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In the world of hentai, only one site can boast of having it all in terms of animated content - and that is is a hentai porn site that has one simple and popular rule. The rule states, if it exists there is porn of it. If not, start uploading. This porn rule has been the motto for this site since it crawled out of the dark web.

On Rule 34 people who upload drawings take pride in bringing inanimate objects to life. There are no limits to the perverse and naughty kinks available on this porn site.

This hentai site is a lot different from the other porn sites. The approach the anime porn users of Rule34 use in expressing their sexual fantasies is eccentric. What is quite fascinating is the number of folks who are ready to bring their crazy ideas to life through drawings.

Now back to the main purpose of this write-up. In this review, I'll take a different approach to review how this site works. Review: How Good is the Site's Design?

On the issue of the design of the site, there is not much to look out for. The homepage is a green background. You will find a sexy hentai goddess lying on her sides with her nose covered. At the time of writing this review, the COVID 19 is still on, this could be the reason why the sexy cartoon bitch is wearing a nose mask.

I immediately created an account to have 100% access to all the site features. You do not need to worry about creating an account if you don't feel like. Without creating an account, you will still have access to about 95% of the site's features. Creating an account is quick and easy though. Select a nickname and choose a password and you are good to go.

What Kind of Free Hentai Content Can You Find?

If you are still asking this question at this point, you must have skipped my intro. This site prides itself on having any content related to animated porn and the artists love to insert body parts for sex into inanimate objects.

There are so many tags to help you in choosing what you want to see. Viscenpai is one category that is a lot like the shemale from regular porn. You get to see stuff like stallion cream and more. Stallion cream basically describes a huge load of cum. There are some images that show horses fucking girls and ejaculating a whole load of cum in their pussies. And a whole bunch of video game whores.

Connect with Other Users Through Nasty Comments

Measure the cum counter, bitches! What's more exciting than the insane uploads from users and artists? Yes, you got it right. It is the comments under each post. Some users have a very large following base. Whenever they drop uploads a lot of their subscribers leave X-rated comments. If you are not wild and freaky enough, I’ll tell you to keep off the comment section.

The users have crazy minds that only think of sexual disorientation. Sometimes they describe what they want the artiste to draw and the artist brings it to life.

In the comment section, users can drop their usernames to make friends. This way people with similar perverted minds can add them up.

Cum Counter that Counts the Number of Successful Jerkoffs 

Another interesting button is assuring other viewers that you released or climaxed to a particular hentai image. On rule 34 you can assure other viewers that a particular hentai image is worth their time. This also boosts the morale of the artiste responsible for the drawing. This way other users can know if this content is worth fapping to.

Funny thing there is an option that shows the top 100 posts that people released to. Sitting at number one is Meg Griffin fucking from family guy. I guess nerds still have love to see sexy busty girls in glasses get naughty, even when it comes to anime. More than 174,000 people claim to have cum from posts related to Meg Griffin.

Rule 34 Review: The Largest Collection of Freaky Anime Porn Artistes

For those of you who love reading hentai manga. The artists are very careful when it comes to the details in the body parts meant for sex. Each scene is more graphic than the previous one and each time more intense. It's the best rule34 porn you can find.

There is a section that has a list of artists. Clicking on their names will bring out the art related to the specific artist. You can arrange this list in alphabetical order, according to the number of posts and more.

I particularly like that everything on this porn pictures site is well organized. I guess that's how nerds like to do things. This way you know what you are looking for and how to successfully find it.

There is a search bar that does a pretty decent job of helping you find what you want. I didn’t find much use for it; I doubt you will too. There are tags, stats and a well-organized list of artistes to help you in your fapping journey.

Sites like are not common, this makes very popular. I like that there is a lot of unending content and no restrictions on what you can see here. The community is very active and the girls are not afraid to invite you to come to fuck them on online anime sex games.

This hentai porn site also partners with hentai porn sites like booru and Konachan. There is also an online shop where you can buy shirts. The shirts have the inscription “IF IT EXISTS”.

At the end of the day if cartoon characters and hentai images and manga are what makes you hard or wet. This is one site you will love. Once you get in, you will get hooked to all the fascinating and devious art that lies in the minds of these artists.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Community is very active

Lots of free posts

There is no restriction to what you can post

Plenty of niches and categories dedicated solely to animations

You don’t get to see any animated videos

The sites design is shitty

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