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What is MyFreeCams? | We Got the 411!

NSFW 411 brings information about the most popular live cam sites on the net. Up to the plate is another one you might have heard about already. Myfreecams is the name, and giving a free-reign platform for quality live cam girls is its game. It speaks for itself. Need I say anymore?

Origins of the number one live stream adult site & app

Myfreecams com spread its wings and took flight in the early 2000s. As people explored the excellent features and they played with the user interface, they noticed the torrent of beautiful women that were sending waves of raw entertainment their way. These high-rated models glued eyes to their screens and helped the site rise popularity ranks, leaving successors wondering how they can keep up with the pace and share the same success. Women use their jaw-dropping gorgeous looks like the hook and calculated minds mixed with bright attitudes to keep the guys as loyal viewers. Hold on to your seats, broskis!

Heart-stopping sexiness that erases complaints and turns guys into Yes Men

Believe me, when I tell you, the women are the sexiest I have seen on the internet - better than Chaturbate. They look like barbie dolls fresh out the boxes. And the ones who look like Winnie the Pooh bears, are pretty cool to watch too. They got something to offer. My apologies for the advertisements, but these are hard cold facts!

Review: What Do the Numbers Say? MOB (Money over Bitches!)

Check this out: I read somewhere that is the 344th most visited site in the world. I don't know how accurate that statement, but it sounds pretty amazing if true. There well over 200,000 models (confirmed - I jacked off to most of them). This means there are no guys, gays, or couples on the site. Women only. Feminism rocks! Especially for my cock! Go to Chaturbate or Bongacams if you want to see men flexing their muscles.

Skyrocketing popularity for a community practicing solidarity

What makes MFC so popular is the friendly, community vibe. You can easily get comfortable watching the myfreecams models perform for hours until the point you lose track of time. When you look around, the sun has set, and the Chinese takeout is cold, or the cockroaches are picking the leftovers. Getting hooked on this website feels like taking digital cocaine. You wanna look away, but you can't. And then you feel guilty when you don't. Sounds familiar?

Keep something in mind for me, apprentice. The homepage produces a different woman each time you visit, among thousands of them. Boredom will never set in. There are shows streaming all the time.

Which webcam models did I see today?

A bunch of them. Every time I log in, there is a new one added to the list. Yes, these are 100%, legit live women. Click on the show and chat with her to see for yourself. I've got a homework assignment for you, pupil. Take a look at MFC. Type in the URL myfreecams, ahora! Tell me what you see. I'll tell you what I saw on a random cold Saturday evening in January. MJ2020 with a bandana wrapped around her face teasing guys with her body. The next day, I saw a woman with candies plastered all over her booty. I forgot her name, sorry kids. 

Let me tell you more about MJ2020. She plays games with guys, and I like that a lot. Women who make an effort to have a good time are all good in my book. I respect that. No nudity sometimes, just get the money and show the honey later. She talked about dieting and still has men giving tokens. That's real hustling right there, kiddo.

Woah! I saw something out the corner of my eye. You will notice this happening a lot on Myfreecams. Seeing something out of the corner of your eyes that catch your attention will become a norm. Holding back your desires not to click on it is like forcing yourself not to get an erection - you can't do it. Their names are MissBella__ and DulceMoon.

They are broadcasting on each of their pages from the same room. Dulce got hers. Bella has hers. Obviously, they're both Latina because I heard them speaking Spanish. One is of mestizo descent. The other is ebony. Both are sexy as hell, of course. White lace looks very comfortable on their bodies. They actually play some good tunes too. Great taste in music, I see. One of the Hispanic chicks slapped the other one's ass with a spanker. Got a hankering for BDSM, hmm. Good work, you two! My lesbian fantasy meter is running at 100 MPH. Temperature is exceeding the limits. That lime green thong sticking out those white booty shorts grips her vagina perfectly. The skimpy pink, what looks to be boy shorts, brings out the thickness of her ass. Those bulgy beluga tits are to die for. Nothing I have seen before. Got the other fish in the sea are jealous, I see. I witnessed so much cleavage that even cops would arrest them for indecent exposure.

Guess how many people are chillin' in this room?


Those are a lot of meat beaters. Think about that. 1000+ jackers.

The most beautiful old and new models - real, never fake

Some live webcam sites encourage models to embellish photos a bit to highlight the best features. MFC girls seem to look almost identical to their introduction profile photos. I'm not saying these photos are not photoshopped, but they sure don't look that way. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me from staring at this computer screen for so long. Let me go outside for a moment and look at nature.

Is Myfreecams plagued by bots? I want you to go to a mirror and take a good look at yourself. What did the five fingers say to the face? Smack! Cold-blooded! What kind of question is that? The women are 100% legit and real.

Oh, I see what's going on here. You have adjusted to the cheaper cam sites that send automated messages to the guys in the chat room on behalf of the model. That happens a lot on Bongacams. Yeah, I got those messages too. You ain't the only one. Everything on My free cams is on the up and up. Good lookin' MFC!

Have a good time in the comfort of private shows

What do you get during the live show? A lot of damn stuff! You can give tokens, and she will play your favorite song. I am a big troll, so I would probably request Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Afroman - Before I Got High, or Aqua - Barbie Girl. These song requests might turn male users' noses up and destroy the mood. MissBella played Missy Elliott - One Minute Man for a guy. But you can stand out like a real man and send gifs and pics to accentuate your message to the girl. HAHA!

I would probably send something lame like, "I'm over here jackin' off to you bb! Do you want to watch me? Let's go private."

shiny GIF

Your private message should be unique like, "come and shine up my wiener, why don't cha? Don't you think your boyfriend has a cock like me? Don't cha think your boyfriend is a freak like me? Don't cha?" - Sorry, I am having flashbacks.

You get what I'm saying. Some women have the settings open to allow guests to have conversations. Others have it blocked. A premium account will unmute your texts for everyone to see. Don't be mistaken, though. Having a basic account is enough if you just want to jack off. Nothing is stopping you from looking. That is the freedom I love about Myfreecams desktop and mobile site. Anybody can look. But premium members can do private shows, change their fonts, send PMs to the girl, etc. Premium status gives you a more interactive menu to play with. When the models log off to do a Group show, you are shit out luck, homie. But there is a Spycam option to peek at what's going on.

A breakdown of the models online menu options

There are so many buttons, widgets, and links that direct to many places that will make your head spin. We will attempt to simplify things before you visit

MFC Share - Fun way to interact with the girls.

White board - Information about new videos, updates, content, items on sale, tip menu, and more.

Chat Options - This is the motherload of control options. It gives you the power to do a lot of things like hide the chat room, mute guests, or turn on and off the videos. The most important is changing the font sizes, colors, and boldness - only for the premium members.

Click on users' name to activate certain features - Add them as a friend, highlight chat, add notes, and send private messages.

Chat Overlay - Puts the chatroom over the video and enlarges it to your preferred size.

Options you will see in the room

  • Room users counter

  • Model's popularity cam score

  • Social media page lists

  • Chat commands

  • Hide the list of models at the bottom of the page

Profile information you will see

  • Boob size

  • Location

  • Employment

  • Ethnicity

  • Age

  • Occupation

  • Height

  • Hair

  • Eyes

  • Weight

  • Body type

  • Pets

  • Martial status

  • Occupation

  • Favorite food

  • Age

  • About me

  • Interests & Hobbies

Profile goodies & settings options

  • Add as a friend

  • Share with friends

  • Bookmark for later

  • News

  • Notes to add

  • Notification about updates

  • Highest tipper

  • Voting schedule

  • Schedule start times for the show

  • Skype ID

  • Video store

  • Token goals

  • Public shows

  • Group show

  • Private shows

  • Club shows

MFC Token price packages for premium members

Here is a list of how much the tokens are worth:

  • $19.99 - 20 tokens

  • $49.99 - 50 tokens

  • $74.99 - 900 tokens

  • $149.99 - 1875 tokens

  • $299.99 - 3775 tokens

  • $599.99 - 7575 tokens

Payments to get those credits

  • PayPal

  • Credit card - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, discover, JCB

  • Switch

  • UKash

  • Paysafecard

  • Astropay

  • Bank wire direct transfer

Models can make some real cash if they're willing to shake that ass

Some real money can be made if you become a model on Myfreecams. This is not for the scared puppies on Camsoda that would get swallowed by the competition. MFC pays 60 and 80% of revenue.

MFC Finale | NSFW411

Welcome to the MFC cam site review finale. We gave you the 411 about MFC. Writing this review was brain overload. The women look better on MFC than any actress or musician. The user experience is A-1. LiveJasmin and Chaturbate do not even have some features as Myfreescams. The final score is 10-10! That's the end of the game. Go home with your trophy!


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, PaySafeCard, Visa prepaid, MasterCard prepaid, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, Bleue Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, Sepa

24/7 live webcam sex shows


Advanced buttons

4K resolutions

Can watch for free as a guest

Many upgrades to the user interface and experience since I last visited

Search bar

Mobile friendly

Men and trans are absent - a pro and a con

Some models have low-resolution cameras. Watching the are annoying

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