently he worked on producing the best content.

His breakthrough, however, was in the 2016 movie Being Riley, starring the inimitable Riley Reid, that won him seven AVN Awards and announced him and his company to the industry.  It was this movie that saw him on his way to become a leader in the industry, and it also helped Riley along her way to porn stardom.

Spoiled Rotten

An example of the quality of video content that exists on vixen is the quite stunning Spoiled Rotten starring Nia Nacci, Sasha Rose and Christian Clay. The video blurb reads, "Nia and Sasha are two troublemakers meeting at a spa retreat or the first time. when bored by everything they have to offer, they team up and have a little fun." Christian Clay comes to the rescue and serves them both well with some solid boning around the spa retreat.

The video starts with the two stunning models on the rocks in front of the resort. Waves are crashing onto the rocks in the background. They are ready fr some action, and before long they get just that. A little bit of thick cock on the rocks before Clay takes them through various positions and various degrees of fucking throughout the resort.

It's top action, and it is worth a subscription. The prices are also reasonable, with a two-day access introduction to the site, as well as monthly contracts, 90-day full access and 180-day full access options. Despite the glamour and the make-up, the Vixen website is underneath the veneer is a hardcore fucking site, with multiple categories, gorgeous girls everywhere, and some exciting sexual performers.

It is obviously all rights reserved when you sign on, but it is a good deal, and it may even get you hooked on premium sites, and A-Grade content is it provides. Vixen is one of those sites that will get you coming back for more and with all girls 18 years and over, as well as being some of the hottest chicks in porn, and you'll get what you need.

Premium Site

As a premium site,  vixen does offer excellent value for money, and it's easy to get excited about it. Many people are happy to pay for quality over quantity and are sick of fumbling around on amateur sites run by porn hacks, that give so many dud clips and now and again one worth having a wank over. Vixen is wankable from the get-go, and it was a review that needed no help to get written as it is so slick and the chicks are so stunning.  Even the vixen chicks in the galleries are such a turn on, and the incredible art photography helps the situation immensely.

Any review of a site like vixen would include a few negatives, but there aren't too many to mention.


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Incredibly beautiful girls.

Tropical settings and amazing studio shots.

No advertising.

Easy to use, navigable website.

No kinky stuff or fetish

A slight lack of library, as there is only a video a week.

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