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The GF Network

The GF Network is one of the prime sites for naughty college-age girls.

If you're young and horny and looking for nude hotties in your age group, is the place. Even if you're older yet have a nostalgic side, the GF Network is one of the best sites for amateur porn content starring teens and 20-ish girls.

On, you'll see loads and loads (and be shooting them to) the following:

  • Hot, nubile, busty young girls

  • College girls fingering, tribbing, sucking, stripping

  • Girl-on-girl, girl-on-boy content

  • Cheerleaders, goths, beach bunnies, young Latinas

The Girlfriend Network Site Review hits you right up front with row after row of thumbnail hotties. Across the top banner, you'll see girls flashing their tits and sucking dick. Some of these girls take it from behind, others like it cowgirl style. A few of these chicks stare straight into the lens with that come-hither gaze.

The site claims to have the internet's biggest ex-girl archive. So then, these are amateur videos filmed by former young couples? (We'll have to assume that the guys posted these with their ex-girlfriends permission.) While that's probably not the case with most of these videos, it's an amusing thought.

Anyway, the site has a long list of GF porn categories. As I scroll down the front page, the first site featured in this GF network is WatchMyGF. It supposedly features more than 8,000 GB of content. The thumbnails are sure promising. Standout thumbs include a round-breasted alabaster chick getting banged and another young thing screaming as she takes it doggy style.

The next site on display is My Alternative GF. As you'd guess, it shows a bunch of chicks sporting the "alternative" look, or variations thereof. I'm not sure that word means much these days, now that you have 80-year old grannies with pink hair. Regardless, there are some hot peacocky chicks in the mix.

As you scroll down the front page of TheGFNetwork, you'll see a two-row, four-column thumbnail preview for each site in the network. In the Alternative GF preview, they have a crimson-haired chick with thick eyeliner looking pouty into the lens. Below here, there's a purple-haired young thing in zigzag tights and strappy boots.

My fave alterna-chick on display is this half-Asian lavender-haired chick with perky tits jutting out of her blouse.

Review of Porn Sites in the GF Network

Some of the wildest videos in this network of sites are on Public GF Videos. As the name implies, the girls here get naked and raunchy in all kinds of daytime settings. One girl half strips for an airport inspector. In one thumb, four skinny-dipping girls are filmed from underwater in a pool.

One girl, a driver, gives her passenger boyfriend a handjob while steering with the other hand. That might seem tame, but get this: another preview shows a woman hitchhiking in the nude. Even if some of these acts are staged, there was still a lot of risk involved. After all, these are amateur porn creators.

The next site on preview is Sluts With Phones. Ah yes, what could be more girly than the sight of a young, hot chick with a cell phone in hand? On this site, there's a twist: the girls don't just take selfies, they take topless selfies. In some cases, totally nude selfies.

The girls range in quality, but some of them look ready for the big time. In one thumb, a lifted pink top reveals some of the largest tan breasts I've ever seen that don't look fake.

Other sites in the network include Hot GF Videos, Jizz on My GF and Obsessed With Myself. They're all self-explanatory. Admittedly, some of these sites seem interchangeable. They all feature hot, young girls in a variety of sexy situations.

While the content is mixed, some of these girls will have you doing double-takes. One girl on has some of the biggest round breasts I've ever seen that don't look painfully, excessively big. Thing is, she barely looks 18 years old. Are today's moms letting their daughters get implants while they're still in high school?

How to Get Your GF Network Account

When you come to the main page of, you'll be taken to the signup page the moment you click a thumbnail. To see more preview content before you join, you can go to the network sites individually and check them out.

For example, the site for GFMelons has a big table of busty girl pics. Five columns and 15 rows, to be exact. According to their search arrows, the site has more than 60 pages of this content. But if you want to watch the videos, you'll have to join the network.

There are three basic membership deals on the GF network. To get to the signup page, click anywhere on the front page of or any of its associated sites.

The first deal is their 1 day trial membership at $1.00. This will give you full access to the GF network of sites for 1 day.

The next deal is their 1 month membership for .83 cents per day. This amounts to $27.95 per month. That amount is re-billed monthly to your payment method on file until you cancel.

The GF Network considers its best deal to be the 3 month membership for .67 cents per day. This amounts to $59.97 per quarter. You'll be re-billed that amount on a quarterly basis until you cancel.

To create your account, you'll need to pick a username and password. You'll also be asked to enter an email address. This could be a throwaway gmail account that you've set aside for porn site memberships.

The GF Network accepts payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro. They also take payments via PayPal. Payments are processed with Epoch. For an additional $1.11, you'll get a 2 day subscription to If you like it, Bang will renew at $39.97 per month until you cancel.

All images in the network of sites are owned by TheGFNetwork, all rights reserved. Review: Summary

On the GF Network, you'll find quality videos in a range of categories. These videos are made by amateur young hotties who love to strip, suck and fuck in front of their smartphones. Each site is updated as new content pours in. With so many exhibitionists in this day and age, there's never a shortage of quality porn content.

To wrap this review, I'll state that is a great place to find quality porn content with young, amateur women. Most of this content will be exclusive stuff that you won't find on any adult hub website. Remember, girls like these want your attention.



Year Launched

Payment Methods


Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club, Discover)

Amateur sex videos of college girls

Hot young chicks doing oral, anal

Blonds, brunettes, redheads

Asians, Latinas, ebonies, alternative chicks

Multiple payment options

No previews until you join

Some of these girls are obviously too young to be on this site

Can't Enter the site if adblocker is turned on

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