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When it comes to porn, apparently it's good to talk about it on an AdultDVDTalk Forum. Porn is something that I have always done by myself, for obvious reasons. I did once have a very down-to-earth girlfriend who was keen on watching adult movie content with me, but that was a relationship that was never going to work. Apart from her, porn is a game of solitaire. It was always just me and an adult DVD, or me and a new adult movie clip.

Nowadays we have moved on, and with so much talking possible, we can now talk about new adult DVD's, chat about the artistic representation of naked pussy or the inner meaning of double anal, and adult DVD talk is the place to do it. They have an forum, and they talk porn, in all its glory.

2020 Adult DVD Talk Forum Where Porn Stars Crossed Paths

To be honest, is somewhat dated as a website, and the interface seems a bit old and clunky, like early William Gibson themes compared to modern technology. Maybe this appeals to the old geezers still buying new adult DVDs. Still, there are some great topics either way, ready and waiting to take your porn experience into the level of the forum. Some of these exciting topics include -

Adult DVD Movies:

These are new releases, coming soon, new previews, top 50 films, write your own review, top-rated movies, XXX movie trailers, brand-new reviews, must-have movies and porn studios.

Porn Stars Forums Details:

These include porn star interviews, official websites, porn star galleries, and top porn stars.

DVD Porn Talk:

These include porn star members, forum, chat rooms and email alerts.

Adult DVD Talk Shop:

Including porn bargains, XXX coupons, where to shop and advanced search.

There's also a search function where you can just search for topics like actor-director, movie forum reviews and other topics of interest which is your review in a clamshell.

AdultDVDForum Review - Adult Video Information

Then we move onto the forum site, which was waiting there patiently for us the whole time. First impressions last, and the first impressions of this forum are excellent. There were also 645 people active when I went in, which is a unique sign. There also seemed to be a fair amount of activity around the adult DVD gay chat area, which is encouraging. The site does have 43,000 members so, thinking about it, I probably went in on a quiet morning.

The site has a particular function, and that's to inform you about porn DVDs and their quality before you make your purchase. That's the obvious point of a DVD talk site and a name like Adult DVD Talk. There's more though, so much more. Apart from all the adult dvd talk about new content, there are a few sub-headers that will interest and excite anyone who enjoys their fair dosage of porn.

Beyond Sex on Adult DVD Talk

In what must be a first for high profile page like this, there's even a section for non-related topics. The Beyond Sex section is where you can expect a more general sex chat, and where you can talk anything under the sun with your online friends. Starting with sex, obviously, but leading on to technology, culture, and the places where the three of them might even intersect. If you have any weird stuff that you feel you might want to share, then this would be the place. Just don't go too far with the sharing thing. If it makes people shudder, it's oversharing.

2020 AdultTalkForum Shit

The DVD talk forum will be the final nail in the coffin for movie shops if they aren't all already closed down, but there will no longer be a need for any direct human interaction. The porn world is online, but now the porn chat world is online and vibrant. You can literally enjoy the whole world of porn now from the confines of your bedroom, which is a good thing and a bad thing. New DVDs get discussed here, and with DVD Talk available for all your porn resources, there is less need for brick and mortar retail outlets of any sort. These online outlets are begging store please see to anyone willing to take a look. Participate browse, search actor director, text go, and then download sites more porn in that order.

Still, if you want more than that, and you want some advice, or some pointers towards what content is useful, or really special at the moment, then this forum will help you out, and will keep you entertained at the same time. There are many like-minded and friendly people on the adult dvd talk forum, and while I wouldn't say the conversation is earnest, it is quite real. Not too much flippancy, but plenty of good humor, warmed with the occasional bout of biting sarcasm. You will be amongst friends from the get-go.

Porn Users Unite

A page to talk about porn and DVD is essential though because in a world of bought reviews and of fake news, the only truth you can hold as legitimate as a porn consumer, is a review from other consumers. They are the ones who will actually spend some time to write the truth, to talk highly of a new site, to talk freely about a new adult actress, and to let everyone know their real thoughts. They're proud that they are part of the end-user brigade who vent their satisfaction and frustrations through a site like 2020

The 2020 adultdvdtalk forum is essential for that very reason, that we have honesty in porn and that we can make choices when we purchase. Whether we buy from movie shops or choose to use download sites, so much porn is freely available, and the fact that we can actually participate in adult DVD talk about it is one of the coolest things in porn at the moment. Review - Marketplace

One of the essential elements of the site is the vibrant marketplace, where you can buy and sell DVD's, or even just exchange and swap them out. It is like a Boy's Club for porn connoisseurs but with good quality DVDs to change, exchange or do deals on. A flea-market for porn, although not everyone is comfortable dealing with another man's porn. For me, it's absolutely no problem. All those years as a kid, swapping VHS movies, stealing from friend's dads, replacing a few days later and making the dads think they were going crazy. All that stuff was school lessons for the older porn user. Adult DVD talk is almost like coming home.


Year Launched

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Easy to find people to chat to, loads of friendly faces.

Some good deals on DVDs and other bit and bobs of porn on the market place.

A busy and vibrant community with a good sense of self.    

Old-format website design.

Slightly glitchy website functionality.

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