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I Know That Girl is unique among NSFW adult sites because its videos have mostly featured girls that weren’t already ubiquitous on other sites. What you get here are seemingly ordinary girls going about their daily activities. With a little prodding, however, these chicks are down for action.

The site features dozens of girls with various looks doing all sorts of dirty, naughty acts. As such, the site gets a high overall score in most porn reviews. In any given video, you’ll see:

  • Fucking, sucking and facial cumshots

  • Horny blonds, brunettes and redheads

  • Tanned, athletic girls ripe for action

  • Full HD porn videos of nude girls and sex

Girls That You Know Getting Fucked on Camera

The concept behind I Know That Girl is simple: to make it seem as if the girls you are watching are chicks you’ve met in the past. Theoretically, they could be girls you’ve encountered at some point in any random town. They all look pretty normal and are not like your typical silicone-enhanced porn stars of the Vivid/Wicked world.

The site was started in 2008 and while it’s purported to have initially lived up to its name, some of these girls have since gone onto more widespread recognition in the gonzo genre.

When you enter the website, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. The site is part of the Mofos network, all rights reserved. Every girl that you see on the site and its videos is at least 18 years of age.

I Know That Girl Review: Free Porn Previews

When I first land on the introductory page of, I’m immediately taken by the mix of still and moving images up and down my screen. Forget subtle hints and come-hither suggestions from vanilla hotties, these girls are showing all their goods and delivering them on page one.

From left to right across the top row, I first see a tattooed blond getting her bare-ass fingered from behind. That’s as tame as it gets among these selections, believe me. I can barely see her face, so I can’t say I know her.

One panel over, there’s a sequence of clips from one of the videos, this one showing a heavily made-up Latina girl hustling on a street corner. She pulls down her painted-on vinyl pants to take it in the ass from a lucky young guy (a John, perhaps?)

What I love best is watching her pull up those shiny leggings over her thong ass and strutting away in her high-heeled boots and spaghetti-strap top. She has that ‘80s tramp look down to a T. I can’t say I know that girl.

In the far-right column is another sequence of clips, this one featuring an all-American pretty girl with long, dark hair. She apparently has a tryst with some young stud in a hotel. At various stages, she alternately looks excited, surprised, overwhelmed and orgasmic. She blows him a few times and he fucks her hard. Yeah, I might know that girl.

The next two rows are all still images. There’s a lot of ass-groping and threesome action going on in these pics, but the standouts are in the middle. One picture shows two nearly naked blond girls riding various parts of some guy.

Beneath that pic, we get an up-close shot of those same two girls, open-mouthed and bug-eyed, with their heads flanking his huge, hard cock. Yeah, I might have met one of them when I lived in L.A.

On the inner-right column is a landscape shot that takes up two rows. It’s a young brunette hottie leaning duck-faced into the lens, pulling on her spaghetti straps. Somehow, the photo looks a little dated, but what would I know? (It’s sometimes hard to tell the late 2000s apart from today on some of these sites.) I might have had her as a MySpace friend.

Along the outer columns are two girls that I may have known but haven’t bothered to remember. Both are pretty “meh” to my eyes. The girl on the right is taking two guys at once; one in the mouth and one from behind. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

The next two rows look a lot more interesting. In one panel, I see a still image of a girl from the neck down with some of the pertest round breasts on the entire page. They peek out from a baggy blue wardrobe (medical wear?) I can’t make out anything more based on that photo, but I really wanna see the video from which it came.

Another panel shows a sequence of clips that feature some athletic girl who apparently gets picked up while jogging. She takes it hard from two guys. Another hottie with even bigger boobs also appears in the clip, moaning and getting jizzed all over. That must be one action packed video!

The right panel shows a pic of two girls, one blond and one brunette, standing up in front of a braced pecker. It seems to be a POV shot. The brunette has her back to the camera, apparently walking away. Her ass is the roundest, curviest behind on the whole page.

The next photo down shows a very young brunette licking a twat. The pic below it shows both girls, one sticking a green wand in her mouth while the other rides a guy ecstatically.

The photos in the columns left of those show a further assortment of athletic L.A. hotties getting fucked in all holes. Perhaps the most impressive shot is this one tan hard-body who blows some guy in a hallway while standing on her hands.

The remaining three rows shows more girls, mostly white or Latina, getting banged in various positions. Some look like they’re having fun; others look like they’re losing their minds. I might have met one of these girls when I lived near the valley. Heck, the brunette in the pink braw and blue tube socks looks like some chick I met at a party once.

I Know That Girl Review: Porn Site Videos

The first video I watch has this young, pretty-eyed, spray-tanned blond in fluorescent clothes. She’s getting bugged by this feminine-voiced camera guy as she puts on makeup, supposedly getting ready for a concert. A sequence of fingering, sucking and fucking commences two minutes into the video, which clocks a total of eight minutes.

The star of that clip is Kennedy Leigh. No, she’s not some random girl from the street. She’s been in the porn biz since 2012. Judging by the style, I reckon this was filmed early into her career. Supposedly, I Know That Girl is where a lot of those gonzo chicks have gotten their starts.

The next video I watch stars lusty Latina babe Eva Lovia. It begins with some playful banter with the POV camera guy as she slides onto a bed, all invitation and smiles. She fingers herself moist before he takes the honors. She blows him dry and later she rides him in the reverse cowgirl position. You might know her from her Brazzers videos.

The next video I watch, Big Titty Neighbor Loves Dick, is of the jogging-chick who is shown on the front page of the site. It stars Layla London, who gets “picked up” while jogging by the camera guy and his wingman.

As the two parties meet in front of the cameraman’s driveway, some amusing banter ensues. She reveals that she just broke up with her boyfriend.

“You didn’t turn lesbian after the whole breakup, did you?” asks the POV guy.

“No, I definitely enjoy dick.”

Minutes later, she’s fucking and sucking the bald wingman inside of a big, white living room. The camera guy does not join in.

Apparently, the threesome occurs in one of her other IKTG videos, Sex Tape With Gorgeous Sexy Horny GF. I click it on for a peak. She moans a lot more ecstatically in that one.

I Know That Girl Trial 1 and Premium Options

Like most sites under the Mofos network, gives nothing away for free. That hyperactive front page, with its collage of moving and still images, is supposedly enough to get horny visitors to reach for their credit cards.

Consequently, the search bars and pull-down tabs are all inoperable until you become a member. If you click on any of the images or text, you’ll be taken to the signup page.

The site offers four payment options for access to all the content. The cheapest is the $1 deal, which lasts for two days at a dollar per day. It’s funny how they list the deal as $1 when it’s actually $2. If you don’t cancel within that 48 hour trial period, you’ll automatically get rebilled at $39.99 per month until you cancel.

The cheapest deal is their 12 months membership at $9.99 per month, which gives you two-thirds off their regular monthly rate of $29.99. To get the deal, however, you’ll have to pay $119 up front for the full 12 months. The charge automatically reoccurs annually until you cancel.

The second cheapest deal is their three months membership at $19.99 per month. Likewise, you have to buy three months up front at $59.99. The charge reoccurs on a quarterly basis until you cancel.

If you enter the payment area from a redeemable coupon link, you might see a one-week membership deal at $7.00. If you don’t cancel before those seven days are up, you’ll be automatically rebilled at $39.99 per month.

Basically, the two cheapest deals ($1 and $7) are actually the most expensive if you don’t hurry up and cancel. The auto rebilling will cost you $10 more than the regular monthly membership of $29.99.

As a member, you'll also get access to bonus sites. Downloads cost nothing as long as your computer is equipped with the right software.

The site accepts payments via credit card and check. Payments to this and other Mofos sites are handled by Probiller. When you receive your monthly billing statements, your IKTG membership charges will discreetly read as MBI-PROBILLER.COM.

Thanks to Probiller, your statements won’t list the name of the site. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your wife or girlfriend finding out if she sees the billing statements. Unless, that is, she has also purchased porn site memberships herself, in which case she’d be outing herself by outing you.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, cryptocurrency (PumaPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron , Verge)

Tons of hardcore porn content

Lots of hot, sexy, pretty girls

Raw sex, POV blowjobs, lots of fucking

Girls moaning, sighing, screaming in ecstasy

You probably won’t “know” any of these girls

Cheap membership offers turn expensive if you don’t cancel fast

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