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African Sex Slaves

The days of slavery and slave trade although now outlawed in many parts of the world was a really dark time in the history of Africa, but it seems the owners of haven’t gotten the memo yet. Well, I'm here to do my reviews on what they have to offer and see if their content is worth the hype.

Many Africans were captured, tortured and taken to various parts of the world for the sole purpose of being sold as a cheap commodity. Perhaps the major reason most masters bought these slave women - apart from the picking of the field - was for the purpose of being used as sex slaves.

All that history and we are in no history class; I am here to review and talk about the African sex slave niche. The African sex slaves’ niche is now quite a popular category on many porn sites and porn sites like are dedicated majorly to providing their viewers with the fetish of hardcore BDSM.

The African sex slaves site serve you pure BDSM content where the master is the dominant and the slave will be the submissive.

Kinky right, well hold it right there before you go jerking off to these ladies being pounded by their masters there are quite some 411 info, I must give you, if not what kinda website review will this be.

Get ready to see real Women from Africa

Unlike the ebony category in porn some sites which are usually based off African-American women getting banged by different sizes and colors of dick, africansexslaves gives you a full view of the sex lives of real African women from Tanzania, Kenya, and some other African countries.

Get ready to see real ebony African born and bred women and who are not afraid to get some lashes while being pounded by their white masters,hardcore BDSM is nothing to them as these women can go through unimaginable pain while playing in these movies.

These women go through the most hardcore of BDSM, as everything goes in these videos and they probably have no safe words, in the course of the video, you might hear these women screaming, pleading and begging, don’t get alarmed as they signed up for everything being done to them just for cash.

Why do these women love Hardcore BDSM?

Well you might ask why do these women love hardcore BDSM or even engage in it, cos shit it must be tons of pain. Well ill try to list some of the reasons for this

When a white guy travels to Africa in search of a good time with, with the help of his camera and a few bucks he will definitely be treated like a prince in Africa. When these women know he has cash trust me they are ready to allow themselves to be treated as slaves just to get some of that foreign cash.

Another reason must be cos these women love BDSM so much and wouldn’t mind becoming professional pornstars, well probably that’s what these white guys promise them, a chance to be among the greatest porn actors in the history of porn. But we all know once these guys travel back to Europe or North America, that’s the end of it all.

Two major kinds of videos on African sex slaves

There are two ways these slave videos could go; one is the reverse interracial where the girl is screwed and screwed hard by a white cock in her chocolatey pussy. In these videos the girl is ready to do all her masters' bidding, suck his balls, dick and even perform a suck and swallow if that’s what will get them done.

Another way this African sex slave video go is the subjecting of hot African women to BDSM by other African guys men. For a black to be selected for this category he must definitely have the sexual stamina attributed to African men and also must be well endowed in dick length and girth.

Funny thing is most girls get featured on popular porn sites but they don’t actually become popular porn stars cos, they are paid in cash in their own country and once the foreigner leaves, that’s probably the end of their modeling career.

Get ready to see a lot of bondage sex, flogging, spanking, and leather

If you don’t have the stomach for it, please don’t try it, you may end up puking all over the place, well with the master treats the slave exactly the way a slave would be treated, unlike your usual BDSM where there are safe words here there isn’t any.

Get ready to see real women being tied, gagged and whipped. This is hardcore BDSM, not the usual soft-core fetish you are used to, so you need to have some balls to watch these.

Whether the master is a black male or white male, the women are definitely black and not just black but Black and African. The men claim to be punishing them for misbehaving or just to train them to satisfy them better.

Seeing these women with their nipples clamped isn't new to these sex slaves but is definitely painful. I dare to say these women are ready to do anything just to become famous, the bondage and whipping also seemed a harsher and painful than your regular soft core BDSM.

The Sex Scenes, video and picture quality

Get ready to see sex like never before. The brutality and the fact that these women enjoy this is simply amazing, African women must be, made of steel, the major reason African American porn stars won't engage in this action is simply cos of this, the spanking, bondage and all is always too harsh.

These women will also be fucked in the open field, none of that closed doors nonsense, the field is these women work according to their master sand the field is where they will be screwed, so seeing the master banging the slave in the middle of the field under the hot sun shouldn’t be a new thing or seeing a slave tied to a tree and being fucked through all available holes available; I'm talking anal, face fucking and multiple entries.

These girls don’t care so long it’s a white man's movie and they are in front of the camera it’s a dream come through for them. There is also a lot of mouth action by these girls, slurping on different sizes of white and black cocks just to please their master, full fisting is also quite popular in the videos.

The picture and video on this site is completely the bomb. You get to see the marks from the ropes, the whip lashing, everything in high definition, none of that hidden camera with the terrible picture and video quality.

Completely a Premium Content Website

Well if you are a cheapskate and are on the lookout for free content or you are not ready to spend some of that cool cash, you have in your bank, sorry but African sex slaves aren't ready to have you as their members, nothing is free and even I don’t see why they shouldn't at least give visitors a sneak peek of the videos, probably a 5-sec intro.

You are only allowed seeing the preview images of the action that is about to go down when you click on play button the payment window pops up immediately and then you are left with either picking your payment option which will take you to a secure server where you would be inputting your card details or put your dick back in your pants and exit.

There are various membership subscription options, the first is the $28.95/month, followed by the three-month membership for $23.32/month and then finally the one-year membership plan of $7.91/month. The site supports all types of debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, UCB and more), it also supports PayPal and you can also, pay for your subscription with bitcoin.

Various Categories of BDSM all available to your premium subscription

The various categories of the website are mainly divided into five and I’ll be giving you a brief insight into what happens in all of these categories;

The Spanking; Sounds cool right, but this ain't your usual spanking, these girls are about to be whipped like they committed crimes punishable by death. Watch them get whipped and look at the joy on their masters faces as she derives pleasure from punishing his bad slave and fucks her silly.

Amateur: Be amazed at how much African women are ready to give you the make you feel the real sexual experience, they love been fucked hard and in their natural African continent.

Extreme teen: Get ready to see teenagers being finger banged with no remorse from their masters. They also get to suck their masters' dicks and are tortured very badly.

BDSM bondage: The name of this category gives it away already. Here, these African women can be seen tied to trees and flogged and banged at the same time - their hands and legs are tied with ropes and their pussy and tits get clipped if their master wishes. Their masters are ready to make them feel humiliated and they don't care.

Outdoor: Here African sex slaves serve you videos of sexy African women being banged in the plain fields just beneath the bushes under the hot sun like their masters can't wait till they go inside

Overall, I’ll say has given us all we want when it comes to hardcore BDSM, I dare say only a few other websites will actually match the BDSM madness this site offers. My only problem while investing before writing my reviews with the site is the no availability of free membership and as a premium subscriber on this site, you don’t even have the option of downloading these videos. Rating this website was kinda difficult cos the good and the bad seemed kinda at war so I’ll leave it to you guys to do the rating.


Year Launched

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