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Czech Casting

Maybe you visited Czech Casting the last time you saw a review? Update your impressions today, sonny, because they're constantly holding new castings. As most porn reviews will state, the site offers the following:

  • Hot girls from Czechia

  • Teens, babes, MILFs, GILFs

  • Long hair, short hair, big tits, big asses

  • Fucking, sucking, dildo play, masturbation, threesomes

Czech Casting Sets

At the top of the page, you can choose to view videos or models. If you select videos, it shows rows of preview gifs of the porn clips by each model. When you hover over a gif, highlights of the movie flash by. This gives you an idea of which girls actually go all the way on camera.

If you choose models, you'll see rows of girls who've made exclusive content for the website. The women are all clothed in these profile pics but when you hover over an image it show the girl naked. Each girl is at least 18 years old. While they don't show an overall score for their photos and videos, you can easily make those judgments yourself.

Czech Casting Review

When you first enter the Czech Casting site, the first porn you'll see is their hot video section. The first thing I notice is a preview gif of Michaela (23). She's a brunette beauty who gets all oiled up for her close-up body shots. Another standout is Tereza (20), a redhead who gets down and dirty really fast.

There are six preview gifs of hot videos on the opening page of the site. Each time you refresh the page, the preview thumbnails change. When you scroll down, you'll see three rows and four columns of Czech Casting models. There are 2,085 models on the site as I type.

By default, the models are listed in the order of their casting date. The earliest models date from October 2011. They appear on page 174 at the time of writing. One of the best looking women on the site is a blond named Dominika, who was cast in 2011. Czech Casting lists her as 23, which indicates they don't update the model's ages.

When you click on the thumbnail of a model, you'll be taken to her profile page. Here, you'll see screencaps of her porn video and samples from her photo shoot. There will also be a short preview clip that shows highlights from her video.

The women on Czech Casting run the gamut. One standout is Veronika (25), a busty brunette with olive skin and a dimpled smile. In her video, she oils up and moans ecstatically during her fuck scene.

For something entirely different, there's Lady Blue (25). She's a blue-dreadlocked, pierced and tattooed alterna-chick who loves giving head. She takes a really messy cumshot in her porn video.

Across the middle of the screen, there's a search bar where you can enter your favorite porn keyword and see what comes up. Below the bar, there's a list of popular site filters. The most popular filters on Czech Casting include hardcore, teen, MILF, mature, big tits, deepthroat, lesbian and threesome.

When you click on one of the filters, it will show the models who are into the act. For example, when you press the hardcore button, it will only show girls who are willing to go that far. Currently, there are 1,071 girls on the site who have done hardcore acts on camera. That's roughly half the girls here.

If you want to know how many 18- and 19-year-old's are on this site, click the teen button. There are 250 barely legal models on Czech Casting as I write this review.

The site classifies MILF as any woman over the age of 30. There are 261 of them listed on here as I write this review. Knowing that, I figure the remaining 1,500-plus casting girls are in their twenties.

There's also a filter for mature, which brings up 51 casting models, including some in their fifties. However, the MILF and mature filters have a lot of overlap.

If there's one thing that concerns me about this site, it's the low number of women with big breasts. I notice that a lot of the chicks on here have mosquito-bite tits. The filter for big tits confirms this. Only 58 of the models qualify for that filter.

Czech Casting Models

Searching under big tits as I write this review, the best looking models appear. There's Karolina (43), a tanned, fit MILF with a friendly smile. She loves to blow and fuck. She also says that she likes threesomes. Supposedly, she has four kids and her boyfriend is a cop. He doesn't know that she's doing porn!

Another standout in the big tits search is Pavla (41). With her dark hair, ravishing eyes and bright smile, she's famous in Czech adult entertainment. However, she doesn't do any hardcore porn on this site. She gave that up a few years earlier after starring in some of the best porn movies from Europe during the 2000s.

You can expand the list of search buttons for even more filters. When you hit the Show All arrow button, it brings up numerous tags divided into sub-categories. Popular tags include toys, hair, body and features.

Next to toys, you can select models who use dildos or vibrators in their videos and photo sets. One such woman is Aneta (26), a pixie-haired lesbian who engages in some girl-on-girl toy play. The pair also invite the camera guy in for a threesome. They take turns sucking his cock.

The women on Czech Casting come from different backgrounds. Some of them are fresh off the street shooting porn for the first time. Others have porn pasts. One hottie named Tereza (34) had been an adult star in Europe. Before doing a fuck film on this site, she hadn't done hardcore in more than five years.

Apparently, the Czech Casting film crew are very persuasive with their subjects. One girl, Alina (19), said she would never fuck on film. I wouldn't think so; she looks like a lesbian punk rocker. But... she ends up blowing the camera guy by the end of her video.

Next to the Body sub-category, there are tags for skinny, big ass, plump and fatty. (Hmm, whatever happened to fit, shapely or curvy?) I click big ass, but it mostly brings up women with flabby mid-sections.

One of the most interesting tags is deepthroat. It only brings up 29 women but some of them are quite fine. One standout is Zuzana (31), a hardbody MILF who sports a savage tan and blond mullet. She does every porn act with passion and seems to like it rough.

Another deepthroat hottie is Marketa (41), a frizzy-haired brunette who looks oddly familiar. I think I saw her on the MILF Hunter site back in the 2000s. They describe this mother of two as "the wildest slut we've had here!"

Some of these women are big surprises, such as deepthroat MILF Petra (41). With her serious expressions and shoulder-length hair, she looks like a soccer mom. When the clothes come off, however, she's a fit fuck machine. It looks like she does ab crunches daily.

Another intriguing search tag is nymphomaniacs. Only 21 of the women checked this box, but it's a diverse bunch. It includes everyone from pixie-haired bisexual Simona (26) to redhead BDSM fanatic Eli (23). They're all between 18 and 35.

One of the oldest women on the site is Daniela (59), the featured model as I write this review. She's a deep-tanned blond GILF with big tits. She gets down and dirty with a younger woman and takes it doggy style from the camera guy.

Czech Casting Members Area

To gain access to the members area on, you get three payment options. Their most popular plan gives you 180 days of access for only .56 cents a day. You'll be billed in one payment of $99. The charge will recur every six months until you cancel. During your membership, you'll be able to watch full videos and download clips, pics and zip files.

The next plan gives you 90 days of access to the members area for only .73 cents a day. You'll be billed $64.95 for the entire three-month period. The charge will automatically rebill every three months until you cancel.

The last plan gives you 30 days of access for $1.00 per day. For this, you'll be billed $29.95 for a one-month membership. This will be rebilled each month until you cancel. accepts payment by Visa and MasterCard. They also accept payment by phone. All payments are secured through CCBILL and processed through NETLOOKBILL, all rights reserved.

As most porn reviews concur, CzechCasting is a great place to see photo galleries and videos of sex-crazed girls and MILFs from the Czech Republic.


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