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N/A is one of the best sites on the web for a full selection of adult content from across the NSFW universe. Far from being another one of those pay-to-wank porn sites, Got Porn is actually a directory of porn content that hundreds of creators share for free. The layout is also more user-friendly than all the competing tube sites.

On GotPorn, you can find content from different porn tube sites and adult stars all in one place. Creators upload their content to Got Porn to draw new fans to their own premium porn sites via redirect links. When you search the Got Porn filters, you will find:

  • Free porn HD videos

  • Channels for 100s of porn sites

  • Porn stars and amateurs fucking and sucking

  • Busty blondes, brunets, redheads, ebonies, Asians, Latinas

  • Stockings, MILFs, lesbians, masturbation, 1000+ other fetishes features thousands of long porn videos from some of the most popular adult sites of the last 20 years. A search through various tags and categories will yield clips from Brazzers and Reality Kings, as well as oldies but goodies from sites like MILF Hunter. Free Porn Video Review

On the fifth row, center column, I spot one of my all-time favorite fetish MILFs, Red XXX. I recently rediscovered her on Instagram and it’s a treat to find all these videos of her on She hasn’t aged a day since I first became a fan almost 20 years ago.

She has 83 videos on the site, all of them featuring her trademark black stockings, corseted tops, exposed round breasts and ginger ‘50s hairdo. There’s lots of sucking and dildo play going on, both solo and with other classy MILFs.

I sample several of her clips. One finds her in an office building wearing a white chiffon blouse, grey mini, up-tide hair, sheer stockings and stiletto heels. Here, she’s taking a break from work for some dildo play. Another video finds her pulling her vehicle over to masturbate through her crotchless pantyhose.

I plan on having lots of fun on Red’s page. But like a kid in a candy store, I don’t want to spoil my appetite just yet. I gotta see what other hotties await on this site!

Searching the MILF filter on, I stumble upon a blowjob video featuring a tattooed Morticia Adams lookalike, that is if Morticia clones can be sun-kissed. Turns out, the video is in German, but who cares, the licks and moans are universal.

After a while, her roughness wears on me, so I browse more clips from the same channel, EuroCom.

Another clip along similar lines features tattooed German MILF Sari Sander looking quite hot. She’s dressed all secretary-like in a cleavage-plunging blouse, black micro-mini, sheer black stockings, Louboutins, Betty Page hair and glasses. After doing her office rounds, she sucks and fucks her POV colleague dry.

In another German clip, two blonds go down on some lucky guy. Now this is a blond double-dish the way I like them served: one Barbie with long flowing locks and one platinum punkette with a forward-swept pixie haircut. They take turns licking a black cock with their long tongues and massaging it with their stiletto-nailed hands.

Since I’m so hopeless when it comes to thonged, fishnet asses under leather jackets, I click one such thumbnail to find a blond German MILF. She gives us her public exhibition while leading a young guy to the woods for a quickie. Alas, her cellulite and plump frame prevent me from diving any deeper.

Porn Stars, Fetish, Rare Adult Videos

Links on can take you to all sorts of wild content, including vintage porn. When I click on an enticing thumbnail of three nude women talking on a sofa, I didn’t know it was going to be a ‘70s classic. Granted, they do look kinda Stepford Wives-ish. Lots of steamy shower scenes, as true to the era.

Now I gotta look up Uschi Digard and Tara Strohmeier and bone up on my porn history.

On the sidebar, I see various tempting thumbnails. Turns out they’re from an affiliate, Porn always makes good bedfellows.

I search the tags on for more options and find one of my favorites, pantyhose. One of the first returns is public hose exhibitionist Jeny Smith, who kept getting her channels removed from YouTube a few years back. I guess this must be a haven for the sexier side of CensorYouTube.

In one of her clips, she walks through the park in boots and sheer black pantyhose under a chiffon top and winter coat. She has no cover over her sheer camel toe. This is typical of her. In one scene, she sits spread eagle at a bus stop to fondle herself. Now this I wasn’t expecting! (See YouTube, she tried to make her clips safe for your hair-trigger site!)

A lot of the stuff under this tag dates back to the early 2000s when guys had to go online just to see women in hose. One notable classic is a wank instruction video featuring porn goddess Nina Hartley.

Ultimately, I end up getting my jollies from a stash of HD videos collected on the channel NHLPCentral, all of them featuring high-class, stockings/pantyhose-clad women, including Red XXX, in solo masturbation scenes.

XXX GotPorn Search Filters

Across the top of the page on is a navigation bar with six search filters: Videos, Categories, Channels, Pictures, Webcams and Casino. The default filter is Videos. You will first see table rows of free porn videos, followed by popular sex videos and more categories.

If you click the videos filter, it shows 25 thumbnail tables per page. As exciting as that is — and you will likely see a couple thumbnails on that first page that you’ll want to click right there — the true surprise is the sheer volume of clips waiting to be discovered. At the time that I write this, the video directory is 29,399 pages long!

The videos cataloged on each page run the gamut from erotic massage, masturbation, blowjob and fetish to teen, MILF, lesbian, orgy and interracial. Underneath the table grid, you can surf the pages by odd numbers, arrows or choose “jump five pages.” Alternatively, you can type page numbers manually into the search bar in your browser.

To narrow your search and possibly boost the quality, go to the Videos pull-down menu at the top of the screen and select “Recommended.” This tightens the search to high-rated content, which account for 16,365 pages as I type. Judging by some of these thumbnails, it seems that little old greybeard men have become a popular new character in teen slut porn.

You can also filter the videos by qualities such as HD, Newest, Longest and Most Viewed.

Under Categories, you won’t find a pull-down menu. Instead, you’ll be taken to another page with about 80 porn categories and several hundred porn tags. Some of the most popular porn categories include the following:

  • Blond (34,808)

  • Big Boobs (34,553)

  • Amateur (33,932)

  • Ass (28,807)

  • Asian (27,405)

  • Lesbian (23,523)

  • Ebony (11,275)
The porn tags section includes obvious interests like goth, high heels, mini skirt, girl on girl and so forth. It also includes odd and funny stuff like cucumber, diaper, and tentacle (?) The last of those yielded one match: a 3D anime of a girl getting fucked by an alien with tentacles.

Under the Channels pull-down, you can click on popular channels in the directory. Each channel features HD videos from popular sites like JAY HD (Asian), HomeGrownVideo (amateurs), SpyFam (in-law porn) and a whole lot more, including the world famous Brazzers.

You can also click All Channels to browse through more than 100 pages of channels on Each page features 10 channels with three thumbnail previews apiece. Once you open an account on the site, you can subscribe to your own favorite channels.

Of course, no review of Got Porn would be complete without mentioning the abundance of pictures that hot girls and starlets share on the site. The link on the navigation bar will take you to a page of galleries that you can expand repeatedly. The number of galleries appears infinite.

When you click on Webcams, it will take you to an associated site,, where you can scroll through ever-expanding rows of preview tables of hundreds of cam girls. Each table features a blond, brunette or exotic beauty from various parts of the world wide web. Almost all of them are drop-dead gorgeous.

The webcam site defaults to girls, but you can switch the tab to boys if that floats your boat. There are also numerous category filters that allow you to narrow your search by show type and price.

Free GotPorn Sex Channels functions as a directory of porn sites from across the web. As such, there is no membership fee on Got Porn. To open an account, hit the Login button on the upper right and select sign-up, where they’ll ask you to enter a username, password and email address, nothing more. (Heck, they didn’t even ask me to verify that I’m at least 18.)

Once you are logged in with your own account, you can subscribe to various channels in the directory and favorite as many videos as you like. The next time you visit, you can click right over to your favorite stuff by using the pull-down filter options under your account name in the upper right.

My only problem with, and a minor one at that, is the functionality of the video player. When you click a video thumbnail, it’ll take you to the page of that video. Due perhaps to settings in my Chrome browser, I was prompted to start each video by pressing the arrow button. Trouble is, the videos don’t always load.

A notification in my search bar stated that my Flash plugin is blocked on this site (?) Anyway, I sometimes had to refresh the page to get the video to load. Other reviews have complained about a preponderance of ads, but I didn’t see this, perhaps due to my ad blocker, which might explain my problems with the player.

The upside is that you can download any video you want by right-clicking inside the player and selecting “save as.” This way, you can save your favorite videos to your desktop or external hard drive. For identification purposes, you might want to name each video you download. Otherwise, the file names will default to the date of download.


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