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It’s time for some interesting hentai forged from PC games. You should know about LoLHentai. I've got you covered when it comes to stuff like this. Few people will actually be able to dig that lol is an abbreviation for league of legends. This is where this hentai porn site derives its name.

For PC game lovers here lol hentai is no new thing to you. In the actual PC game, folks can either play the game solo or form a team of 5 great champions. These teams of 5 great champions will battle another team of 5 great champions. Then the winner gets to become the ultimate team of champions.

On, you get to see many of the characters from league of legends engage in sex frenzies.

My First-time Experience on 

As usual, the homepage was my first point of call on this site. The homepage featured a lot of characters from the League of Legends PC game. They were all drawn in erotic sex positions. These images should be able to make your cocks rise or pussies wet.

You will also get to see updated images of many favorite champions like Ahri, Akali, Caitlyn, and more. After listing out the characters on the homepage. There is also a list of the different categories of hentai this site covers.

This hentai site doesn't only serve images but also includes hot steamy videos of these game characters. You will have access to play porn games, enter forums, upload your own animations, and leave comments on posts. I'll say the homepage does justice to what every hentai site should do.

Let’s Go Deeper into More Interesting Features

While trying to explore the other exciting features the site has in store for you and me, I had to look closely at the image section.

In the image section, you get the option to sort the image title in alphabetical order, by the date added, rating scores, and by the number of visits, the image has. That’s not all. In the image option, you still get to see Gifs of Lol characters in sex positions. The image section includes bonus albums like Group, Comics, Gender bender, male, and Funtari.

Did I forget to mention the Cosplay section? This collection offers a good mix of both leagues of legends characters and real girls wearing costumes.

The video category was a very big letdown as I counted 6 videos in total. As if this wasn't enough, imagine the horror on my face when I tried playing these videos. After struggling with these 6 videos and none played, I had to give up. Now, why the fuck would they do

something so tricky?

Characters From Leagues of Legends that you will Find Here

Every female character from the original PC game has at least 10 posts on lolhentai com. Lol hentai features all updated 52 female characters from the League of Legends PC game. At the time of writing this review, 15 of these characters had new updates and Ahri had the highest number of posts.

Did I mention that you will also enjoy tons of comics on These comics are available in 3 languages. The languages include English, Chinese, and Korean.

Best LoL Hentai Features that will Catch Your Interest

On this site, there are also porn games to keep you busy. Nutaku games, Chick Wars, and Booty Calls are 3 out of the 5 that you will find on this site. After clicking on the games, you will be redirected to an external link where you will need to answer some questions before continuing the game.

Next is the forum section of this site. It was amazing to find an active forum category. Wait, I'm not saying the users are there 24/7. but for a site like this, it is one thing worth mentioning. Users can ask questions, create topics, create roleplay discussions, and more. To be able to fully utilize the features available in this category you need to register to become a member and log in.

Let me drop this before it skips my mind.As a registered member, you will be able to upload your creations unto lol. You will need to select the character, album, or category that you think is the best fit for the file you want to upload. Next, select the file from your device. After that create a title for your upload, insert the name of the author, and finally a description of your upload. Then click on start upload. It is that easy.

Users can also get to post comments on posts after seeing them. Not only that you will be able to search for comments from authors and these comments can be sorted out using the sorting options available.

Things I Hated About this Hentai Site

My dislikes with this site were that the sorting option was very limited. There were no tags to help slim down the search and make things easier. Another very annoying thing was the absence of hentai porn videos. This is a major setback because the site has all the qualities of a good porn site.

You will also be unable to download images from this porn site. You will have to rely on your mouse and right-click on the image you wish to save.

In the end lol hentai is one hentai porn site that you will love using. It is easy to navigate. If you are a fan of fapping to hentai images featuring characters from the league of the legends video game this is one site I will recommend.


Year Launched

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The cosplay category has a good mix of hentai and real girls

You get regular updates

The site has images of all female champions from LoL

Plenty of advertisement

No hentai videos available

Limited sorting options

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