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Oh my gosh. has a lot going for it. At first glance, it appears as one of the best, most exquisite groupings of porn and pornstars on the Internet, and that's quite a thing.

What is it though? It's a site that consists of hundreds of galleries of some of the most stunning porn models in the known world. They have been shot by professional photographers and videographers, gathered together nudes for you and me to enjoy.

Check Out The Girls

These girls on are beautiful. They are all gorgeous and sweet. They are cute and sexy. They are all professional porn stars or models, and the photos are such good quality that it is evident that everyone is top shelf. There are no amateurs to be found. No amateur girls, no poor quality shots. Only the best quality for and that's why it is one of the more popular sites going.

While there are videos and galleries, as well as models, there is a strange anomaly on the website. Users can rate absolutely anything they want to on the site. This is not the odd bit. The weird bit is that the users seem to rate rather strangely.

Firstly, the galleries and pictures are rated the highest. The erosberry galleries and photos are rated above videos. I usually don't even bother with all the galleries and go straight to the first facesitting video I can find. Still, on erosberry, the gallery content is what everyone is coming for. So it is a site that stands apart from all others in that people come for the pics.

Then the second strange element of the rating on is that the more coy and sweet and erotic, the higher the rating. The more hardcore and ranchy and brazen, the less the ratings. It's almost as if this site has better clientele than other porn sites. The sweet girls get the best scores, and those that open their lips or gape their asses are overlooked.

Sexy Is In is not a regular porn site then. It is more of a sexy site than a porn site, although you can find the good stuff as well. You will like every girl you see, and you will soon notice that the videos are also of the best quality, shot in porn studios. The regular porn houses that make the erotic, professional content that you like. However, as mentioned, the videos are most definitely not as popular as the gallery, even if the girls are cute and sexy like the highly-rated galleries. As porn sites go, erosberry is daringly refreshing.

Elegance Is Tops

Understandably, Some of the models and porn stars on erosberry are well-worn milfs and hardcore cock guzzlers. There are also so many more elegant ladies that the site actually starts to retain a little bit of class. Out of sites that feature a mix of galleries and videos, this one is made to please. It is all free. Erosberry videos are free, and all other content is free. What really makes unique, though, is that there are no real porn categories.

Open Search

Erosberry is either the hardest site to search, or it is one of the most straightforward sites. There is so much content to see. There are so many beautiful girls and their shaven pussies and perky tits staring at you when clicking on, that it is easy to get sucked into the first beautiful gallery. This usually leads down a rabbit hole of endless porn surfing, finding the content you like, looking for those specific erotic clips that get you hard. When you start looking for categories and information on, you soon find out that there is none. There are no sub-categories. The porn comes flying through all day every day, but there is no data or categories for you to use to find what you're looking for. One of those sites with poor navigation, but it still works. It is after all porn that you are looking for, and it is porn that you will get.

Looking for a bit of rimming, however? Good luck with that search. Want a bit of reverse cowgirl? Might as well search directly on the web. To be honest, though, when you are surrounded by that amount of top quality totty, there is no real need to have categories and to have an easy search. will suck you in, get you down a rabbit hole and have you following the shiny trail of top-quality ass. For the amount of high-quality porn, it is unlike many other sites and will keep you satisfied for hours.

Straightforward Layout

So there is no real search function, but the site is still clean and light. It has a minimalistic approach and is easy on the eyes. The girl from erosberry, as mentioned, are also all very easy on the eyes and it is a website that pleases from the start. The domain name is sexy as well, in a kind of erotic way, and it grows on you, as do the cute young girls. There are some fairly bright colors and some stark backgrounds, and many people like their porn demure, so this could be a little unsettling.

There is very little advertising, except for the istripper advert of a dancing young girl walking all over my screen and stripping. To be honest, I clicked on it, and loved it and considered downloading it. There is something to like about having your own erotic stripper bobbing around on your screen. It could easily make a tedious writing project pleasant and fun, and something that I would use every day.

Gentle Porn

Is the world heading away from vicious double anal and vaginal penetration and instead, heading in a softer direction. Where a pretty girl, coyly bending over with a smile on her face and a cute asshole peeking out is way more attractive than another girl with her pussy in the air and a dildo in her ass? Is it more engaging to have subtle porn that is in your face and thrusting? Is a slap on a naked ass more appealing than a giant black cock in an ass? might just be the site that changes the world. Well, the world has changed, we know that, but maybe porn needs to change as well, and soothe the savage beast as opposed to heightening it.


Year Launched

Payment Methods has the most beautiful girls.

Everything is free.

Top-quality photography and videography.

No navigation to speak of. 

Erosberry has way fewer videos than normal porn sites.

Istripper bouncing all over the place

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