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GifPornTube is such a simple name. I figure this site must have started money in mind. I say that because no one has really heard of this website - well, at least I haven't. Moreover, I find out people rarely visit the site. But that's another subject for later. Welp, that is why we are here, guys. Giving you the 411 on this porn tube gif website.

Gif Porn Tube Review - Homepage Introduction First Impressions

From the looks of things, it seems that gifporntube is just a regular porn tube site that has a collection of free porn gifs from everywhere. It does not seem like the best porn sites gifs are here, but there are.

I was under the impression that it's a regular tube site. It's no secret that porn sites big-up each other to help their fellow website out. There's nothing wrong with that. But this one has a ton of other websites they advertise, and they're all located at the very top of the page. Makes me wonder why so many? These are the best porn sites:

  • XNXX

  • PornHub


  • DrPornTube

  • EhoCams

  • FilterCams

  • Porn ABC

  • HD Brazzers
This is really weird because when I clicked on the name of the websites, they are mixed together. XNXX mixed with Porno300? It has the background and interface of XNXX, but has Porno333 as the title. Interesting. But some other websites connect to the name you clicked; such as, hentai sex games, so it seems legit. Review - Clicking on the Filters & Categories

Several filters and categories exist on this site and they are helpful tools to help navigate around. I've listed them below:

Newest - GifPornTube does not upload gifs often. The latest one was 1 week ago. Unless this website is operating on CPT time, I will assume that no one uploads regularly. I would naturally ask where are all the users?

Top Rated - This selection reveals the top viewed porn gifs with the highest ratings, but they are all homemade. Regular girls in a dingy-ass bedroom fucking somebody or masturbating. One is named "my slut wife." Another shows a girl using the bathroom. Who watches this stuff? This video has 42 votes with a 92% approval rating and 3,217 views? These numbers feel way off.

Most Viewed - This selection seems a bit more accurate than the others, due to the sexy, high-quality nature of the gifs, and number of views, which are in the hundreds of thousands. These gifs are pulled straight from the top rates porn sites. The content is professional. They girls look good. I can't look away! Nice, nice.

Most Comments - These comments are funny as ever. A gifs of a severely unattractive woman has about 30 guys talking shit about her. Right on! I think these comments are 100$ real, genuine.

Categories - All sex categories are listed in alphabetical order. They show in a grid format with a related snapshot as the thumbnail. All the major tags like Blonde, Bukkake, BDSM, Blowjob, Anal, Facesitting, Indians, movie Episodes (unique), Orgasm, Outdoor, Teens, Webcam, etc are what you will see.

The Gifs Don't Stream

One annoyance about this website is the gifs don't stream on their own. You have to move your mouse over the thumbnail or click on them outright to see the stream. Gifs replay on their own, so you can watch them as is all day. These does not replay without prompting. I think I'll pass on this site.

Porn Gif Videos Information

The information found under each gif varies. On the left is the number of upvotes, which is surprisingly lower than other porn sites. I would expect that to be higher. Next to the number of upvotes is the positive rating voting percentage.

Each porn gif has the date uploaded formatted like DD.MM.YYYY. An icon next to that shows the number of views the video has in the entire lifetime.

All the way to the right are two buttons. One says Add to Favorites. Doing this is only possible with an account on file. The other says Fullscreen, which is a bad feature to use. I have no idea how to exit out of fullscreen. Moreover, the quality and resolution decrease when the picture blows up.

Each gif has porn tags that represent the actions in the video. Seems like they are all related to the content.

The main tags show in the Category section for the video. I'm looking at one that says Hardcore, Pornstar, Tits.

Clicking on the categories or tags and searching for a specific gif can be a pain in the butt. GifPonTube simplifies this with a search feature. It works by typing in the name of the gif you are looking for, and finding it should be a breeze.

'Submitted by' shows the name of the uploader. Comments are at the bottom and many are from a couple of years ago.

List of Associated Porn Websites

Who really wants to look at gifs all day? Some people do, but most experienced porn watchers do not. A long list of associated websites are at the top of the homepage for easy access. From Porndude to Hornygamer, Masterbate2gether and more. I respect that fact that GifPornTube does not redirect to some weird sites like others do.

Tons of Freakin Ads All Over the Site

I usually have my ad blocker turned on when I'm visiting porn websites because of the avalanche of ads. However, out of curiosity, I turned it off for a moment and was like, 'woaaahhh'. I couldn't even move to the next page without clicking continue to bypass an ad. Ads are notorious on this website, but hey, they gotta get paid, right? One advert was for Livejasmin and another for Cialis. Sorry, I don't need any dick pills. Hey, at least there are no advertisements on the actual gif pages.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

So many porn categories

Not a lot of traffic

The porn gifs do not play automatically when a user lands on the homepage

Really weird/extreme gifs categories; incest, tranny

Low-quality gifs

Sites like GifPornTube Gifs


PornHub Gifs


InstantFap Gifs




ImageFap Gifs



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