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It's very easy for me to get InstantFap and ImageFap mixed up because they sound alike. In fact, all of these porn sites are starting to sound alike nowadays to me because I have reviewed them all! Only the unique ones stand out like a sore thumb. is an easy to remember the name - you can fap in an instant. LOL, I know I don't have jokes. But let's see if this website is worth a visit for looking at exclusive gif adult content.

So, grab your scuba gear. Let's take a dive. *Holds breath*.

InstantFap Gifs Review: First Impressions

Maybe it's just bad timing, but when I found the InstantFap Gifs page, many of the gif thumbnails say, "Internal Error". Hopefully, you don't get that message when you visit. I'm thinking that something might be wrong with their server or they're conducting website maintenance today; on a Friday morning when they know a lot of people will be watching porn, but anyway, I digress.

I instantly noticed that the entire website is full of gifs, so you don't need to search far to get them. Right from the homepage, they are instantly accessible.

Tons and tons of categories exist on the website, so you will never get bored surfing through them. Gifs 4 days! And each category has hundreds and sometimes thousands upon thousands of gifs to watch. You will likely spend a lot of time scrolling through the list before you find some you will like. That's just the nature of the porn-watching game; scrolling and waiting to find the right ones. Sometimes I would spend the whole day collecting porn. No shower or nothing. Just surfing for internet porn. You are a loser like I was, then you can do that all day with this website.

The categories in the list have your usual shit like Asian, Ass, boobies, DeepThroat, Facial, Latinas, and such. But there are also some unique categories I never saw before like Postorgasm, Overwatch, Unashamed, Pizzadare, and OnOff. When they say variety, they MEAN variety. Click on them to see what these terms mean.

Above the categories are filter to see certain content.

  • Newest

  • Top

  • Random

  • Source

  • Gifs (That's the one you want to click for more focused results)

  • Webm

  • Audio (Audio of porn gifs. I know, weird)
To be honest with cha, all of these filters seem to pull up the same type of content.

What Type of Porn Gifs Will You See On InstantFap?

InstantFap is so much different than ImageFap, PornHub Gifs, and Gifs. You will only see porn gifs on those sites. However, on this site, you will see a variety of gifs. Some of them are not even sexual. For example, I clicked on an Asian girl in a black dress. And its some KPop shit. A female KPop artists dancing sexually. I guess in South Korea, that's considered porn. Ooops!

Some of the gifs are adult in nature. For example, I'm watching a nude woman jump on a trampoline smiling as if she won the lottery.

Some of these gifs are long in length, almost 1 minute. Others are only a couple of seconds. As I have said, the entire Instantfap site centers around gifs. The gif section has shorter video clips.

When you click on a gif section, and click on a thumbnail you like, the gif will automatically play. There's a tool widget that allows you to change the length of the gif. It didn't work for me.

Each gif has a title and a section where it came from. For example, I clicked on a gif that was in the Latina Cuties section, and when I clicked that box, I only saw latina cuties with big booties.

A download button at the top of the page allows you to save the post, so you can watch it on your computer when the power goes out due to a tropical storm or tornado. You will be beating your meat under the glow of a flashlight while the barn gets taken up in the air.

I like that you don't have to flip through pages after pages. If you wanna see more content, just keep scrolling down, and the page will reveal more and more content. Since a number is next to a category; for example, 29,247 in Cumsluts or 842 in Nerd, you will know how long you would have to keep scrolling.

Much of the content is hardcore.

InstantFap has a search bar at the very top, and if you don't know by now, I love using them. Get what I want instantly. It wouldn't make sense to use it on this site because all the categories are on the side so you're not missing anything. However, if you have a fetish for a category no one else if searching and want to find related gifs, just type in that keyword, and you might luck up. Cha'ching!

Some of the top tabs lead to other areas of the website.

The most important ones are the following:

  • PornDude (Hail to the porndude! He's your number one source of porn reviews)

  • Mobile (Watch gifs on the phone anytime, anywhere)

  • Hetero

  • Lesbian

  • Gay

Final Word About InstantFap Gifs

InstantFap gives you exactly what you ask for. With a bunch of categories you will never get bored or lack seeing your favorite adult content. However, it might become hard - no pun intended - finding specific video gifs from places like BangBros. The whole website seems to center around gifs, but they have videos, pics, and animations as well.

One thing is for sure; InstantFap will keep you busy. And the mobile-friendly site and the app gives it an extra plus in my book. Ya'dig!?


Year Launched

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The name of the porn site is so easy to remember; InstantFap

Does not show ads at the beginning of the stream

There were an Internal Error on the gifs page when I visited

Gifs do not automatically play on the homepage

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