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Do you sometimes get bored of seeing regular porn models do their thing in a conversational porn video or pictures? Well, you are not alone because there are thousands of your type out there who fancy a comic version of porn as well, and these set of people had converged at ‘Hot Board’ forum to have their fun.

Now imagine your favorite cartoon character engage in a hot sex regatta, yap. That’s right, now you get the gist. But please fellas, it is important to note that this forum is not some sort of google books, and do not also try mixing it up with other Hotboards. This is strictly a porn forum and should be taken as such.

You know…. one thing of the comic version of porn is that you never get tired of watching unlike the usual porn videos as we know it. The comic texture the site comes with makes it nearly impossible for an average viewer to stop exploring. But in the case of Hot Board, it doesn’t just come with the clearest 2D and 3D version, it also comes with an interesting storyline that has the power to trigger your libido.

Arriving at this forum, it is just like any other porn platform as you know it, with all the vague metallic-colored design and all the features and sections perfectly situated. Although you won’t get to see all the comic nude pictures on one page, like the ‘Okovango Forest‘, the treasure lies within. Just a click on one of the many sections leads you into the world of comical sexual AnimaPorn. Review: Features and Sections

This site is not 100% AnimaPorn though, you can still download some conventional porn videos and pictures from its section. All you need do is to locate your most preferred section and explore. Some of the features you can find on this platform include:

  • Teens Internet Babes & Models

  • Hot-Board videos

  • Hot-Board Images

  • Hot-Bord Community

  • Icon Legend

  • Welcome to

  • Forum Threads

  • Tag Cloud
Let us no bore you with all the sections because it has got over 25 sections and over 50 sub-sections, but we will just have to list a few of them for formality sake. Some of them include Gay XXX Videos & Images,  Transsexual, Shemale, BiSex, Ladyboy, Celebrity XXX Videos, Teens Videos, XXX Full Movies, etc. Each section represents the name tag and contains the best of what it represents. E.g. the ‘XXX Full Movies’ section contains the best HD porn video ready for download.

This forum is not just cool because of its contents, the simplicity it presents its members makes it stand out. The home page menu tag contains the New Posts, FAQ, What’s New?, Forum, ThePornDude, etc. It also has the ‘Forum Action’ where you get to see the latest reactions from members. Call this section the “gossip mill”, where you gotta see wet his pants trying to hook up with some tit. By the way, did we mention you can get registered on the forum to fully participate in the action. Well… .yes you can!

People on Hot Board Forum

Dude… We guarantee you will meet some of the craziest (and interesting) people on the forum. But unlike other porn platforms where the most interesting people have the funniest usernames, in this case, you won’t necessarily know who has the vibe until you engage them. But we will advise that you look for your preferred “partner in porn” in the sections provided, e.g. Lesbians belong to the lesbian section, etc.

We still consider members on this group as the most interesting not only because of their knowledge on sex-related talks but the kind of thread they come up with; it is way too different from what we see on other porn forums, call it an “enlightened sex talks”. Though this is not a faceless forum, we kinda noticed that the members hardly upload their profile pictures, guess nobody wants to get caught in the act after all.

Pros and Cons

We rate this site very high, we don’t expect many flops on this forum in this review because the pros are definitely better than the Cons. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Brief Fact About Hot Board Forum

Launched in 2013, this forum has proven to its counterparts that age is just a number as it generates over 1.2 million traffics on a monthly basis. From the look of things, the introduction of the AnimaPorn section on this section had a boost on its traffics strength as it, which is why that section is the most visited.

With hundreds of forum threads ranging from sex conversations, sex advice, and of course some off-the-point bullshit (that can still be interesting anyway) the forum has come to be one of best and the most engaging in the history of porn forum.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

The presence of animated porn (AnimaPorn) in their hundreds makes the forum even more interesting compared to other porn platforms.

The storylines and illustrations that come with the comics make it very engaging for an average reader, even if they are first-timers.

The fact you can actually download these porn videos from its sections makes it worth joining, unlike others that require you sign up first before engaging in major forum activities like downloading those videos.

The forum’s user experience is top-notch trust me, you can virtually go round the site with eyes closed. Ok don’t do that, you will probably close the browser without knowing it!

It has a facebook-like feature that allows, an average user to add friends, create personal albums, even say a little bit about yourself. Now that’s dope if you ask me!

There are features where you are meant to see the number of people that visited a topic, number of people that visited the site in general, and the top threads on the forum.

Well… it won’t be bad if the homepage looks more ‘porn’ than ‘nun’. There should be something that greets a first time visitor on arriving the site, how about a busty, nude porn model flashing all those clits to the gestation of the visitor? Just saying though.

The fact that the majority of the members don’t like adding profile pictures makes it a bit boring, I mean….who goes around talking to some faceless folks on a porn forum?

The ‘Tag Cloud’ section is just useless: just a section where some chunk of keywords is parked.

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