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We will take an objective look at the premium porn site in this review. 

Welcome everyone!

Our goal today is to use the website, evaluate the features and measure them up against the benefits, and give our honest opinion.

We are porn watchers ourselves, so we know your pain.

Like how sometimes premium porn sites charge way too much money for subpar content. 

It’s a trap that we, and we’re sure you don’t wanna fall into.

Don’t worry.

We got your back.

We got da’ 411!

HardX Goes Hard in Motherfuckin’ the Paint

HardX goes so hard in the paint that it makes my wee wee stank - in a good way.

In fact, HardX gives you in-your-face hardcore porn action the moment you log on the homepage. 


You’ll see everything in full HD quality:

  • Hardcore sex shit hitting you in the face from every angle

  • Top models getting banged out by top porn stars 

  • Hardcore scenes and cumshots from bonus sites

  • Creampies resulting from porn stars getting fucked hard

  • Double penetration for ultimate masturbation

  • Erections protruding in all directions
What’s amazing is that these scenes replay forever, similar to gifs. 

Shit, you could jack off to the homepage alone if you choose. 

In fact, you don’t need to pay for anything to enjoy a cumshot, if you choose.

But those are not the only things you can enjoy.

Below those non-stop hardcore scenes is a list of the latest uploaded porn videos, which seems to average 3-4 uploads a month. 

Not good!

But this upload frequency makes sense.

Free porn sites upload way more than premium porn sites, but the content usually sucks major ass.

Premium HD quality porn videos take more time to create.

It seems all content on HardX is professionally produced, which is worth the money you spend. 

For example, the female porn stars are getting DPed on hypoallergenic cotton-linen sheets.

While the male porn stars finish off sex acts with aggressive, but classy facials.

Fuck watching porn stars getting double penetrated, but you might also see triple penetrations, and quadruple penetrations with four male top porn stars on one female porn star.

Needless to say, there’s a variety of cool shit here.

Yeah, I noticed there are plenty of gangbang videos.

HardX Review: Premium Membership is Worth the Price

Unfortunately, you are required to sign up for a membership if you want to access more premium content.

However, it is reasonably priced.

So, the 3-day trial cost $2.95.

The plan comes with limited streaming and no downloads, which means you can watch a few videos. They are enough to get a taste, but not enough for a marathon jackin’ session.

So you would need to purchase the 30-day plan for around $30/month or the yearly plan for $120 a month for unlimited downloads to really beat your meat right. This option is best for the hardcore porn watchers.

HardX Review: Conclusion

From what I see, there’s nothing really special on HardX that I haven’t seen before on other porn sites.

I wouldn’t recommend spending full price for a membership unless you have a specific interest in certain porn stars.

You can rest easy using HardX because it seems like one of the safest porn sites if you are a person who is worried about online intrusions.

Or, if you are looking for a particular porn star, you can search for the model in the directory. 

Maybe you love high-quality video resolutions.

That would be a good reason to subscribe to HardX.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, paysafecard, gift cards (100+ brands accepted)

Professionally produced porno

Seems like a safe porn site

Hardcore HD-quality scenes with top stars

Not enough porn uploads per month

Required to join the website to see an additional list of videos

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