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We got the 411 on Look at Her Now! (Review)

If you haven’t been to Look at Her Now, you’re missing some of the raunchiest adult content of the new decade. is a new porn site that features HD videos of innocent yet naughty girls getting drilled and jizzed in the most tantalizing positions. Best of all, they love doing it and their moans make that loud and clear.

Look at Her Now is an NSFW site that features the kinds of girls that you probably pass by every day in malls and on college campuses. One of these girls might even be your next-door neighbor. The site offers the following enticements:

  • Hot young horny girls

  • High quality HD video content

  • Wild sex caught on camera

  • Orgasms, facial cum shots, blow jobs

Look at Her Now XXX Porn Review

Look at Her Now gets right to business the moment you load the page. They know that you’ve arrived for some hot, horny tomfoolery and they grant your wish in spades. The site shows innocent girls doing mundane things one moment and getting drilled the next.

Look at Her Now has drawn comparisons to the revenge porn sites of yore due to the theme of innocent, seemingly normal girls on the site. All of the girls who appear on the site are at least 18 years old, though some of these chicks look awfully young. There are also a few older women getting it on before the camera in these clips.

While some of these girls have done material for other sites, not all of them are immediately recognizable. Moreover, these girls are made to look normal in the pre-fuck scenes, giving you the sense that these clips could be showing the wild side of any chick you see on the street.

Look at Her Now was launched in June 2019 and is already drawing 10,000 hits per day, a testament to the site’s quality. Due to its young life, the site does not yet have a large body of videos. Part of LaHN’s appeal is the mix of young, flirty innocence and scream-queen abandon in its starlets.

Apparently, the site offers no downloading option. Unless you install a third-party video grabber than can read the site, you might not be able to save these clips to your hard drive.

Rough Sex Porn Site, HD Content

Upon opening Look at Her Now, I’m immediately taken by the before and after photos of the horny chicks on this site. In one panel you’ll see an innocent-looking granola girl with pigtails smiling and waving into the camera. One panel over and she’s ecstatically taking it in the face.

On the next two rows, I see a lusty Latina cook preparing salad in one panel and getter B&D reamed in the panel below. In one of the moving panels, a catholic schoolgirl chick playfully rides a swing, only to transform into a butt-licker on all fours in another frame.

In the lower middle, I spot an all-American car chick giving come-hither looks while changing her tire. The next frame over, she’s sucking, slurping and getting pounded with joy. With her raw outdoorsy look, she kinda’ reminds me of noughties porn hippy Penny Flame (anyone remember her, or did I just date myself?)

Along the penultimate two rows, I spot side-to-sides of a preppy, athletic blond with tied-back hair. She’s dressed and perfectly made up in the left pic; dirtied up and jizzed in the right; all smiles in both. I get a sense these girls are lovin’ it.

To the right of her, a waitress with a solemn look on her face steps out nervously into a hotel dining area to serve a patron. One panel below, she’s up in a hotel room getting pounded by a tattooed stud.

My favorite of all is this Latina chick at the bottom with long black hair and the shortest, tightest skirt on the whole page. Those long, shapely legs stand atop sky-high heels as she mops floors and passes in and out of doors. In the next panel, she’s getting treated to the boner that any man would get for those legs.

Porn Videos Reviewed: Look at Her Now Highlights

I watch this one 10 minute Look at Her Now clip that stars redhead MILF Andi James. It starts with a split-screen of her bringing a delivery boy into her home while getting banged by him in the right panel. Presumably, the bang is what she fantasizes about as she starts flirting with the young man.

Two minutes in, the clip yields to their lengthy fuck session. She wears sexy black stockings and a fence-net halter braw throughout. They engage in lots of dirty talk amid the stroking, spanking, slapping and banging. She’s everything they say about horny, middle-aged broads.

She has her first orgasm around 5:40, where she moans in a euphoric, multi-octave whale that would wake the neighbors. I’m afraid I’ll get evicted if I turn it up any louder. She definitely loves her job.

The young dude pounds and pounds her. If I were him, I’d spend more time enjoying those stockinged legs, but that’s just me. The final minute has her on bended knee rubbing, sucking and finishing him off. I wonder, has she always been this wild, or is this a beast that awakened in midlife?

I watch another Look at Her Now clip, this one with Samantha Hayes, the pigtailed granola chick I mentioned earlier. The 24:00 minute HD video begins, as apparently all LaHN videos do, with a split-screen. In the left, she talks to the camera during a GRWM session; in the right, she’s taking the guy down, WAY down, into her mouth.

Presumably, she’s putting on makeup in the left frame so that there’ll be more to smudge once the action starts. Smudged eyeliner and dripping mascara are recurring themes of this site. Judging by her hideous eyeshadow concoction, I don’t imagine she’s much of a makeup girl in real life.

The video turns to a full-screen fuck session at 2:40, where the skinny young thing lowers her drawers to take it doggy style. Her moans are loud, long, high-pitched and ecstatic. She can barely be bothered to remove her frumpy pastel top and jeans. The remainder of the clip is a bunch of fucking and sucking in various positions.

The last clip I watch is of a 10-minute threesome involving two young Latinas (Alyssia Kent and Liya Silver) and a silver-haired guy. Judging by the left screen activity, the girls are supposed to be maids. Within a minute, Silver is reclined on a bed in a teddy and sexy black stockings. The other two, still fully clothed, are licking her all over as she moans.

I can’t tell which of the two chicks is prettier. After giving the Silver double-cunnilingus, the clothed ones stand to disrobe. The two girls proceed to give the guy double-head. The rest of the clip shows a bunch of two-on-one and one-on-one action as the girls take turns blowing him and getting fucked by him in various positions.

Look at Her Now Membership Rates

You aren’t going to find any freebies once you land on the front page of Look at Her Now. Don’t be fooled by the tabs or the photo pull-down arrow along the top bar of the screen. The entire page is one big link that takes you directly to the signup page. Even the 1, 2, 3…10 arrows that indicate multiple pages are a mirage, at least until you become a member.

On the signup page, you get four options. The first and cheapest is the two-day membership for $1 each day, or so it says. I don’t know why it doesn’t simply say $2, since even at that it wouldn’t be much. Perhaps $1 just seems less spendy than $2? Or maybe it’s their way of letting you know that if you don’t cancel within two days, you’ll be billed $1 per day until you do.

The next option is $24 per month. You would pay that amount at the start of your billing cycle, which reoccurs until you cancel your membership. The same applies to all other rates.

The next deal up is three months at $49.99, which breaks down to $16.66 per month. This way, you save $7.34 per month on the monthly rate and are billed the full $49.99 on a quarterly cycle.

The option they highlight in pink is the $7.49 per month deal, which you can secure for 12 months with an upfront payment of $89.99 ($7.49 x 12). The lump billing would reoccur at annual intervals until you cancel.

Look at Her Now uses PROBiller as its billing processor. When you receive your billing statements, the payment for your LaHN membership will show up as, letting you enjoy your naughty little fun in secret. No one else who might view your household billing statements will have to know.

The site accepts payment by credit card or check. Are you looking to see hot, raunchy sex acts without leaving home or getting up from your computer? At Look at Her Now, all that fun will be on your screen within seconds once you whip out your Visa or MasterCard.


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