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When I initially did my review, I thought it was going to be a highly unpleasant experience. That is to say, My Hentai Comics features what could possibly be the worst porn site homepage I have ever seen.

Thankfully—and much like with the sick shit I encounter on porn sites— I kept an open mind and gave a chance to shine. Honestly, you should too, since this hentai site has a lot more going for it other than its totally shitty homepage ripped straight from a 90s adobe flash template.

Yep, is All Yours! is one of those porn sites that primarily caters to scumbags and horndogs who prefer their adult content in hentai comics form. Now, do note that I say it’s “primarily” geared toward that audience, because it has so much more to offer than hentai manga alone.

So, let’s get to what you could expect from a site like this and get you furiously stroking your dick or flicking your bean in a jiffy!

First Impressions Matter… Sort of

Like I said earlier, you’re going to find the Myhentaicomics homepage to be highly unappealing primarily because of its layout and design. Sure, you’re getting a pretty decent site branding/logo featuring a big-tittied fan art of Katara from Avatar: the Last Airbender, but that’s pretty much the only good thing about it.

For one, the search bar is almost non-existent; you have to look REALLY hard before finding it (it’s somewhere on the right side of the screen). Once you do, though, searching for your favorite kinks like “furry salad toss” is a cinch.

Myhentaicomics uses a deep tagging system that yields some efficient search results to give you the dirtiest content you desire.

The homepage itself also features previews for you to browse, although I can’t say that Myhentaicomics is putting their best foot forward here, since I was unimpressed with what they had to show there. Not to mention, the previews section only accommodates a measly 15 titles that don’t autoload as you scroll down.

However, my review made a quick turn for the better once I managed to set my sights on the filters right below the logo. Yes, it’s shoddily done. What is up with the crappy font style, spacing, and font size they used to present their filters to you? However, this section is where Myhentaicomics redeems all its homepage design flaws.

The filters bar contains several tags that direct you to various categories in the site, ranging from Original Works to 3D hentai comics, to categories that will make social justice warriors gouge their eyes out like the pregnant and rape categories.

But hey, you don’t come to Myhentaicomics to be politically correct; you come here to read and get your fuck on!

It’s Pretty Much a Myhentaicomics World out There

If you ask me what my absolute favorite part of the site would be, it’s definitely the links section right above the filters. Here, you’ll find’s affiliate sites, such as MyRule34 (dedicated to depraved fan fiction); MyMangaComics, which is pretty much the same as; MyHentaiMovie, for animated fuck flicks; and an online shop!

Apart from MyHentaiMovie, I’d say the online shop is the next best affiliate link on the site. Plus, it’s for a good cause, which is to keep the domain admin funded to churn out your favorite spank books.

Content-wise, I’d say Myhentaicomics is pretty decent. You’re going to find a fair amount of both vanilla and hardcore stuff in here. However, I wouldn’t say it’s too expansive, which is probably why they have all those affiliate links to divvy up their content.

I tried typing in “hamtaro” in the search bar and it yielded no results. So, it’s either I’ve really gone off the deep end looking for animated hamster porn OR really just doesn’t have that deep of a library.

But if you’re looking for nothing too specific like schoolgirl blowbangs or nuns getting throat-fucked, then you’re going to find what your looking for on this site.

Single-Page Readers Suck!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: it’s hard fucking jerking my dick off in one hand while clicking on the mouse with other! Sadly, that’s the only kind of experience Myhentaicomics’ reader offers. You won’t find a single, continuous scrolling experience here the way you do on other comics sites.

Plus, it’s pretty frustrating to have to load each hentai manga page just to see some fictional hentai tiddies! So, that’s another point lost for MyHentaicomics.

Additionally, the variety of content in their categories section is pretty lackluster. All in all, there are 35 categories you’ll find on this hentai site, which is normal for casuals but a total drag for you sick sons of bitches out there.

And yet another flaw I noticed on this site is the overall quality of the art style their hentai comics have, which is mostly amateur work. Don’t get me wrong, there are some gems here like Poupee by Bruno Coq, but they’re too few and far between. You’ll have to dig through a bunch of amateur hour bullshit before you get to the juicy stuff.

Still, regardless of my complaints, I applaud both the site administrator and the various perverted contributors of Myhentaicomics for giving us smut. It might not be the best smut out there, but it could still make you cream your jeans. Review: The Final Word

What I liked most about is the fact that it contains affiliate links that lead you to other, better porn sites. On its own, Myhentaicomics is one of the most lackluster and disorganized fap site experiences I’ve had.

With its crappy homepage, shitty site layout, single-page reader, and hit-or-miss hentai comics, I’d be lying if I said I could recommend this site to you.

Suffice it to say that the best thing about doing this review is having the option to leave the site and head to one of their affiliates instead.


Year Launched

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Some of the best affiliate links I’ve ever seen on a hentai site

Nice mix of tame and hardcore content

Overall library is lackluster

Majority of hentai comics feature subpar art

One of the shittiest homepages I’ve ever encountered

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