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In more than 18 years of watching Asian porn—yeah, assholes, I am THAT old and THAT pervy, I think I’ve never seen so much uncensored Japanese porn content in one site alone than when I started doing this Erito review.

And, man, I have to say that this is one premium porn site that whose scenes are actually worth your sticky-ass dollars.

But there I go again, getting ahead of myself before I even properly gave you an idea of what Erito is all about. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about this amazing Premium porn spot.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally stop rubbing one out in the dark like a freaking animal and start doing it while watching JAV models get their fuck on in one of the scenes Erito has in their library. Review: No Money, No Kimochi

Alright, let’s get this out of the way: Erito isn’t some Podunk free Asian fuck videos site that gives you content (not to mention a kyojin-sized number of fucking ads and even viruses, if you’re unlucky) for free.

That’s saying a lot, too, since most free Japanese porn sites are some of the cleanest and most pleasant on the internet.

And honestly, you’ll be pretty impressed with how well Erito has managed to up the ante on this. I myself can’t believe they managed to set the bar higher for Japanese porn, given how high the standard is to begin with.

It’s very rare for me to get excited doing these porn reviews, but this one did it for me. Oishi!

Of course, given that kind of quality, there is a price to pay. But don’t get disheartened, bibiri-kun, because you’ll definitely find the rates Erito goes by for their subscription and membership to be reasonable at the very least. Hell, if you ask me, I’d say it’s a sugoi bargain.

Sure, they go with the industry standard for premium porn—Asian or otherwise—by providing you with a $1 per day trial option. But as with most other premium porn sites out there, the larger the package (and I’m not talking about your schlong), the better the deal.

And in the case of Erito, you could pay as low as 10 bucks a month for a 1-year membership. And that’s way less than what sites like Team Skeet asks for (whose content is frankly boring).

Erito Review Through and Through

And since we already mentioned Team Skeet, one of the probable reasons why you won’t need to sell your liver just to subscribe to Erito is because it’s not a porn site that’s part of a horny network.

No, sir. No, ma’am.

Erito is an island all its own, and what a beautiful island it is: full of hot Japanese models that do just about anything chin chin-related in front of a camera.

So, on one hand, you might find Erito’s lack of affiliate sites to be insufficient in sating your horny needs. After all, subscribing to Erito, unlike with Team Skeet which gives you like a shit-ton of links (despite all of them being trashy American porn), means you’re subscribing to this site alone.

But on the other, with the content that this site possesses, it won’t matter if you have no affiliate sites to visit; this is one of those porn sites that has more than enough to dry out your nut sack after 20 mins. of pounding yourself… HARD.

Authentically Asian

You know how other premium sites like Little Asians say they have “Asian scenes”, but they’re just a bunch of sluts from L.A. or some bullshit who happen to be like 3/64 Asian?

Yeah, you won’t get that kind of shimete from this site, because they provide you with porn content exclusively featuring JAV actresses. So, thank kami for that!

That’s not the only thing exclusive about this site, though, as I found in my review: you actually get exclusive porn videos every week, the kind that you simply just can’t find on free Japanese porn sites.

But what really takes the chanko is that this porn site features something uncommon when it comes to JAV flicks. So much so, that Erito singlehandedly negates JAV’s only weakness: it features uncensored porn.

Because that’s the only thing that wussy-ass fans of American porn could criticize about JAV, that the genitals of the models are “always pixelated.

Boohoo!” right before they go back to their caves to presumably rape themselves while watching their overrated, vanilla porn. Get that weak shit out of here.

And by removing the censorship, this is one of those rare Japanese sex scene sites that not only stuffs Japanese girls with dicks, but also stuffs its critics mouths with—well— non-pixelated dicks.


One of the few flaws of this site is the fact that it doesn’t provide too much previews or any additional information, for that matter, about what you’re getting if you subscribe to them.

Yes, clicking on their membership page shows you their rates and a very scant number of features, which are honestly just the standard shit you get from premium porn spots. These include device compatibility and multiple device usage; HD content; some info. about how often they post new videos (it’s once a week); and the only thing that sets them apart from other Japanese fuck-fuck videos sites, uncensored content.

And that’s about it.

If you haven’t subscribed to them, all you’re going to see is a bunch of thumbnails with their latest and featured stuff, although adding a teaser when you hover your cursor over these is a nice touch.

Apart from that, you won’t find a model index on Erito, which won’t give you any idea which onscreen courtesans you’re getting. Instead, they only have an “explore” section, which just leads you to more thumbnails for their videos and a “categories” section that shows the various genres they have, from cosplay porn to gangbangs.

And this is where I honestly think Erito dropped the ball. I mean, if you’re going to buy something, then you should know what you’re getting. Instead, this is one of those sites that plays Jack-in-the-box with your credit card.

So, if you’re very particular and discerning with the kind of porn you want to get, Erito’s pitch—their homepage and everything you’ll find if you’re not a member yet— frankly SUCKS.

It’s like paying for one of those mystery boxes and you don’t know what you’re getting. Thankfully, Erito contains delicious Japanese stuff, not just generic Asian trash or boring American porn featuring Asian-looking bitches.

Still, that doesn’t give this a pass for not doing a better job at giving you more information on their product.

Speaking of Models...

I’ve told you that, yes, you’re getting all Japanese stuff here—and authentic ones at that.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is how Erito’s videos provide very little to no information about their models via the video titles themselves. Again, this is another one of their weaknesses, and one that could have easily been avoided with better website management.

My issue here is that the video titles look very amateurish; they’re the kind of titles that you’d see on free sites like Pornhub where you almost never get any information about the featured model; if you do, you either only get their first name, which is not enough; and all in all, the titles look like they’ve been written by a horny person having a dick seizure or something.

The Verdict—Still Worth It!

You could think of Erito as the one of the most delicious slices of Japanese pussy pies you could ever get a taste of, but it’s wrapped in newspaper smeared with inu doodoo.

It would have been nearly perfect had it not been for the crappy homepage and very lacking product information they present you at the start.

Still, if you get over the wrapper—after all, those are just meant to be thrown away so you could get to that delicious meat— then you’re going to get some of the best stuff you could get your filthy hands on.

So, yes, you should definitely check this one out. And with this review, you won’t have to go in there blindly. You’re welcome.


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Exclusively features Japanese models


Affordable subscription rates

High-quality porn in HD

Not much product information given at the start

No affiliate sites for members could turn off a few of you greedy perverts out there

Videos are poorly titled

No index showing their featured JAV actresses

Sites like Erito

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