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Imagine having dozens of hot chicks from around the world at your fingertips? No, I’m not talking about some mail-order bride scam. I’m talking about willing, lusty chicks that will interact with you on your time. These dames will wear the sexiest clothes, undress before your eyes and do the kinds of acts that you enjoy. Best of all, you don’t have to wine and dine them. It's all available on one of the world's best cam sites.

At, you can take your pick from a long list of beautiful babes, both domestic and foreign. After a quick and easy signup that’s cheaper than most restaurants, the site will give you access to the following thrills:

  • Hot young chicks, MILFs and sexy European cam models

  • Blondes, brunettes, redheads, ebonies, and lusty Latinas

  • Girls that speak English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and more

  • Chicks dressed in sexy teddies, stockings, heels and leather

  • Live sex acts for your private pleasure
As any XCams review will attest, it is like no other cam site. Whereas other cam sites feature poor quality, mediocre models and no interaction, this site features hot chicks that do live shows on HD cams.

Xcams review: Free Live Sex Feeds

The moment you enter XCams, the first thing you’ll see is a bevy of babes across a thumbnail grid of tables. Every type of chick you could possibly imagine is on display for your cam-viewing pleasure. The site defaults to the models that offer free previews so you can taste before buying.

When you scroll over a girl, it will show her screen name, the language/s she speaks, and the number of credits her private shows will cost per minute. If you click on a girl, you’ll be taken to her preview cam with a free chat window. On the right you’ll see expanded information, including her age, likes, dislikes and a blurb about her personality.

Above the table is a row of filtering buttons for language, hair color, breast size and age. For quality, you can filter the chicks by Top, New, Free and HD. Top brings up the most popular girls that are currently online. During my time on the site, I kept running into this Danica McKellar lookalike with professional lingerie photos in her preview pics.

You can basically find all kinds of chicks during a given scroll of the XCams site. Some are hot, some are not. Of course, that all depends on your personal tastes, whether you like them fit or plump, ordinary or exotic, nude or scantily attired, wild or innocent, sophisticated or trashy, young or middle age.

Xcam review: Webcam Girls Review

Just now as I click on the site, I spot a trilingual hotty with a Betty Page hairdo named Alize. When I click on her profile, an image of her huge rack fills my 20” x 11” screen. Another click and I see that rack in action as she types on her laptop, seated next to her pleasure toy. And that’s just the free show!

Going back to the front page of XCams, I spot a classy Hungarian chick in lingerie. Before I can click on her profile, the tables reload. I scroll down and she reappears in a different table with different images from her cam site.

Looking across the site tables, I see a bespectacled blonde MILF reclining in black stockings. Three panels over sits a fit Latina babe in a silk spaghetti-strap top and leather miniskirt. On the next row, a Mia Khalifa lookalike twirls her hair and smiles flirtatiously into the lens.

Occasionally, you might spot an xcam girl that you’ve seen before on Instagram. In some instances, her face will ring a bell but no search engine will turn up matches because she doesn’t use the same name on other media. When I last hit Top, I spotted this one pouty-lipped, raven-haired chick that I recognized from the YouTube ASMR community.

X cams review: Private Shows on HD Webcams

On XCams, there are blondes, brunettes, blacks and Latinas. Some look like your normal, wholesome girls gone naughty before their private HD cams. Others look like streetwalkers from the cover of a ‘50s pulp novel.

Scrolling to the bottom of the page, I spot one of my favorite themes: a close-up image of stocking feet. Turns out she speaks four languages. Most of the European cam girls speak two or three, including English. Non-English speakers are the exception to the rule. You can filter the models to select languages by clicking the options on the top left corner.

Once you get to the bottom of the screen, you can click the “More Girls” button to extend the grid. The moment I do I spot even more hotties, including one German girl who’s really into cosplay. Her flight stewardess getup is my favorite.

Solo girls are displayed exclusively on the XCams site page by default. However, you can filter the search results by couples if that floats your boat. There’s even a filtering option for trans fetishists.

X Rated Live Cameras Web Girl Cams

When you scroll over a girl, you’ll either see a mini film or a sequence of images from her live cam show. If you fancy the chick, one click will take you to a full-page preview of pre-recorded action.

Most of the previews feature a girl reclining on her bed or seated before her web camera at varying stages of undress. Occasionally, it won’t be the same girl as the hotty in the thumbnail.

The previews don’t show much but they will give you an indicator of the girl’s hotness, playfulness and energy. If you like what you see, it’s up to you to whip out your wallet for some cam action of a more intimate kind.

Some of the women come off flirtatious while others seem blaze about the cam site show. One of the models I clicked on spent the preview fully clothed, watching TV, oblivious to the camera. Nonetheless, she gives away some hot photos, as if to emphasize that the best action on XCams comes with a price.

Personally, some of the cam girls that intrigue me most are the ones who smile yet appear modest and straight-laced in their thumbnail photos. It always makes me wonder what side of her will be revealed when I click on her preview.

Live Streams Sexy European Models

Since you’re reading this page, English is probably your first language. Heck, it’s probably your preferred one for any girl that you might select for some down and dirty action. You’re mostly in luck on XCams, where the majority of ladies speak English as a native or second language.

Then again, you might like the sound of foreign languages, whether or not you understand the words. In that case, you can filter the chicks to those who speak Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. And just think, some of these cultures are a lot more sexually open than the U.S., Canada or Great Britain.

Granted, you might be disappointed if you wish to communicate across language barriers. Say, for instance, you want to ask an Italian-speaking cam girl to roll on stockings or fellate a wine bottle? If she can’t understand your requests, you might not get your money’s worth.

Still want more language options? At the top right of the screen you’ll see a pull-down menu, which gives you the choice of eight additional languages. If you’re looking to converse with a cam girl in Swedish, Portuguese or Russian, go here. When you select a foreign language from the pull-down, it will translate the entire page.

XXX Text Chat on

Once you see a girl that you really wish to have some time with in a private chat, you’ll need to whip out your credit card. The more you spend up front, the more bang for your buck. For $49.99, you will get 225 credits. For the girls who charge five-to-seven points per minute, that could get you between 32 and 45 minutes of private time.

Just imagine what you could do in that amount of time with the girl of your dreams on this site. Most of these babes wear sexy lingerie and are willing to act out fantasies at your request. These are not the type of thrills you are likely to find at a night club or even with a steady girlfriend.

When you compare the excitement and thrills of beautiful, willing online girls to the cost of dating or the danger of cruising the streets, XCams is a bargain. As the girl speaks to you and does her sexy act into the camera, you can enjoy yourself in any way you like and no one ever has to know.

When you sign up with XCams at the 225 pack, you will get 110 free credits. Therefore, you will actually start with 335 credits. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin. You might even get a few additional points after sign up, providing you retrieve them in the greetings email.

For more credits, you can choose your fave babe for a VIP show. These typically range from 15 to 20 credits per minute. Your introductory 335 could get you almost 17 minutes with some of the hottest girls on the site.

After you blow your load, you can quickly move on to other activities like gaming, rocking out or reading comics. No cuddling, having “emotional conversations,” meeting her mom, or any of that other relationship bullshit.

Do be forewarned that if you run out of credits, the session will abruptly end. You’ll get a pop-up alert that your time is about to expire unless you stock up. If things are heating up as the well runs dry, you might have to take your hands off Mr. Happy for a few seconds and reach for that credit card.

XCams may not be the cheapest wank bank but it gives you something that a lot of the streaming hubs and cam sites won’t: sexual interaction with real girls in real time.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Skrill, Bitcoin

Super stylish

Multilingual performers

Easily accessible porn category tags

Great deals on pack of credits

Some 'crazy' looking girls

Some of the cams could have better resolutions

There's no way to minimize the cam video

Haven't come across a woman that actually speaks

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