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We Got the 411 on LilHumpers! Cum Read the Review

LilHumpers, the new porn battleground of trampy MILFs and little xxx fuckers. This website features tiny, small guys (sometimes even midgets or a little person to be politically correct) fucking huge women. When I say huge, I mean huge. Taller than the guys. Big bodacious boobs that will smother the little man. And asses that are too much handle. Somehow these little humpers seem to handle those big bods.

Experience MILFs and Excited Lil Humpers

You need to know that many of the models on LilJumpers are MILFS. Ever since a boy’s dong starts to stand up, fucking a MILF becomes a to-do thing. Mom’s curvy friend, neighborhoodtrophy wife, the sexy cashier at the Walmart – I couldn’t even remember the list.

Not many of us are lucky enough to sleep with a MILF. If you did, accept my hearty congratulations. For those of you who didn’t, two words – MILF porn.

Like seriously, if there wasn’t this porn genre, my adult life would’ve been miserable. Kendra Lust, Amy Addams, Phoenix Marie, and the evergreen legend Lisa freaking Ann. If I ever get a chance to meet any of these pornstars, I would get on my knee and thank them… and eat their pussy.

This "short man" complex where the guy is looking up to the MILF he's fucking resembles an Oedipus incest relationship between son and mom.

Every inch of this site is packed with adult videos of mature women getting their pussies slain by little teen fuckers. Them lucky boys! I wish I pursued my dream of becoming a pornstar.

Each week, they’re adding new videos of slutty broads and lil porn guys getting on with it.

Slutty Tramps, Horny Lil Humper, and Realistic Concepts

After spending thousands of hours watching MILF porn, I, one day had my epiphany. They’re rehashing the same old stuff in every video. Suddenly, this genre wasn’t exciting to me anymore.

Well, I moved on with other genres and continued my fappingchore as usual. Then, I came to know about this site and everything changed since then. It revived my lust for mature women porn again.

I don’t know who’s behind the concepts of this site’s videos, I bow down to them. These videos are not your usual stepmom fucking and ramming the next door wife.

You get to be involved in a story and slowly it wakes up your thirst for some good action. I love Latinas and I love mature women. Missy Martinez is a blend of both.

There’s this video called Hide and Peep featuring her and Jordi. The first few minutes go on with this little fucker hiding and peeping on Missy. In one shot, when she’s standing next to the bed, this lucky lad peeps out to see her delicious ass.

I so wanted to eat that ass out. Man, Latinas are blessed with butts and boobs.

And then, when she gets sick of his tricks, this board decides it’s to show how bossy she could get. She grabs him and dominates him with her moves. And then they happily hump for a good 20-min duration. This video has it all, ass worship, cowgirl, deepthroat, and doggy.

I couldn’t stop there. I wanted more. I wanted to get so horny that I could cum without stroking my meat rod.

Then, I wandered around the site and found this gem, P.I Humper. The slim and sleeky slut, Kenzie Taylor has a sissy husband. He hires Ricky to spy on his wife.

When Ricky gets to her home and peeks through the window, to his shock, he founds Kenzie rubbing her sweet and sexy clit. Being unable to control himself, he sneaks in and starts humping her lingerie.

Oh yeah, you guessed it right! Kenzie founds this bastard and then, you know what follows!

Lil Humpers XXX Models –Are they MILF enough?!

I do like watching amateur porn with not so popular models. But, that’s valid only when I’m watching every other genre. For mature porn content, I prefer being an audience to top rated pornstars.

Because, up and coming models aren’t experienced enough to handle this genre. In this aspect, I really appreciate lilhumpers porn site. Even after going through the models section, I couldn’t find a single unpopular one.

These cunts are very experienced at taking dick up their ass, in their pussy, and get fucked in their filthy mouths.To fuck these skilled pussies, you would also need some solid cocks.

What did they do?!They hired horny little bastards like Jordi El Nino. Combine both of them and you get a kickass adult porno.

Valentina Nappi, this Italian slut, has been getting rammed for the last decade and still wants more.Says a lot about her crazy sex drive!

This site has recently released a video with this European twat and none other than our boy, Jordi. Oh boy, what a video that was. I watched it more than 5 times – repeatedly.

Ima be honest with you. There isn’t much on the story side. But the fucking is fucking amazing. Jordi is basically the Cupid trying to reignite the lost love between Valentina and her bf. This lucky fucker mistakenly shoots himself with the love arrow.

The result?! Valentina gets drilled in her holes like a maniac. This video is not for the faint hearted, I’m warning you! Only watch it if you can handle some hardcore sex action.

And this site is full of such super sexy flicks. More importantly, all the models here are crazy fuckers with pussies that are endlessly horny.

How Fap-worthy are LilHumpers Videos?

Good concepts? Check! Superhot Models? Check! So, what else makes a porno a great one?!

Ummm. Actually, there are a couple more aspects that contribute to a great fuck flick.

First, the product values should be above par, atleast! The better the production values are, the better the viewing experience will be. This site knocks it out of the part at this.

For a sample, you should watch this video of Christie Stevens. It goes by the name, The Sunscreen Asshole. Christie is already a heavenly angel bestowed upon us as a pornstar.

Her tits are firm, booty delicious, and her face – don’t even get me started. I must say she’s one of the most beautiful pornstars when you’re talking about face.

Alright, so the video opens with Christie relaxing next to a pool in the backyard. And this little fucker, Juan sneaks in loud enough to be heard by this babe. She thinks that it’s her bf and asks him to drench her back in oil.

I’ll leave the next part up to you, either you watch it or fantasize about it. So, this video’s production values are way up there. The lighting, surroundings, and pretty much everything about it. I’m sure that they filmed this one of the poshest neighborhoods.

Btw, all the videos are available high definition quality. Some of them are even uploaded in 4k. And the video player is advanced enough to have all the features for you to have a nice porn-watching session.

The only thing that pisses me off about this site is they don’t have enough videos to go around. As of writing this review, there are about 44 videos available. But, I’d excuse them for now, since they’re pretty new. Also, they’re consistently uploading new flicks.

Searching and Navigating Through

The website layout is very clean. It doesn’t take much effort to navigate through and find your favorite videos. To view all the videos of this site, simply click on the Videos tab.

The Pornstars tab takes you through all the models that work here. Right now, there are about 51 models on this site. Note that this count includes guys too.

And then, there’s the search tab, where you can input certain keywords to find videos that are related to it. Moreover, this tab allows you to search the adult actors as well. You can do this if you don’t want to scroll through all the models or videos.

There’s a banner that features the pornstars of the month. You can be sure that she performed in some crazy ass videos in that time period.

When you click on a model’s name, it brings you to their profile where you can read about them, their popularity and details like their DOB and body measurements. Down below this section, you can see all the videos this slut has acted in.

Is Lilhumpers Free?

Don’t be a stingy fucker! You know, the bitches got to eat too. No, it’s not free. But, it’s cheap as fuck!

Paying one buck per day, you access the two-day free trial. On the other hand, the monthly subscription costs you $30. The best bet is the yearly membership, which comes with a $8.33 price tag.

Lilhumper – Secure Enough ToInput My Card Details?

My boy, you have asked the right question. Even I was a bit hesitantin the start. So, I quickly went through the site to see who their biller was.

They’re working with Probiller to process all the transactions and billings. That’s good enough for me to proceed.

Is This Site Worthy Enough To Pay For?

Let me be super honest with you. If mature women gets your dick up, this is a good porn house for you.

Their videos are hot as hell and the models are mind-numbingly slutty and sexy. The only problem with this site is, there are only a few videos. But, the number is growing.

So, it’s your call brother! Maybe give it a shot with the two-dollar trial. If you find the videos as good as I did, then go for the subscription.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, PaySafeCard

Top-notch MILF sluts.

High quality videos.

Great production values.

Unique storylines.

Regular video updates.

New site, so only a few videos.

No video downloads.

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