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If you fucks with a lot of adventure and action video games, you will definitely like This porn site gives you the thrill of watching video game characters fuck.

There are no limits to the extent of fucking that you can watch on NaughtyMachinima. On this cartoon porn site, all your naughty imaginations come to reality. It is for all gamers that love to wank to animated porn and play video games. Get ready to beat your meat to all your favorite characters.

There are also 3D animations of real-life characters doing what you won't catch them doing in the real world. So yes, I said it, this site is the real deal when it comes to bringing your naughtiest imaginations to life. There are no rules here, you get to see beasts, robots, and aliens fuck. Very cool!

My First Impression on Naughty Machinima

As a porn tube site, which focuses on characters acting porn scenes, the site looks a lot like many other regular porn tube sites.

On my first login into the site, the background looked basic. After trying my hands on a few of the site's functionalities I figured out that the site still gets the job done. There is a lot of advertisement. You will also see a bunch of headers. I'll go into details on the headers as I continue my review.

I scrolled down. On this porn site, there is a list of videos that users were currently watching. Right below the currently watched videos, there is a list of the most recent video uploads.

Naughtymachinima packs a lot of cool features. I found it very easy to navigate the site. Naughtymachinima keeps it basic but still very trendy. The site supports up to 26 languages which you can change to suit your specification. Since I didn’t understand any of the other languages, there was no need for me to change from the default which is English.

Naughty Machinima Review: Signup/ Login to Use the Cool Features

To become a member, click on the signup option. As a member, you will be able to watch videos, browse photo albums, and also upload your own media. When you register on Naughty Machima, you will have the liberty to comment on videos or photos. You can also interact with other users, subscribe, and create your personal playlists.

Types of Porn Videos on

On naughty machinima there are two types of videos. The first is the public and the other is the private videos.

Anyone who visits the naughty machinima website can watch the public videos. But to watch the private videos you will need to sign up and become a member. After doing this, you will need to search for people who have private uploads. Then add them to your friends' list. Then wait for confirmation of your friend's request.

Other Available Sorting Options

Many of the other headers were for sorting through content on the site. Naughty machinima offers you the common options that you are used to. This will help you get what you are looking for a lot faster. With these sorting options, you should be able to search for the video and image of your choice.

There is a sorting option called the timeline sorting option. With this option I was able to sort videos and images by the date added, the week added and month added. Many of the other options were common to both videos and images.

It pleased me to see that unlike other sites that focused on videos, does not leave the image category dull. This way users who are not into motion graphics can surf the porn images available. You can even save these naughty images.

Categories on

On there are about 17 categories of porn for video game porn lovers to use when you feel like beating your meat. Categories like BDSM, Girl Guy, Girl-Girl, Gay Guy, and hentai are some of the few popular categories. There are also special categories like second life, The Sims, tentacles, and robots.

3D Porn Videos for You to Fantasize About

Naughty machinima goes hardcore when it comes to the creation of a video game character in 3D. I especially liked that not all 3D characters have their origin from video games. These non-video game characters bring the dreams of nerdy game addicts to life. You might see the porn videos of some of your favorite real-life characters like celebrities getting banged by video game heroes, villains, or even beasts.

If you are a 3D animation creator and need an honest review of your skills in the porn animation niche, this is one site for you to try out. You can also view the user rating on your uploads and use it to judge the performance of your uploads if you think that comments might be too harsh.

There was a header at the top of the home page that said porn games were coming soon. I hope they work on that asap, because I was disappointed to find out that a porn site that features majorly video game characters doesn’t have its own porn or sex video game.

Cartoon Porn Sites like Naughty Machinima

To conclude if you need to take a chill from your video game console. Wank to some of the beasts, heroes, and cartoon characters. There is almost no limit to the wild thoughts that pops up in the head of these animation creators. So, Naughtymachinima has got you covered.

If you can't find what the fuck you are looking for, there are plenty more Naughty Machinima alternatives below.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Content is free and available for everyone

Thousands of amazing video game characters to wank to

Hardcore animations

A lot of game characters that you can relate to

A lot of videos tagged HD are not in HD

A lot of advertising

Much of the good content is under private videos

No porn video games

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