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Think of Google, think of Video1Tube. Video1Tube is one of the few popular search engines for porn videos. But unlike others, it has come to become one of the most used porn video search platforms. It is designed with an excellent simplicity that has made it one of the easiest porn video search platforms in the world today.

The usefulness of this platform is proved by the number of views each video has, which is boldly displayed on the porn category thumbnail. Though a few more improvements are still needed in the future, Video1Tube as we know it is a well-deserved innovation.

Video1Tube Review - Promise & Preview

We are committed to bringing you all you need to know about, it’s features, categories, and method of usage. We will also be looking at the rules and legal terms guarding this platform. But we may spend more time talking about the major categories on Video1Tube.

Video1Tube presents one of the best and easy-to-use search engine for porn videos. Arriving the homepage, you are greeted with the most ranking sex videos that made it to the list, just like you see on a regular search engine. But unlike those conventional search engines, as you know it, Video1Tube is just about porn videos and nothing more.

About Video1Tube

This is more like YouTube or Google's version of porn. It contains millions of sex videos from around the world and presents it to the user according to the search result. Video1Tube comes with just six categories and over 500 subcategories. Those six categories are designed to perform separate tasks, those of them include:

  • Top Videos

This is where the best videos are ranked, what determines a video ranking on top of the number one chart depends on the number of viewers watching that particular video.

  • Newest Videos

This is where you get to see the latest sex videos that made it up to the list. Every video that made it on the general list once dominated the Newest Videos section before gradually climbing up the list.

  • Longest Videos

Just as the name stipulates, this is where you find videos with the longest time duration. Those videos measure as long as 30-50 minutes long.

  • Pornstars Channels

This is where porn models create their own individual channels, just like what you have on YouTube and other video channels where these guys create their individual accounts to do their thing.

  • HD Porn Clips

This is a shorter porn type of video: a clip. But unlike other videos, this has a clearer, nicer picture view, unlike other videos.

Features and Categories on Video1Tube

Just like every normal porn search engine, Video1Tube comes with a few categories and hundreds of subcategories. Like we have earlier mentioned, it comes with only six categories, let’s just go ahead and mention some of the unique subcategories that are not usually found on other porn sites. This site goes above and beyond with the categories they present. they include:

  • Poker

This is one of the most popular subcategories on Video1Tube, it shows you the videos that have something to do with sex on poker table or in a casino hall. Very interesting if you ask me.

  • Punk

This is another sub-category that attracts more views than others. It contains sex videos of were either nerds or real punks are digging it out with each other.

  • Prolapse

This is actually the most disgusting part of this subcategories, it has more to do with anal sex videos. But unlike anal sex, as we know it this has a more disgusting scene.

  • Angry 

Girls getting angry at the guy banging them out. Meanies.

  • Gyno Exam

Male and female doctors banging out their patients. Are you ready for an exam?

  • Chatroulette

Naughty things that have happened on the 1 on 1 live chat site. Naughty, naughty shit.

Features on Video1Tube

Unfortunately, the only feature Video1Tube has is the Search, and the Ads features where one actually look up any video of their choice. Actually, the lack of features on this platform makes it look bit unprofessional and rigid.

How to use Video1Tube

It is quite simple, if you can use Google or YouTube, Video1Tube won’t be any different. But for formality, let’s just give a hint. You have three options to choose from, it is either you make use of the search section on the header, or you use the subcategories below. On a simpler note, you can as well choose from those ranking videos on the homepage.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

It is your perfect platform for that perfect porn videos. This is because of the millions of videos contained in it.

It is designed with an easy user interface, meaning that anybody can actually access it.

The categories which come in their hundreds covering all the types of sex videos you can think of.

Top videos are ranked on the homepage with their popularity rate inscribed on it. That way, you will get to see the most performing porn videos on the list.

The website looks archaic and needs to be upgraded.

There should be more pictures representation of these videos, especially on the homepage.

Unfortunately, this platform lacks any form of rules or age description.

Expect a lot of redirection to a bunch of sites when you click on a video or category.

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