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There is so much cartoon porn these days on websites like, it makes wonder there is this generation heading? There might not be any regular cartoons for regular people to enjoy anymore because the 'cartoon' keyword is mixed with 'porn'. Well, I wouldn't hold it against you if watching cartoon sex is your thing.

You should be well past your teen years, though, if you find watching cartoon sex on Erofus. This website holds nerds who love the best porn websites in high esteem and will not have anyone bully their users from viewing the content that makes their dicks hard.

For me, porn comics are for people who need to have a very active imagination. These thoughts are wilder than what porn comics artists come up with.

Artists that show their drawings on Erofus xxxx have the raw talent of bringing your kinks to life. They are here to render help in the only way they know how to, and that is by feeding your eyes with these still animations. These quality porn comics will not only make you cum, but they also have well thought out storylines that are extremely entertaining. It feels like you're watching a video game, in non-motion.

In my Erofus review, I'll be doing you the honor of showing you that is more than an ordinary comic porn site. Review - Homepage and Sites Layout

The homepage is full of thumbnails that promises a collection of unlimited free porn comics. These digital image exaggerations can be sort by using any of the preferred sorting tabs placed at the top of the homepage. This means the best porn comics can be sort by Most Recent, the Most Liked, Most Viewed, and also in Alphabetical order.

There is a frenzy of publishers

There are roughly 300 publishers of porn comics featured on Every publisher has the comic porn hentai niche they specialize in with different titles and several episodes. There are also tags to help you with finding the content you want.

Categories, tags and other features to find content

The number of categories on Erofus is not impressive. This number stood at 30 and nothing more. There was no way to count the number of tags available on the site. For every publisher or category, you visit, you will find the tags at the top of the page.

Porn comics available on this site include comics, sometimes pictures too. You can come up with scenarios without the need of the artist doing it for you.

External links to some of the best cartoon and comics porn sites lists a bunch of headers at the top of the site, all these headers when clicked will direct you to an external link to another website. Some of these headers include free sex cams. For those tired of seeing cartoon characters fucking, get a thrill of watching live girls do some of their best performance for you.

Other headers take care of hentai porn. You get directed to hentai porn where you can see hentai porn videos on display. Other hentai includes the hentai manga that is a version of Japanese porn comics for those of you with little or no experience in what hentai means.

For those interested in sex games, click on any of the porn games tabs to get links to sites where you can play games. Some of the headers include the cartoon sex games and hentai porn games. Here you get to play games that will make you fucking horny and excited.

The quality pictures and stories is very important to readers

Back to Erofus, I decided that doing this review without mentioning the quality of the content might leave you guys pissed off. The collection of the comics on erofus have characters all drawn to perfection. Another thing is they don't only fuck, there is always a well-written backup story.

Other good stuff Erofus provides

If you love 3D porn, then Erofus is here to serve you with more than enough of it.

The storyline on is believable. There are even plot twists and the likes. This will keep you stimulated and the same time ensures that you are not fapping to porn for the only the Nice collection of parodies.

Erofus Review Cons - Stuff missing from this porn comics website

While packs a vast collection of content from different publishers, it is annoying to see that there is no way for you to select content by the date you want. For instance, I need to find a particular comic from the year 2018. It is impossible to find the comic by inputting the date of upload only.

So, the sort by recent tab placed at the top of the page only lists out stuff in a manner that shows what came uploaded last.

My other pressing concern about this erotic comic site is the fact that most of the comics here are all too western. Fans that favor the hentai niche will have a problem wanking to the content of this site. Even when Erofus packs a collection of hentai American comics, these comics cannot compare to other well-known hentai and doujinshi sites.

Another challenge I had with using was with the matter of the ads. I have no problem with seeing ads on a free comic porn site, but what I do not like is how the webmasters choose to display these ads.

Many times, you want to select a collection of porn comics only to find out that it is actually an ad. The webmaster made the ads the same size as the name of the publishers are. This is the kind of ad I hate the most. Not to mention the ads that pop up while you are viewing the content you desire.


Year Launched

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A large quantity of quality content.

Lots of sources for porn comics.

Original storylines.

Annoying ads.

The site is not organized.

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