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Ok… Sexting Forum. This is the most popular porn forum to find Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Wickr, Twitter, and Instagram usernames for nude pics. It's very popular among Americans and Europeans, though with a little popularity in Africa. It’s main popularity lies in the west; after all, Europeans are synonymous with nudity and porno. Take a look at France and Germany.

We think the popularity of this forum lies in its ability to provide members with popular threads, which they are already familiar with. We all know how bad we want to see a pretty girl undress on a Live Cam. Well, they know about this too. This is why they have taken the liberty of creating special menu sections like Live Cam, and Nude Selfies. And the idea paid off after all because that’s the most visited section on the forum. Guys are willing to pay the girls directly to text those nudes. When they see a photo they like they hit that CTRL D to bookmark the page.

But despite its popularity and all, we still have one or two observations about the forum. We are likely to throw lights on later in this review. But for the benefit of the people who are not yet aware. Sexting porn forum is one of the most popular porn forums in the world today with over 620,000 members, 9,940,000, and an average of 33,000 live members.

Before we delve into the review properly, it is important if we repeat that this is entirely an adult sexting forum. If you are not 18 years and above, please “stay the hell away from the forum” before you send some fella to jail! We don’t want to be “R’Kellyed” for receiving nude selfies from an underaged minor. So, back to business.

Lights Off - Sexting Forum Review: Sections and Features

Mere looking at the title features on this sexting forum, you understand at an instance why getting those snapchat usernames is popular. This is because popular threads are used as its sections and sub-section title. The idea of using social media links makes it possible for members to still find their friends on those social media handles. Let‘s check them out:

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Whatsapp

  • Wickr Messenger

  • Snapchat

  • Kik Messenger
On the other hand, tabs like, The Porn Dude, Nude Selfies, Live Cam, and Members are there to make your navigation swift. Ok, let’s still go further. The Nude selfie feature is self-explanatory, this is where you find members taking and uploading the nude selfies of themselves. Though you might find this interesting, but most of the nudesare mostly done by armatures.

Live Cam as we know is quite a rave in the porn industry. It might also interest you to know that the sexting people posts forum also included that feature on the platform. This is where (mostly) teens do crazy sex kinda stuff and post it on the nude forum. All for the sake of fun I think. We don’t wanna play the moral police here, but that shit pays off.

Quality Nude Selfies for Members on Review

We realize that most members here are teens (what do you expect?), and young adults trying to give their adult lives a lift. Unlike most members in other forums, this guy are excessively generous. You don’t have to go through hard times trying to request for their phone numbers. All you need do is to go straight to their profile and get whatever contact information you need on them. Keep something in mind: IT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL TO TEXT EXPLICIT PHOTOS or RECEIVE NUDE SELFIES or SEXTS from MINORS!

As per the discussion part, trust me you be tempted to ask where in heavens does these guys learn this stuff from; at 19 you are already a “Sex God”? We need to see what your mothers look like. But all the same, the point is that these guys are good with sex talks and all. And for the record, they talk dirty too.

Why You Need Cool Sites Like Sexting Forum

We don’t know how good you are in bed, but believe us when we say that these guys have got a whole lot to tutor you on. Though some might be silly in their approach, look beyond the distraction to see the bigger picture. And you the unfortunate ones (no offense) in bed, well, don’t pay a dime to a counselor because you have come to the right place, these guys can do the job of a professional sex counselor without a fee.

The relevance doesn’t end in the discussion section. One can get connected with a sex mate via this forum. Because once awhile, you get to see members' requests for sex partners. So while you are getting ready to sign up, also be ready to get hocked up.

You can also learn the latest about the most trending clothes, toys, styles, you name it. To cut it short, with the kind of people on this forum, you will get to know about the latest when it comes to the world of sex. Now… .this might sound funny, but believe it or not, you will also get to see different kinds of people with different psychological temperaments: the good, the bad, the crazy, and the not-so-crazy. Rules

Now that’s our definition of what sex forums are: little rules. It will be harsh to say that the group lacks rules, the thing is that they only have a few of them. On the home page, you see it displayed that the site is specifically meant for people of the legal age of 18, and people under such age will be banned and reported. Well, from the look of things, we doubt they take such a rule seriously.

Snapchat Nudes Posts: Pros and Cons

If we say that this forum is 100% perfect just because it is popular, then we won’t be entirely sincere to you. It lacks one or two things that ought to have made it better. Below, we have listed some flaws and the “dope sides” of this forum, they include:


Year Launched

Payment Methods

It is constantly updated; there are new topics to discourse now and then.

It is well structured, all the features and sections are well in place, a system that will facilitate easy navigation.

It goes beyond conventional porn forum as we know it; the fact that you can easily link to a member’s social media contacts makes it a perfect choice to make new friends (or fuck mate).

The section titles are specific, it leads you directly where you want to be.

The members are very active, there is hardly a dull moment.

You get to see the total number of online members, that way, you know who to engage and when to engage them.

It lacks “picture excitement”: the fact there are no pictures on the home page makes it look a bit vague thus, it lacks “porn excitement”.

The forum’s design needs to be retouched, if it is a forum is should look like one, not like some college discussion platform.

Most of the members are too young to be members of this forum; too young that you start wondering if they are truly 18. Nevertheless, they know stuff.

There ought to be more sections on this platform, the excitement should be boosted a bit by adding more sections.

The absence of a video section makes it lack content, the only video you get to see is the ones the members uploaded.

There are more armatures than professional models.

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