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African Casting

From the pride lands of Africa comes the biggest plot twist of all time - African Casting, where young aspiring African models and actresses are manipulated by horny employers to have sex on camera. What's the plot twist here? You might want to ask well after the whole rendezvous these girls are shocked to find out there is really no movie role.

A typical example of porn sites that provides you which such premium content is This site is based on one simple theory: African girls having sex with horny employers or interviewers with the hope that they would get the job or become famous models.

These girls go through the stress of appearing sexy and beautiful in these interviews with the hope of getting the job through their professional skills. Little do they know they wouldn’t be needing office skills or professional acting or modeling skills.Their skills in the bedroom are one which will actually qualify them for the job.

At get ready to see curvy and busty ebony babes do just about anything to get the role. These dark-skinned beauties come in all sizes, shapes and best of all is they are Africans in Africa, no African Americans allowed here. So be sure you’re seeing the real African kinda sexual energy in these African bitches.

These girls aren’t exactly treated with the utmost respect, so get ready to see a lot of giant cocks gaggled down their throats, hair pulling, choking and a lot of aggressive sex, but no complaints from the girls - they are ready to do just about anything to get the roles and become the next big thing in one of the big industries. There is always a big thank you smile after the whole adventure is completed.

Overall view and the sites appearance

The quality of the design of the site is all pretty basic, just a white background, a bunch of plugins here and there and the thumbnails colorfully displayed.

The site has a very functional user interface, with the ability to click on drop-down boxes just to view what lies underneath the main box. You also get the search engine option, categories, tags, sorting options that give you the freedom to search for videos based on their length and the filter option.

You have to be Registered guys to enjoy all the content

To be able to surf through and watch the wonderful high-quality and delightful collection African casting has to offer you, you must be a registered user, which only comes in the premium membership. Sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing is free here. You gotta spend some of that cash to see some booty and to watch these horny amateurs get freaky.

The one-month membership costs about $29.95 a month, with the 3-month membership plan having a slight discount and costing about $19.98 per month so that means you would be charged an installment of $59.95 in total. Lastly is the 6-month membership for $16.66 per month and you get charged an installment of $99.95.

With your membership, you get some more bonus. I'm talking full HD videos. You are also given access to the African fuck tour site. For those of you without a fucking clue to what African fuck tour is all about, here is the 411 info. It's basically a compilation of fuck scenes and adventures of a horny Antonio who fucks his way through every city and country he visits in Africa.

What's the bonus here you may ask, normally Mr. Antonio fuck tour offers a premium quality content, so I guess African casting pays for your membership of sorts or has some arrangement with them

What comes with becoming a premium member

Now that you are registered, you can now access the sites full features, well, till your subscription ends depending on the duration. The site is divided into five major categories of sweet fucking

Deepthroat: Get to see how African babes try to fit various sizes down their throat, with the interviewer trying to make her go as far down as possible, a lot of pulling of head closer just to get that deepthroat.

Big Ass: Well we all know how African babes are blessed with that massive behind a lot of your girlfriends are jealous of. I can’t begin to explain to you how important or the goodness you derive from banging a broad with a big behind. Just watching that ass wiggle alone is enough to make you lose your mind.

Forced: Get ready to see models forced to perform all manner of sexual perversions just for your viewing pleasure.

Big Tits: probably know that there are two kinda guys in this world. I mean not all of us can be blessed with the massive behind, well if you fall into.

Amateurs: Pull out your dicks and watch amateur models ride dick like professionals.

Big Cumshots: Watch these employers explode on the faces of these African bitches.

There are still 18 other categories, but these six are the main ones.

Full HD Porn Videos on African casting

Perhaps one of the most awesome features is the availability of high definition videos on the site, well I must say for amateur porn, African casting really does justice to the name amateur, you can hear the sexy African girls moan in their local dialect and with their sexy African accent. The guys at African casting definitely know how to key into this fetish.

You can also save the videos offline, which is quite cool. At first, this feature doesn’t seem available but while streaming the video, simply right click and you would see the save Video option. So y’all that didn’t know this can come to pay your respects.

The videos also a nice sorting option and you can view them in any order that you like either from the most recent, most viewed, most discussed or the top-rated. With a good length of about 30mins, I'm sure your stamina can’t last that long.

Exclusive Scenes offers

African casting promises you not just exclusive content, but content that comes with exclusive scenery. They claim their videos are shot on scenes that you definitely have never seen on any other porn site, with all rights reserved be sure that you are enjoying the premium porn which has no duplicate anywhere else.

Personalized the site just for you

Well, not your typical porn site so don’t expect a typical account right, apart from the personalized user interface. You get to own, your personal profile page which you can customize to pretty much anything you desire.

You have the option of adding friends and anything you do while using the site will be posted here. You also get alerts of when you add a new friend or when there is anew upload.

On this page, they try to explain how the site is all about posting exclusive content, how this is a newer site and how regularly they upload new content. Well, that’s not all. they still try to capture the whole personalization of user experience by telling you they are eager to hear your contributions and thoughts towards a new footage idea you might have.

Not so cool features

The first on this line is the fact that after subscribing for your premium membership they claim to post updates regularly. I think about twice a week, but this wasn’t so cos most of the videos are dated far back as 4 months ago.

Another is the membership fee which I think is too steep. I know its exclusive porn and whatnot, but then I'm gonna think twice or even thrice before I put down my payment details like that.

African Casting Couch Porn videos Review Finalization

I hated the fact that bonus sites had to be visited just to compensate for the inadequacies of African casting in keeping up with their promise of regular content twice a week and these bonus sites never keep up with the African ebony themed porn style. After paying for the premium subscription this seemed a lot like being cheated.

Africancastings is on its way to greatness as they have achieved quite a feat in a short time in this particular niche of African ebony porn. We do know how hard it is to get women on camera just for the fun of it. With the aid of consistent filming and the addition of a photo gallery, I'm sure they should end up in the big leagues.

I, however, think even if they don’t choose to remove completely the premium membership. The pricing should be beaten down a little and they can keep some features for their top premium subscriber or probably include more enticing features that will definitely make people get the value for their cash.



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