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Eroticity may not be your favorite in terms of design and style, but be rest assured you will be getting the same quality of contents those big porn forums have. Though it lacks style, the neatness of the will make you want to get involved with whatever conversation happening there. doesn’t just have your preferred categories, they created each category to represent its content. We must also appreciate the management of this site on the way they have linked some external sources like the Porn Dude to the site, giving individuals the opportunity to explore outside the forum.

Eroticity Review: Promise

Be prepared as we take you through the world of this exciting porn forum. As always, we are going to take you through the features and categories on this platform highlighting each function. Still, on the categories, we are going to hint about the Anime and Hentai Contents on Erocity forum which you know is one of the trending porn niches in the industry.

We can’t actually give you all to expect ‘cos we will be chipping in one or two surprises as the review goes on. But in all, you should expect a more breathtaking ride through one of the world’s most underrated porn forums – Review Preview

The sky blue color a dawned on the homepage of makes it look mild and decent, but looking through the contents, you are bound to be aroused by the quality of its topics. The ever-interesting members are people with different psychological attributes and sexual orientation.

Here in Eroticity, threads never get old, not even when it has ended. This happens with the help of the “Archive” where various interesting topics from the forum are moved. Enjoy the best of porn videos in their long video gallery contained in their “Video Collections” and carefully arranged for easy accessibility.

Eroticity Homepage

No doubt Eroticity Forum is a free membership online platform, but they still run some premium membership packages which we will still mention in the course of this review. So, arriving on the homepage of Eroticity, it is like approaching the White House, so white and serene, but we bet you cannot survive the battle that is fought in there! That’s what’s with this forum; decent on the outside, but super dirty on the inside, courtesy of its members.

The first thing that catches your fancy is the mild sky blue and black colors that made up the forum. Then come the well-arranged categories and subcategories that are neatly arranged with each tag serving its purpose. Now take this advice from us, never underestimate the dirtiness of this platform until you completely explore it.

Eroticity Best Porn Categories and Features

Without mincing words, we will like to say that everything you need in Eroticity is intact. We have seen and hundreds of porn sites and forums with amazing categories and subcategories, so believe us when we say that despite it’s few categories, all you need in a porn forum is contained therein. Let’s take a look at few of them:

  • External Services

The External Services contains mostly images and videos, it also contains sub-categories like Adult Photo Sets, Adult Video Scenes, FilesMonster Collections, and FilesMonster Porn Catalog.

  • Photo Collections

This is self-explanatory, this is where you get all the porn pictures contained in the Erocity, the subcategories include Adult Photo Collections, Amateur Photo Collections, Hardcore Photo Collections, Internet Model Collections, Softcore Photo Collections, Studio Photo Collections, e.t.c. it will also interest you to note that the pictures contained here are a combination of both soft and hardcore pictures.

  • Video Collections

It contains eroticity forum finest videos, it’s subcategories include Adult Movie Collections, Amateur Video Collections, Fetish Video Collections, Hardcore Video Collections, Scat Video Collections, Softcore Video Collections, e.t.c.

  • Celebrity Content

As the tag says, it contains contents belonging to eroticity’s finest models, those contents include a collection of videos and pictures. The subcategories include Celebrity Photo Collections and Celebrity Video Collections.

Premium Packages on Eroticity

Eroticity has four premium packages where one can pay using Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Paysafecard, Cryptocurrency as a payment method. These packages include:

  • 7 Days Package - $4.99

  • 30 Days Package - $12.99

  • 90 Days Package - $29.99 (With a 30 days Gift Voucher)

  • 180 Days Package - $54.99 (With a 90 days Gift Voucher)
Again, you will also get to get to download from all the Filehosts on the forum without restrictions.

Anime and Hentai Contents

Personally, this is my favorite. If you are familiar with Hentia sex you will understand perfectly what we are talking about here. Some people even prefer to call it God sex; it always come in 2D or 3D versions and involves creatures having sex with humans. Yap. That’s  it. You should check it out yourself. It’s fun trust me.

Celebrity Section on Eroticity

We singled this section out of many to shade more light on it because it is one of these few categories on eroticity that has its own kind of uniqueness. This is where you find some amazing pictures and videos of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Alexis Ren, Demi Rose Mawby, Jennifer Lopez, Abigail Ratchford, e.t.c. We picked this section out because you don’t get on any porn, at least none that we have seen.

Cons and Pros Of Eroticity Forum

After much scrutinizing this forum, we found out a few things. We won’t say the good out-weighs the bad or vis-vasa, as a matter of fact, it is a 50-50 thing. Below, they are listed as thus:


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Bitcoin, PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, coupons from other resellers

The simplicity is stunning, it is well arranged to satisfaction thus very easy to locate section or category you want.

The categories and subcategories are not excogitated, they serve their purpose as tagged.

They contain special categories like Comics, E-Books & Magazines, you barely see forums with such category.

One can actually make a download without becoming a member.

Energetic forum members.

It contains Anime and Hentai Contents: not every porn forum can afford it.

The forum’s website design is way too disappointing.

The homepage lacks images, which makes the forum look a bit boring at the first visit.

They lack moderation which is evident in its absence of the “Terms of Service” section.

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