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Black GFS

Who doesn't like Black GFs? Maybe if you're obsessed with the early 1900s you might not like them. However, I like black girls. Especially in amateur porn. You know what, if you are a black girlfriend who broke up with your sensitive simp boyfriend because he might have exposed your ebony porn pics or black sex tape videos to an amateur porn site, then hit my line. My phone number is...

Introduction to the Site: What to Expect?

Woah, baby! Full HD? Who is this hosting these black gfs models? Awwww, dawg. Reality Kings.

Reality Kings own all the hottest porn sites. When you type in, a Reality Kings age verifier page stops you in ya' tracks to make sure you are of age. Then, it's on to the black

First of all, I see a couple of round white asses here and there on the top banner. So, Reality Kings has to advertise their other websites that has nothing to do with ebony on the black gfs site. There is a Join Now smack dab at the bottom of the page to get you to sign up when you're done scrolling through the content. While scrolling, you will enjoy full HD preview videos of some round and brown asses, chocolaty caramelized skin, giving me a sweet tooth, and blushed faces painted with cum. Let curb my enthusiasm and save these sex descriptions for the next section.

What Is In the Members Area?

These are not homegrown amateur black gfs, although the tags say so. They are Reality Kings' premium models and that is why this is a premium porn site asking for your hard-earned money up front. The rule is pay to play. So, you know Reality Kings will wheel out the best ebony models and not some cracked up junkies walking down the streets looking for a buck to buy weed or weave.

All of these brown-skinned cuties wear makeup and are not afraid to take on the dick. They kind of remind me of Black Valley Girls. Expect these black gfs aren't mixed. Most look like they are full African American.

After purchasing a membership, you instantly get the full videos, which is pretty awesome. Most videos don't really have an in-depth storyline. They start with a blowjob inside a luxury apartment. Then some doggystyle action. Missionary here and there. It ends with an elegant cumshot. That's the payoff!

Majority of the videos are interracial - black girl/white guy. There are, however, some black-on-black videos and lesbian scenes. What sets Blackgfs apart from the rest of the black porn premium sites is the intimate camera work that feels like you are there with the girl.

BlackGfs Review: User Experience & Interface Testing

The user interface gets an A+ from me! It's something you would expect from Reality Kings. When the cursor lands on any thumbnail, a preview automatically starts to play.

I've always loved the first-person POV experience like you are the captain of the ship. Even more, I've always had a thing for seeing black women getting ravaged by a white cock.

BlackGfs make sure that each girl performs every sex act:

  • Blowjob

  • Riding

  • Missionary

  • Doggystyle

  • Cumshot
Pretty simple, eh?

Using the Filters to Reveal the Best Black Content

The filter on Reality Kings makes it easy to find a specific black girl. Every video thumbnail has the name of every models featured. Let's name a couple of these models:

  • Noemie Bilas

  • Logan Long

  • Azaelia

  • Jenna Foxx

  • Lacey London

  • Chanel Sky

  • Jessica Yayo

  • Amathyst

  • Quinn Coco

  • Peyton Sweet
Some of the most popular or most viewed videos are in the list first. Each slot has the number of viewers and how many of them cast a vote. Next is when the video was uploaded. The most popular ones are from 2017.

There are approximately 291 videos on this site, which is pretty low. It's hard to find out the frequency of weekly video uploading.

Unfortunately, beyond this basic information is nothing else but a thumbnail and a sign up window. Luckily, Reality Kings is one of the most trusted, legit, and safest porn site on the planet, so there are no risks with signing up.

Hallelujah, finally a premium porn site with a bio of the actors and actresses. Clicking someone's name reveals their entire bio, including details such as popularity count, DOB, birth place, height, and measurements if available. All this info is good to learn about to stay informed about who the fuck you are watching.

Unfortunately, when I press Filters, it filter EVERYTHING across all porn sites not just BlackGfs.

But the filter include selecting the following:

  • Sites/Collection

  • Models

  • Categories

  • Date Range

How to Pay for Premium Black Videos Content?

Reality Kings makes it very easy to pay and unlock the full HD videos. You can select to pay with credit card if you don't care about anyone in your household looking at your statements. Pay by check is available if you need to be incognito about your porn spending habit. More importantly, to hide the fact that your sneaky ass like black girls. When Reality Kings receives the funds, all the black girls videos content unlocks.

Prices to Unlock the Black Girls Videos Content?

A 12-month membership is $119 is somewhat affordable. That comes out to about $9.99 per month. The cheapest is a 2-day membership billed at $2. This is when you need to cram for the black girl parade. The other two memberships are $7 for 1 week and $29.99 for one month.

Probiller is the processor responsible for collecting payments. The company is pretty secure. Signing up for a blackgfs account unlocks content for an additional 45 sites across the Reality Kings spectrum. Porn 4 dayz... It's worth the money! Review: Conclusion

All in all, Blackgs provide the best intimate interracial sex and cumshots. Since this company has been around for about 20 years, Reality Kings has every right to ask for their money upfront before unlocking the premium content for you.

These videos have no cool storylines whatsoever and just features regular sex. Who gives a fuck!? The resolution is crystal clear. You can see those pretty pussies, round and brown booties, and cum-painted chocolate faces in full HD. That's all that matters to me!




Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, cryptocurrency (PumaPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron , Verge)

Accepts payment by check

Signing up for Blackgfs gives you access to 45 other Reality Kings sites.

Professional porn star ebony models

Can’t watch the full previews unless sign up with credit card

No PayPal

Filters filter all content - not just Black

Wack/empty storylines

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