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Asian GF Videos

Well, the short answer to that question is: yes, sure. Asian GF Videos more or less gives you porn as long as you have the moolah for it. The question you should be asking yourself, though, is whether it’s worth the price of admission.

And that’s exactly what I’m here for, you little perv. You’re about to find out everything you need to know about Asian GF Videos in this review.

Hmmm… This Asian GF Looks Western

Well, let’s start this review properly. The first thing you should know about this porn site is that, unlike other Asian porn sites out there (especially ones where you get your porn fix for free, this is a Western company—the good ol’ United States, to be exact, you Yankee doodle dandies.

That by itself—at least in this humble creep’s opinion— means you have to put an asterisk on treating this site as a hub for Asian porn. To be fair, though, it is Asian porn in the strictest sense, since you get videos featuring Asian bitches getting their fuck on.

But you really can’t say that this is traditional Asian porn—you know, the kind that’s been prepared with the same attention to detail as a Japanese tea ceremony… only with dicks instead of tea.

Well, that’s just me being a stickler for these things.

Well, you might be asking why it matters. After all, a vagina onscreen is a wet dick in hand no matter where it’s made. So, let me tell you about what you’re getting from sites like this one. Review: Pay to Fap

If there’s one thing you couldn’t take away from this Asian sex video site, it’s this: it’s way more affordable than blowing your cash at a strip club (though it’s just the same price as getting a blowjob from a downtown drag queen, but that’s a different story, and maybe I’ll do a review on that one of these days).

This site charges you by subscription, with their rates going from something as low as a dollar (if you want to try it out for a single day) to year-long memberships where you get to see Asian bitches for about 8 bucks a month.

And if you’re worried about your wife catching you spending your kid’s college fund on some Eastern cum dumpsters, don’t worry about it: this—as with most premium porn sites— bills you discreetly.

So, let’s say you actually went ahead and decided to pay up for their content. What exactly are you getting?

Asian GF Videos Review: The Meat of Asian Meat

Simply put, you’re getting quality videos with your subscription in this case. Specifically, AsianGFVideos is a site that focuses on amateur and homemade porn. But don’t get it twisted, because the content you’ll see on this site is as “amateur” and “homemade” as Mia Khalifa’s fake, overrated titties. It’s not legit, is what I’m saying.

And I’m not mad about that; that’s pretty much what you get when you purchase one of these premium subscriptions: the kind of porn with an “all rights reserved” disclaimer. The same one that gets nice reviews from critics (a.k.a. horny scumbags).

As far as reviews go, though, this is definitely one site where I had some relative ease in getting to where I want to be, such as signing up for your membership (I just went for that single day trial to see what it’s like) and all that. Although I must say I was just a tad disappointed that I still had to deal with a single pop-up ad when I first got to the site to review it.

Come on, if you’re talking about premium, at least get rid of those ads.

Now, when it comes to the videos themselves, this is the kind of porn content that’s clearly made by pros. In fact, these videos are so professionally made that they ALMOST pass as real amateur stuff. They really look like they’ve been submitted by any given user of the site.

So, no complaints there.

And here’s a hot tip, you hound: don’t believe the reviews section on their site; their videos pretty much have more or less the same quality. And by that, I mean they’re all pretty high-quality content.

And Like I Said Earlier…

… These “Asian” girls look Western.

Here’s another thing you need to know: signing up as an AsianGFVideos user means that you also get videos from their affiliate sites, so it’s similar to being a user of multiple premium porn spots. Is that good, though?

Well, it is—or at least it should be.

You see, the actual Asian content that you get from sites like this are pretty much the same ones you could get from free porn sites such as HpJAV and the like.

But hey, watching it here means you’re actually supporting the girls and the whole production team instead of, you know, ripping them off through piracy.

AsianGFVideos doesn’t lie, though: you get a pretty wide selection of Asian girls from various countries such as Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. However, where they truly shine is with the videos that feature Asian hos that are actually from the West (you know, the ones that are actually from Ojai or some shit but are originally from Asia).

Throughout the course of my review, I must have watched 6 of this kind of videos, and they’re alright. I say it shines because these are the ones that you couldn’t easily get from free porn sites. At best, you only get clips of them. But insofar as the quality of the videos themselves? They’re alright. They’re your standard American porn with just a hint of Asian goodness in it.

The Verdict— Sure, Spring for It

I’d recommend this site if you’re the kind who enjoys Western porn featuring Asian ladies. But if you’re into REAL Asian porn—the kind where they do weird shit—then this one’s probably not that worth it.

Still, you might find this to be pretty enjoyable. I suggest giving that one-day trial a shot just to dip your toes in it first.


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A wide selection from this and all their affiliate sites

Why is there still a goddamn pop-up ad here?

You could find some of their legit Asian videos on other free sites

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