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Here we present our review. The term “Blacked” should be added to the dick-tionary if it is not yet indexed. 

This ‘verb’ has a bit more meaning in your life since you are likely a cuck who likes to watch his wife get fucked by a BBC.

Haha, look at you!

So if you like watching Lily white girls getting smashed by soul poles, then this should be your next and final stop on the gravy train.

Some sites might say “interracial” and may feature white man/black woman, asian woman/black male, or latina woman/black male.

In fact, you see the latter one a lot on porn sites. 

Blacked is one of the best premium porn sites for exclusive Black guys banging out white girls - a fantasy most have but cannot achieve. 

Well, you will finally achieve it here!

Blacked Review: A Safe Porn Site?

Why does Black and safety always have to be brought up, you racist asshole.

White supremacists living in the middle of Bumfuck, Idaho somewhere are always talking about how blacks are 12% of the population, but account for 50% of the crime statistically - according to the FBI. These same white supremacists will conveniently ignore the fact that the majority of people arrested for sex crimes, including pedophilia, are in fact White. 

Would you believe that these same guys probably love watching BBC porn. 

And of course, these same losers are worried about their “safety”, not only in the streets but online as well. 

Welp, you will be happy to know that allows a person to enjoy black guys digging out white girls without any risks. 

It’s like listening to hip Hop.

You get close enough to the action without being in any danger.

Blacked is one of the safest porn sites on the net because it is part of the universe.

Anyone who knows about knows it has some of the highest security features of any porn site - SSl encryption, data protection, anti-virus programs, etc. Some of their security features are equivalent to PornHub, YouTube, and BangBros.

But you best believe that you will pay a nice hefty fine to watch this interracial porno in full effect without worrying about getting hacked. Review: Pay for a Subscription to Stick the Dick In

So you wanna know if is worth the price they are asking for.

The short answer is yes, ONLY if you love watching BBCs in white pussies.

Officially I can say that this premium porn site has the best interracial content you’ll see on the net. 

Check this out, homie.

You get access to full length videos that you can watch all day. No problem.

It’s not like the vids that you see on PornHub somewhere, where you can only watch a 3-minute trailer.

Nope, these are full copyrighted vids that you cannot find anywhere else, son.

Cum check this out, man.

If you decide to sign up for an ‘Single site only’ ( only) subscription then you don't pay much. 

  • $100 a year

  • $59 for 90 days

  • $15 a day

  • 2 day trial
Beware, that you need to turn off your automatic subscription button because when the trial period ends you will get charged full price. Most porn sites operate in that manner.

Now, if you feel weird watching your beloved white women engaged in interracial porn, and you get fed up from the torture, you can mosey your lily white ass on over to the 9-site membership.

There, you will get access to an entire bundle of premium porn sites but you need to pay a hefty price.

  • $500 a year or $59 for 30 days.

    • Vixen

    • Tushy

    • Deeper

    • Blacked Raw

    • Tushy Raw

    • Slayed

    • MILFY

Blacked Review: What Type of Porn Content Will You See Here?

So the content on Blacked is pretty good. Great camera work!

Women are gorgeous.

Round asses.

Tight shaven pussies.

In fact, the model index is under Performers and, man, many of them are big names you probably already know about like Bree Daniels.

Unfortunately, they are not classified under alphabetical order.

Fortunately, though, you can search for their names using the advanced search bar.

It’s easy to discover new categories and new content while using that search bar.

  • Blacked raw interracial videos

  • Hardcore blowjobs on BBC pornstars

  • Black men having threesomes for almost four hours

  • Bed bucks giving her some hot fuck

  • Kneegrows sticking their wee-holes in some pee-holes

  • Big black cocks as large as the Pacific Ocean
Anything you can think of can be searched.

Be imaginative, homie.

Scenes are posted several times a week, which is not a lot.

But hey, look at it like this, you need time to produce high-quality content in beautiful locations.

Blacked scenes feel professionally produced, no lower resolutions.

That’s just the name of the game.

What’s cool about Blacked, and I'm assuming Vixen does this often, is that they have a countdown to when they are going to upload new videos.

So you will know about regular updates when they drop.

Which means Blacked fans will see some fresh content weekly.

In extreme cases, you could have your lotion and male vibrator ready for action when the clock runs out.

It will be like celebrating Happy New Years, except fireworks there will be an ignited cumshot.

Real shit!

Blacked Review: Final Word

So Blacked is perfect for the users who have an interracial fetish. The men are hung like horses and the women are very beautiful. Also, the content is professionally filmed in high-quality.

The site is on the pricey side, but it’s one of the safest porn sites due to it being part of the infamous Vixen universe.

I give 8.5/10.



Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Gift Cards (major retailers)

Predominantly interracial content with BBCs

High-end video quality with superb resolution

Reasonable video length

Safe porn site

Has a 9-site membership available


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