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Do you fancy big beautiful women? Curvy Erotic has answered your call.

While most erotic glamour sites focus on the classic 36-24-36 hourglass frame, this site adds a few extra inches.

How do they measure up? Read on for more details about the pinup girls and webcam models on CurvyErotic. Review: What is a BBW?

They say that for every woman on the planet, there's some guy out there that'll fuck her. While that might not be true in all cases, most women who fall outside the standard male definition of feminine beauty (big tits, shapely legs, round ass... the brickhouse) still have their admirers.

For women who are slightly larger than average, there's a whole new category in erotic art: the BBW, which stands for big beautiful women. is an adult site dedicated exclusively to women in this category. Here, you'll find amateur big girls who like getting raunchy before the camera. Some of these chicks are plus-sized models gone bad.

Curvy Nudes Review is formatted like a blog feed with a chronological scroll of posts and a side-bar of categories. As I write this review, the latest BBW is Charley Green, a T&A ginger with a fondness for white lingerie.

The next chick down is Karoline Schwonk, a bedroom-eyed blond who rocks the half-shirt. Each post in the feed links to its own page with more pictures from the same photo set. The CurvyErotic models fall on a sliding scale between soft/curvy and plus-sized curvy. I'm not the world's best armchair weight scale but I reckon most of these chicks are between 5 lbs and 30 lbs overweight.

None of them are morbidly obese (at least not from what I've seen). Depending on your thickness threshold, your satisfaction could differ widely from the next guy who reads this. Of the recently posted chicks, Aria Taylor stands out as incredibly doable. She's got a thick, curvy bod that looks bomb in a snug, white mini-dress and heels. Her photo-set shows her in various poses: standing, squatting, leaning, sitting, ascending. Half the pics are tits-out. A few months in the gym could make her a hard body. Most guys would dig her regardless.

Along the side scroll of Aria's post, I spot an even hotter chick, Luci Li. She's a raven-haired beauty with a defined jawline, natural big breasts and a body most men would love. In these photos, she strips from a tight, leather zip-up mini-dress.

Unlike Aria, who merely looks like she could tone up a little, Luci looks perfect. It makes me wonder: what do they really mean by BBW?

Going back to the current feed, I spot the kind of chick that I'd expect to find on this site, Leanne Crow. She's a big lady with huge teardrop boobs, French-tip nails and a fine face. Her love-handles are a bit wider than her hips but her skin is smooth and free of blemishes. The photos show her nude in a bubble bath. I bet she could rock a snug, corsetted, long-sleeved dress-suit.

A few posts up from her, I spot blond MILF Kathy Kozy. Her close-up pic that appears in the feed is not the most flattering but I do like her other photos. She's got that thick, natural body that you've seen on older stars like Danica Collins and Vanessa Bella.

Her legs look muscular. Unlike some of the other buxom chicks on this site, her tits are perky. She rocks a down-blouse while window cleaning.

Another recent CurvyErotic post features the familiar Canadian sex-bomb Bryci. A staple of the late-2000s pornosphere, she's gained some weight in recent years. A bit too much for my acceptance. If those arms were an inch trimmer, maybe, but... it's hard to look at these photos and not long for her vintage 2009 likeness. What happened?

It's different when you know the girl's former form.

Scrolling past a few borderline chubbers, I spot Puerto Rican fox Priscilla Huggins. What's she doing on a BBW site? This tight, tan hourglass could be on the pages of Playboy. She has, in fact, posed for the magazine's Mexican edition.

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Across the top of the site, you'll find a row of search filters. Click New Models to see all the latest babes. It has a mixed assortment of chicks, some who could be in a lad’s mag, others who look slightly overweight and others who do cross the fatness threshold.

Under the Categories pull-down, you'll see a list of search tags (exotic, corset, Asian, bikini, blond, high heels, kinky, etc). To see all the posts with film clips, click Video. Each clip shows a BBW in various stages of undress. For a big, alphabetized list of all the chicks on this website, click Models. Some of these girls are also found on the iStrippers pages.

Curvy Erotic links to two external sites at the top. The Live Sex links takes you to CaMonster, a Chaturbate-style cam site. The Porn Games link takes you to an animated sex game at

On the CurvyErotic About page, they state that erotic art is not reserved for "skinny girls." Hmmm. Last time I checked, only women dug skinny girls. Is the author of that page not aware of the difference between what women like (waify fashion models) and what men like (busty hourglass glamour models)? Only in the United States could things be so conflicted. This apparent confusion over what constitutes the ideal feminine body type could explain why the models seen here range from perfect 10's (Higgins) to heffers with a lot of inbetweens. Some of the women who are slightly overweight have thicker-than-average hourglass frames that could still look hot in tight, corsetted business suits.


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