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Mere looking at the review forum you may be tempted to mistake it for some student community forum. But if you are not patient enough to read through the contents, you may lose out from becoming a member of this world’s most seductive porn forum. Remember that nun-looking she-nerd back in college? With all the innocent-looking personality still gave you an awesome ‘head’ in the restroom?! That’s what’s up with free porn forum; these guys are innocent on the outside but bitchy-dirty on the inside.

To proof this deceit, the comically designed logo which is supposed to introduce every first time visitor to the world of orgy aesthesia on the homepage of the site even made it more deceitful: makes it look more like children comic homepage. But do not be deceived, because that ‘porn monster’ on Fritchy forum lies within, just inside the contents and it’s members.

Do you want to know the most interesting thing about the home page? The video ads. It is funny though, but dude, those ads are way too mad. They are short, funny, but really mad! You need to see how a gym instructor was fucking a the clergy’s boosty daughter just right behind him, and how the father came to the realization. Way too crazy!

But nevertheless, the forum is well arranged, unlike others, you get to see sections and sub-sections scattered in and around the site. This one is more moderated, and well-arranged, one can actually go straight to the section they wish without getting loss. Again, the names on their subtitles are really great, it makes it easier for even a first-timer to comprehend.

Some of the names you can find in the subtitles are:

  • Fritchy Main

  • Entertainment

  • Hentai / Anime

  • Picture Posting

  • Video Posting

  • Kinky Pictures and Videos

  • Classic Porn Movies & Pornstars

  • Celebrity Pictures & Videos
And the interesting part of it is that those titles and subtitles have descriptions in case you missed the original interpretation. So that you can easily navigate through the site knowing exactly where you are going and what to expect.

Dude, trust me you wanna be here, even without a tour guide you can easily help yourself with those stipulated section label instructions. I mean… don’t wanna find yourself in a Christian fellowship just because you missed your way to the brothel. Would you?!

Fritchy review Sections and sub-sections on this Social Media Forum

Girls W Amateur Porn Forum Introduction

Can you remember your first time in the college classroom where you introduce yourself to the rest of the class? Well, that is it! In the introduction section, you will get to meet with the rest of your ‘partners in crime’ (we are going to hell after all!). Don’t be shy, you are not the only guy out for sex talk adventure, don’t be surprised if you end up seeing your church teacher’s wife here too! Ok... That was a joke, hope it didn’t count.

Looking at the number of new members which displayed on the right side of the site, all you can imagine is that the world is out for a sex revolution, and it can only be achieved by intense interaction of like minds. Not just the like minds, but the super crazy kinda like minds.

Now let’s give you a clue, to uncover those crazy sex folks on Fritchy you have to look out for their member names; those user names. The crazier they are, the more interesting they will become when you end up having a one-on-one conversation with them.

General Chat User Rating

Call this the forum’s trash can. This is where all sorts of topics are discussed, more like a place you can spur all the trash going on around you. Is your girlfriend messing up? Are you drunk? Did you find some couples messing around? This is where all the gossip and crazy super chats happens. You might just consider this an anti-boredom remedy.

Content Help Section

Ok… don’t start thinking this is an all porn thing (though it is), they still care for each other in times of life disappoints. The help/problem section is where you spit out your depression, and you see another member turn it into motivation. Yap. They can be that nice!

Entertainment Like A TV Show

The entertainment section is evidence that the site is not all about porn…porn….porn! This is where you take a break from porn and have a feel of what the circular world feels like. This section contains some interesting sub-sections like Humor, Music videos, Television, and regular movies.

General Sex Forums Remark - Review

Look, you might say whatever you want about the site’s design and all, but the fact still remains that it is worth all those times. The fact you can also do other things on the site will even make you want to sign up as a member. Lastly, the conversations at the forum are super hot it’s self; aside from the sex conversations, you can still get super inspired.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Believe it or not folks, Fritchy Forum despite its 90% porn content is educational mind you. You can really learn a lot of stuff from it.

The members are very reasonable though they can still be crazy sometimes, but hey... It’s all part of the fun.

You can make real friends there. We don’t know how this works, but you always find a familiar face on the forum.

Porn aside, you can get real-life advice on this forum.

The labeled categories make it easy for first-time visitors to navigate.

Really, the site design needs to be worked, it should at least make visitors (especially the first-timers) get the feeling that they are in a porn forum. There should be pictures to spice up the race especially on the home page.

The forum lacks face identification of its members, the fact that you most of the time interact with members without seeing what they look like is a bit annoying.

The absence of pictures on the forum, especially on the home page is boring.

Now, this is the annoying part: most of the time the site refers you to another porn site that contains irrelevant contents. Now that is annoying.

There should be more circular movie titles in the ‘Entertainment’ section of the forum. Those titles are just too outdated.

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