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N/A would have been the best if not that the owner(s) abandoned it (kinda). Mere looking at it, you sure will understand that these guys have unfinished business there. With well-crafted menu bars, sections and sub-sections, and features carefully arranged, one will tell that once upon a time, a flourishing porn forum with the hottest threads may have once existed here.

We believe that a lot of effort was put in while designing this forum, this is made evident from the well-designed website logo as well as the template in use. Again the threads were going well before whatever happened, happened. This can also be seen on one of the thread topics from the homepage.

Nude Celeb Forum Review: Promise

If only we can buy this forum and hoard all the post, page, videos! Meanwhile, we promise to bring you an exciting and insightful encyclopedia of this forum. Though it seems there is nothing to review because of the emptiness of the forum, but the point remains that this platform has more than beats the eyes.

We will be taking you into their celebrity pictures content vault (as they call it), take you around their contents, the number of views per topic, and the type of pictures you are likely to see. We will also be talking about the people (members), their energy when the forum was up and running, as well as some of their very few features.

NudeCeleberityForum Preview

Despite the unfinished classic outlook, the forum looks rewarding for any trained eyes. With some of the sections and sub-sections looking like an abandoned war zone with only an avalanche of post views, the number of views, and previous comments from the members to show for its once days of glory. As a free platform with a free membership, it gives it’s members the opportunity to explore every other section of the forum.

About Nude Celeb Forum: Abandonment Issues

O’boy! Yap. That’s the exact reaction when you log on to this"vintage" celeb forum, the whole thing looks more like an abandoned adventure, an adventure that ought to look promising if the adventurers had continued. From our recent findings, this site has been abandoned since 2012 but the members have continued to keep it active even after those moments until they finally gave up too (at least not all of them).

We also understand that this forum has got their models outside the ones posted by members, they even went ahead to create a category for them. And if you wish to know, these bitches are way too beautiful for an abandoned project! Too bad they could not continue.

The creativity in the nude celeb forum speaks for itself, they just created a way to shift attention from porno while still staying porno. Yap, you got that right, which is why they created the “Misc Groups & Shows” where you get to see a whole different side of pornography.

Some of their top-performing subcategories include Private Cam Shows, Naked On Stage, Cosmid, Naked News, Femjoy, and W4B which has garnered millions of views so far. And guess what? Those posts were made this year – 2020, meaning that even while the forum has been abandoned by the managers, the members are still loyal.

Videos & Pictures Page Views

With the kind of views on this nude celeb forum, you will realize that this is not your regular vintage erotica forums or those forums with vintage nude celebrities. These guys mean business, or should we say these guys once meant business? From our other finding, we noticed that these guys were once doing well, as a matter of fact, this once celebrity erotica platform was once a rave!

Okay… come let’s check this out, on the “Our Celebrity Content Vault” section, an average view on a celebrity post you will be getting around two thousand to three thousand (per model). And here is a big one: the highest view for a model ranges from 3 million to 2 million views. Yap. You got that right.

Then with this, one will be forced to ask what in the devil’s name went wrong here?! How in the hell did the buggy man succeed in ravaging this vintage erotic forum of a platform? Damn! We are fighting the urge of buying over Nudecelebforum. Any opinions?

Nude Celebrity Features and Categories

Well, there are no many things we can say about the nude celeb forum because there no many things to talk about in terms of Features and Categories. But all the same, let’s fizzle something out. Nude celeb Forum has just two categories and tens of sub-categories, there include General Forum and Our Celebrity Content Vault. Most of the tags on their sub-categories represent their contains, the major ones include :

  • Important Information

  • Discussion and Bullshit


  • Babes & Glamour Models

  • Celebrity Pictures, e.t.c
As for its features, they include Mark Forums Read, View Forum Leaders, Contact Us, Nude Celeb Forum, DMCA, and the video-enabled ad section.

Forum's Rules

Nude Celeb Forum's rules are located at the “Important Information” section. To show that these guys meant business before it was abandoned, they have made clear rules on each of every section on the forum. They have over 20 stipulated rules new members are meant to read carefully before signing up. Those rules cover all the sections on the forum as well as what will warrant your account to be deleted, e.t.c.

Cons and Pros of Nude Celeb Forum

Well, maybe we will play a little game of bias here ‘cos the disadvantages here are quite obvious, so let’s try to concentrate on the good side here. Okay….we know some of you are already murmuring bias! This is my review, remember? I still dictate the rules here! Back to business.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

It has an exceptional web design with the right template

All the tags on the sub-sections are self-explanatory, one can easily locate what he wants in an instance.

Their members are ever loyal despite being abandoned by the owners.

It is a free-membership forum, meaning that you won’t have to pay a thing to access any section of the forum.

The models are way too pretty, more like the models on vintage erotica forum

Nudecelebforum hasn’t been active since 2012, though members had kept posting

The Twitter handle is also as dormant as the forum itself

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