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Do you like big tits? ( . Y . ) Sure you do. Who doesn't? You'd think that huge racks would be everywhere on porn sites, but that's not always so. Let me tell you about one website that zeroes in on a chick's best feature. No mosquito bites on these pages.

MelonsTube: The Best Porn Site for Titty Smut is a tube that focuses on, you guessed it, big tits (or, as some people like to call 'em, melons). While there are tons of porn tube sites on the internet, most of them feature chicks that run the gamut in terms of breast size. On MelonsTube, you won't have to settle for anything less than thick, round cups on all the chicks you see.

Going up and down the first page on, I see that large boobs (or deep cleavage) are visible in most of the thumbnails. When you first land on the site, it defaults to the main filter: popular big tits videos categories. As you browse across each row of thumbnails, you'll see different subcategories of tit-related content.

Across the first three rows, I see the following fetching categories:

  • Big natural tits (285k videos)

  • Huge tits (555k videos)

  • Hot mom (5.7m videos)

  • Vintage (315k videos)
Overall, there are more than 47.2 million videos entered into the MelonsTube directory. The videos come from numerous sources, including gonzo porn sites, vintage adult movies and homemade sex clips. Most of the videos are hosted on,,, and Content Review

It's easy to see why men are so obsessed with big tits. We don't have them, pure and simple. Boobs are the most distinguishing feature that sets women apart from men. Well, at least of all the features that you can see in the wild.

Even a guy like me, a die-hard legman, can understand the boob fetish. (Okay, it's not a fetish, it's normal.) Even if I mostly think about women's legs, I still like each chick to have a round set of breasts. They make the package complete. And I totally understand why breast-men probably outnumber legmen two-to-one.

Looking for a quick fix, I choose the Titty Fuck tag. MelonsTube has 445.7k videos in this category. I come across one link to a clip on with two women giving a double titty blowjob. One is your typical MILF, the other is a platinum-haired rocker chick. What a pair of pairs.

Another great tag is silicone tits, which brings up videos by Nicolette Shea, Chloe Lexus, Brandy Robbins, and other titty legends.

One goofy tag, PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl), brings up lots of fat hoes. But I can't resist this one thumbnail of a cup-clamping bitch named Brittany Elizabeth. Gawd, those jugs are wider than her thunder thighs!

Some of these videos beg the question: how big is too big. To some guys, there's no such thing as too big when it comes to breasts. But let's be real; some of these knockers would barely fit through a doorway. Frankly, I don't know how some women manage to walk around with these giant racks without falling over.

Rule of thumb: if the cups are larger than my head, they're too large for me. But to each his own.

Melons Tube Website Layout Review has a simple layout that lets you find what you're looking for, whether its huge tits or gigantic melons. Across the top-right corner, you'll see a search bar where you can enter anything that comes to mind.

Looking for free clips of an old porn star? Type her name here and see what comes up. I just typed Sarah Young (an '80s British titty queen) and got 4,232 matches.

Below the search bar is a checkbox for sexual preference: straight, gay or trans. Even though most sites offer the three flavors, I don't see how "gay" could possibly apply to a tube devoted to big tits, unless we're talking about lesbians.

Above the thumbnail table is a gold bar with all the basic filters: all categories, popular videos, new videos and top-rated videos. There is also a pulldown list of other sites in the same network as

Below the gold bar are eight columns and fifteen rows of thumbnails for the most popular titty porn categories. When you click a category, a page will open in a secondary tab with preview thumbs to videos under that tag.

Back on the first page, you'll find more categories at the bottom under the table. It's a full index of fetish categories from # - y. Click the "All Categories" button to see the complete, exhaustive list. They got some interesting kinks listed here: Japanese deepthroat, lesbian orgy, mom massage, wife in gangbang, etc.

Content is Free

As a tube site with external links to free porn, is free to use. There are no signup protocols or membership tiers on MelonsTube. Basically, it's like a search engine for titty porn. You don't have to come up with a username and password to use the site and you don't have to whip out a credit card.

The only downside is that you can't set up a user account on MelonsTube to save your favorite videos to a favorites folder. You'll have to go to the individual sites like to do that.

The best way to use MelonsTube is to put it in a bookmarks folder with other themed porn tubes. Unless tits happen to be the only thing you care about, in which case might be the only porn tube site you'll ever need.


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