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RubMaps is the #1 place where you can find bodyrubs all over the map. The site has massage parlors and massage therapists who will rub all over your body and make you feel really good in the process!

From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, there is someone with hot steamy oils dripping from their hands ready to apply to your rough skin for instantaneous shots of relaxation with no chasers. has built a reputation for finding illicit massage parlors where girls would give "happy endings." Usually, these "happy endings" only happen after the exchange of cash, credit cards, gift cards, or checks.

Sorry boys, that's a no-go!

Trading monies for sex is illegal and considered prostitution, just in case you didn't know. Yap!

And that's one reason the domain name is suspended with no chance of getting reinstated.

Try it for yourself.

Type in the URL and you won't get shit but a suspension message. However, is so much better, and it works! This site's approach is more subtle with posting erotic massage ads for parlors.

Since is an adult erotic massage website piggybacking off the popularity of, all users have to agree to the age verification terms at the beginning window. This window also lists a bunch of sex-positive websites about trafficking, exploitation, and more to help people who are in trouble.

Entering RubMaps.Ch - The Review

I just opened the door to and what do I see? A list of massage parlors near me. I love how all the updates are by locations that were posted today, so you will always get the latest scoop about active massage parlors. If I chose one from the top of the page, I know it's active right now. I'm feeling secure with that decision.

For some reason, I am only getting a list of results from the New York tri-state area and not from Illinois where I'm logging in. I guess I need to manually click the dropdown box and select my state and city to see a relevant list. Ohhhh kk, there we go. I got it now. The search bar worked like a charm.

I find it interesting that the site allows me to search any term I want. When I searched, "Big booty," I got some results, but none of them say 'big booty' specifically. What's the mystery behind that? Moreover, when I searched another term I got another set of results. I can't tell you if these are default results or if they are invincible keywords are added to the locations.

What I can tell you is that every massage parlor has the phone number, address, hours, prices, the ethnicity of the masseuse, payments accepted, and the number of reviews they've gotten from real men about a location. I find that feature cool as shit, and extremely useful before I decide to visit a massage parlor. Some of the places are spas, bodyworks, adult entertainment clubs, and apartment buildings with no signage or logos. I assume this must be an underground network of such.

I find it relatively easy to contact the location and book a session too. Moreover, there is a map showing the location and a button to click 'Get Driving Directions' that lead to the front door of the locations. I can conveniently go there after a long, stressful day at work and get a full-body rub down. I'm 100% feelin' that type of freedom.

You even add a post to the Favorites list, so you can return the info later when you are in the mood for a body rub. Also, you too can leave a review just like everyone else if you had fun with a masseuse or massage parlor.

Some other Erotic Massage Sites lack this feature I'm about to discuss. I just noticed there are locations in rural towns. I find that particularly cool since you don't have to pack up for a long road trip to a big city just to get a rub down. A masseuse might live down the street.

Forums, Cancellations, Escorts Reviews, and Contact Information - OH MY!

Well, this erotic massage site has more subcategories than Bedpage, fo' shizzle. The forum is probably the most informative I've witnessed in a long time. Users will let you know about everything related to everything; Covid tips, police busts, and recent crackdowns, where to find cheap massages in your city, and more. Thank you, guys! My notebook is full of this data shit.

They even have a Ladies Talk section where girls can vibe with each other. You are guaranteed to see posts made every day.

Rub Maps has a Safe Browsing Feature where you will only see "clean" spas and massage parlors that aren't erotic, I guess. A good feature for when you are surfing through the site and some prying eyes are looking over your motherfuckin' shoulder.

One thing I love about the search feature is you can type in any massage you want and see which locations offer that specific one. For example, I found a Nuru place nearby. And when you click on the city, you will see the per hour price (some charge $30, $60), the type of massage, the accepted forms of payment (some accept cash and credit cards), and the reviews. All useful information.

Not all of the listings will have photos of the locations, so there might be some "unofficial" business happening here and would have me questioning my  safety and the trustworthiness of the masseuse or parlor. Some other things you will discover about a massage location is semi-truck parking, Jacuzzi, and sauna availability.

What is the Membership About?

RubMaps has a membership, but I don't see what for. They must charge a price to the massage parlors to post an ad. Credit cards are accepted to pay for the membership.

All in all, the site is ok for finding a bodyrub.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, Master Card, Bitcoin

A better site to find massage experts instead of women who are escorts masquerading as massage experts

Most active massage parlors are first in the list

Massage places has ratings left by real users

Seem like legit masseuse here

Has massage parlors locations in rural towns was full of sex trafficking shit

Only available in USA

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