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Amabitch has more to do with an external referral than inward linking. With this we mean that nothing on the website belongs to it, all it’s best contents are from other porn sites. We cannot necessarily say that this is your regular amateur website because it lacks what it means to be one.

The website wasn’t designed using traditional web design methods, which is why we found it a little bit disturbing. We do not have anything against referring users to a particular website, but when a platform like Amabitch losses it’s sense of style and good user experience, it becomes almost impossible to be admired. Review - What We Promise

This review will be a bit abstract. It will be dealing more with those referral writes from Amabitch, but we will try to stay on course to maintain the status quo. Surprisingly, we won’t be talking about the very few categories this site because it is completely irrelevant.

We are going to talk about the pictures on Amabitch, which is scattered all over the site. We will also be talking about the rules, and the few features embedded on the site. And finally, we will be hinting on the uniqueness of Amabitch website, and other necessities needed to be hinted on.

A Preview 4 U

There are not many things to say about this platform, it’s vagueness speaks loud and audacious – more like a sinner not being apologetic for his sins. On arriving on this website, it’s purple background color spices up its sexiness while the amateur nude pictures scattered on the homepage plays a reminder that you are not dealing with professionals.

But in all, Amabitch presents a kinda make up for its lapses with it’s numerous referrals to other nude platforms. It will be worthy to note that this platform stands as a pathway to 48 different porn websites. Each picture (which comes in thousands) is another link to other websites, so technically nothing is original here.

About the Amabitch Porn Website

Though it comes with a blog section, the website itself works more like a blog platform. This is because of it’s countless referral abilities; it takes you more to other sites than it retains you on its own. By the way, it does not have any video content on the homepage, the only sign of video content there is of course the referral videos found on other websites.

Honestly, there are few things that have to be told about Amabitch, can’t really say why it is like that, but a lot of things sure need to be changed here. But nevertheless, there are lots of traffic flowing into this site despite its limitations; it seems a lot of people don’t mind being referred outside the site after all.

Amabitch and it’s Tens of Referrals

This website like we earlier stated has more external contents than original ones, it has 48 external links attached to it on the menu section. But that excludes the PornDude section located at the footer area of the website and the hundreds of picture links visible on the homepage. Though Amabitch platform is picture-oriented, most of these platforms they refer visitors to are video-based websites where one can always explore further. Some of the major referral websites include:

  • The Porn Dude

  • German XXX Toplist Nr.1

  • Porn Traffic

  • Free 4K Sex

  • FreeAmateurs

  • Vid Teen Porn. E.t.c

Website Traffic

We cannot specifically say the exact number of this website DA, but we can confidently say that it’s traffic comes in their thousands on a daily basis. Surprisingly, these major traffics comes from a direct source and not referral websites. From our research on this platform, most of its referral websites usually come from search engines – google is tops the list.

Rules on Amabitch Platform

Unfortunately guys, there are no rules guiding the website, not even a declaration of age statement. This is actually what we have against websites like this; they are reckless with their operations. Even if they claim to be porn referring platforms, they should at least have an age requirement or a disclaimer for using the platform.

Pictures on Amabitch Website

Pictures on this website are 100% non-original because it is gotten directly from one porn site or the other. But one fact we cannot delay is that these gals are extremely beautiful, from their faces down to their booty. But one problem with these pictures is that you don’t get to enlarge them, as in, make them look larger, rather they send you to the site where it was gotten from.

And by the way, did we mention that of all the thousands of pictures here, there are no male nude pictures? Well… that’s the fact. There are none. There are still male Bitches you know, not like it is restricted to the ladies only.


We cannot entirely accept the notion that this platform holds no relevance to the porn community. Even with some unprofessional attributes, the website still thrills the fancy of thousands of porn enthusiasts from different parts of the world. But in the vane, it requires a serious overhaul for it to be ranked as one of the top porn platforms.

Pros and Cons

Really, we thought this time will never come ‘cos I personally fear what I will be saying here, but nevertheless, we try to keep it professional. But it will be nice to just hint that this platform lacks a whole lot, especially the fact that it doesn’t have original content. Let’s just go look at the rest of it:


Year Launched

Payment Methods

It refers to you to over a hundred reputable porn platforms.

It contains more original pictures straight from people who upload straight to the website.

It has an appealing website design that suits the function.

It lacks 98% of original content.

It is non-interactive.

It lacks creativity.

The picture contents are of very low quality.

It lacks rules and legal terms that should be guiding the platform.

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