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If you’re searching for some sexy photos to jerk off to, xHamster Photos just might be the right site for you. While porn videos have completely taken over the market, there’s nothing like staring at a good ole' naughty photo that you can discreetly beat your meat to.

You’ll agree that finding a quality porn pic site that isn’t too spammy and that has quality videos can be a challenge.

Don't worry, detective, we got you covered!

You’ll find out all you need to know about xHamster Photos from this xHamster Photos review.

Before porn videos were popular most of us relied on watching nude pictures to beat our meats.

Do you remember those Playboy magazines you used to keep hidden under your bed?

Porn pics might be old school, but they allow you to use your imagination on what was and what could be.

Tired of sexting and shit and trying to get nudes from boring chicks on Tinder? I know I am!

Then you’ll really love the amateur photo gallery on xHamster Pics.

The xHamster Pics Review: The Ultimate Porn Surfing Experience

XHamsters Pic is part of the XHamster network which officially launched in 2007. So you know the brains of behind the operation has found only the best porn JPEGs and PNGs. There were a lot of research happening during that time.

The xHamster porn tube ranked at number 59 on Alexa for being one of the most visited websites on the planet. So that means the audience has spoken on who they want the true porn messiah to be.

User experience is everything. After all, how many times have you visited a porn photo site only to find out there are entirely too many ads popping up on the screen, or you open photos that don’t fully load. It doesn't happen as much as it used to because everyone has lightning speed internet nowadays. But every milisecond that it takes a porn picture to load is taking away from your experience by decreasing your porn surfing time from seeing as many pics as possible.

Another aspect that enhances your user experience on xHamster is that this porn site uses cookies. No, not Oscar the Grouch types of shit, but internet cookies that stores certain info about your surfing history. Damn near every website you visit does this. How does this benefit you? When cookies are enabled xHamster will show you ads only relevant to your experience.

According to the company, ”cookies help us deliver content that is specifically tailored to each individual”. In other words, every time you log on to the website you will be presented with videos based on your search history making it easy to find one that will make you cum super quick like Slap Chop.

When you first enter the site you’ll be treated with a page filled with thumbnails depicting all types of kinky shit that is bound to give you a hard on. When you click on those pics, the site will yield even more pics that gives you a super de duper hard on.

Those thumbnails are the recent photos that were uploaded in the past twenty-four hours, so you will always see fresh and new content. Who wants to get bogged down with old porn shit? Not me.

Moreover,  xHamster/photos you can follow sluts who are dick hungry and lonely wives who can’t wait to be pounded by they're husbands.

Join the Fun

One of the great things about this picture porn tube is that uses can join in on the fun if they want . Yes, the biggest bonus is that you can upload your very own amateur photo as long as you don’t post anything that is copyrighted or illegal.

Therefore, xHamster even provides an opportunity for users to become a content creator and earn a six figure income. Wowzers!

Users can even launch a cam show and begin earning as much as $30,000 a month according to the website while generating traffic and as revenue.

Did you say MONEY?

Masturbate Without Constant Interruptions

There aren’t many porn pic sites that aren’t filled with pop ads. Fortunately, there are virtually no pop up ads and banners on the DESKTOP VERSION interrupting your dick jerking.

Unfortunately, the mobile version of this site is riddled with ads.

Category For All of Your Perverted Fantasies

Before you begin searching through the categories you should first take a look at all categories available.

Xhamster Pics have all sorts of fetish categories which includes Voyeur, Teen Sex, Amateur, Anime Sex, Ass Licking and Adult Breastfeeding.

The list can go on and on because this site has over thirty unique categories.

If you have something specific in mind, you can type it into the search bar. If your head down below your belly button desires to see a Milf fuck her son’s best friend, all you have to do is enter it into the search bar and there it goes!

Once you click on an image, you’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll be greeted with a number of other pics in the set. You can scroll through each photo click by click or you can set up an automatic slideshow.

If you want a better look at one of the models' tits or butts you can also zoom in on each photo to see every angle. Once you’ve managed to make your way through the photo section you should check out the other features that the site offers, which includes erotic short stories, exclusive shows from sexy cam girls, amateur videos and the free dating service giving you the opportunity to meet other people with perverted minds like yours.

Make An Account on xHamster Pics For Limitless Naughty Content

Although you don’t really have to make an account to view the pictures on this site you can enjoy several features.

Becoming a member is free.

You’ll be able to rate, favorite the best naughty pics that get your dick hard and save it for later.

If you’re really bold you can use the sharing feature to post pics to your Instagram or FaceBook page.

In addition, you have the option to subscribe or follow a specific gallery which means you’ll automatically receive an update when they post new pics.

There’s nothing better than following your favorite deep throat saga.

Sometimes content creators take in suggestions from people who follow their galleries and follow through.

For example, there was one popular gallery where the creator did some kinky stuff because a user asked. Imagine what you can get her to do, captain!

xHamster Photos does offer premium benefits for members who decide to upgrade to a premium membership. With a premium account, you’ll gain access to thousands of raunchy videos.

Sites Similar to xHamster Pics

There are a lot of great alternatives to hamster pics that are definitely worth checking out. Some of the most noteworthy sites similar to hamster are PornPics, ImageFap, and PornHub Pics.

How do they measure up to xHamster? Take a look at the comparisons below.


With a name like PornPics, there is no need to wonder what it is that this tube offers. PornPic has a lot of quality pictures and quality baddies.

PornPics vs xHamster Pics

  • While a lot of the content on hamster is amateur content, PornPics is committed to finding the hottest sluts with beautiful bodies.

  • The photos on PornPics are professional

  • PornPics have a lot of deceitful thumbnails which ends up taking you to advertisements when you click on it.


ImageFap has a pretty basic and classic layout.  This site has a buzzing community making it a great place to meet friends or maybe horny chicks who may want go hookup.

This is an amateur site which means you probably wont find a lot of babes with model type figures but you’ll definitely find some hotties.

ImageFap vs xHamster Pics

  • This potn site is way more community oriented than xHamster

  • There is a lot of like quality content mixed in with good content which makes it hard to find what you’re looking for.

  • Everything is free on this porn pic website

PornHub Pics

PornHub is a top premium porn website and they're photo base website is also top-rated. The photos on this site are shot by professionals. While galleries can be a hit or miss you can expect nothing but the highest quality content.

PornHub Pics vs hamster Pics

  • PornHub Pics has an insane amount of professional and amateur naughty content

  • Both sites have a clean interface that’s easy to navigate.

  • Unlike xHamster PornHub Pics doesn't have a slideshow option and or a GIF gallery.


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