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Looking to take a trip down horny memory lane? The Vintage Erotica Forum has you covered. 

If you dig the way chicks looked back in the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s and early '90s, you're probably feeling short-changed by today's broads.

I hear ya'. Speaking as an Xer, nothing beats a big-haired, tattoo-free tart. Read on for a dive into vintage erotica.

Classic Pinup and Celebrity Erotica

The best porn sites offer variety. The Vintage Erotica Forums are no exception. If you like hippy chicks in bellbottoms, this site has you covered. One applicable thread that comes right up is 70's Girls in Denim Vests, which has tons of magazine scans of '70s-era women in flares, vests, pointy collars and curtain-fringe hairdos doing all sorts of things, including the nasty. Currently, that thread has 23 pages.

Maybe hippie chicks aren't your thing? Perhaps you dig the '50s pinup doll look? The forum has that covered as well. Photos of '50s-era fetish models, some never seen until recently, are easy to find on here.

Another popular thread is titled Sexy '70s and '80s Hair. As you'd guess, it's largely swamped with chicks from the hair metal era. Big perms, layered cuts, long curls. The scans are from various sources: '80s Playboy, '80s Hollywood promo shots (Heather Locklear, Lisa Hartman). Some of them are from yearbooks. The funniest are the period glamour shots, where soccer moms of the pre-MILF era try to look all bedroomy.

Some users post lists of their top 10, 20, 30 or more babes in various categories. There's one thread where a fella' lists his Top 30 Playboy Playmates. (He didn't specify a time-frame, but 27 of those 30 are from the 1979–90 period.) He followed the list with a photo gallery that, due to the age of the post (2008) are either small-scan or missing. Nonetheless, the thread has grown to 25 pages (10 posts per page) with newer scans and other user's top 10's. Review: Classic Amateur Porn Pics

Aside from all the vintage lingerie ads, private photos and Playboy scans, there are also lots of hardcore vintage porn pics. Most of the porn images are screen-caps from XXX films of the late '70s through early '90s. Vintage cock-sucking, titty fucking and good ol' penetration.

Some of these photos appear to have been released from old private collections. In a thread titled "vintage nude girls with cars," there are tons of photos of young women ('50s-'80s era) showing their hairy twats to the camera from the seats of open cars. Even as an avid Pulp International reader, I don't recognize any of these chicks. I'd wager most of them were regular gals getting raunchy during stops along Route 66.

Vintage-Erotica-Forums Site Rules: The Best Porn Pics (Pre-1996) 

The list of forbidden subjects reads like a who's who of models whose content I... actively consumed back in the 2000s (, I guess that, in order to keep their 1995 cut-off date enforced, they must resist the growing wave of nostalgia for the early internet (1996-2002). Yes, even if that means prohibiting posts of that era's retro glamour models.

Despite the strict policy against content from the late '90s and 2000s, the forum has an old internet feel and layout straight from that era. It's an old forum format that reminds me of such Web 1.5 relics as the '80s Xchange.

They prefer that you post pics from picture hosts. If you post from a file host, they limit you to five posts per day.

You can browse the Vintage Erotica Forums for free, but it's better to register with the site. That way, you can browse threads and view pics without all the annoying pop-ups.

Review of the Vintage Erotica Forum

I must admit, I'd never heard of the vintage erotica forum before sitting down to write this review. It's probably because of the archaic look of these pages. Seriously, this site looks cryogenically frozen in 2005, if not earlier. The forum has never come up in any of my Google searches. Still, it's a fine place to find old magazine scans that you won't find anywhere else. This could be part of the dark web of porn.

The Vintage Erotica Forums have been around for many years. If you hit the Last button next to the page arrows, you'll see posts that date as far back as February 2006. Most of the threads were started back in the late 2000s. Whenever you enter a thread, you'll see the oldest posts first (pages 1–100, depending on the size of the thread) and newest posts last (pages 200–300, thereabouts).

Some of the threads are trash. One, titled Blue Vanities Slips, shows hairy-snatch, spreadeagle shots of women from the '60s-'80s. The shots that are still visible (those that don't say "404") look like they could have come from the photo albums of Rodney Alcala. But so what. The thread died after six posts back in March 2006. Despite that, it's only three clicks away when you enter the site.

My biggest complaint about the Vintage Erotica Forums is that the oldest posts show first. Consequently, each thread looks moth-eaten upon entry. In most of these threads, you'll have to use the arrow button and click to the later pages to get posts from 2015-onward.

Erotic Forum Categories 

The Vintage Erotic Forums has sub-forums for the following three categories:

  • Vintage Photographers and Artists

  • Vintage Erotica Talk

  • Other Requests
Overall, the stuff you'll find here you just won't see on other porn forums or adult sites, including:

  • HQ scans of rare lingerie ads

  • Pinups, centerfolds, vintage actresses

  • Screen-caps from the best porn, pre-1996

  • Old photos collected from long-deleted sites
Whatever your retro fix, the categories at are endless.


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