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What's a porn tube? Check out It is a perfect definition and description of what porn tube sites should look like. You still don't know what a porn tube should look like? YouTube is the most popular of these tube sites, ranking number 2 on Alexa. YouTube offers you a portal to host and download millions of videos.

Now, I know we are all familiar with YouTube. Picture a website like YouTube, but slightly different due to the kind of video content offered. It's a porn website so you should try to picture seeing porn vids and not just porn vids but also porn pictures, porn games, and live sex. Statistics and Security

Going further into my EPORNER review without diving first into the history and statistics of this tube site will definitely not sit well with folks who know the site very well. This site is easily one of the top porn sites among porn tubes.

EPORNER boasts of an amazing collection of over 2.2 million hardcore HD porn movies. This alone is quite the number when compared to many of the other porn tubes. Additionally, the site led me to believe that they have over 2 million page views and over 40 thousand visitors daily.

These numbers are quite incredible I must say. Most likely the reason it is ranked on Alexa ranking as 1613 among websites.

With the SSL certificate, EPORNER is quite secure according to international standards. SSL here simply stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This simply creates a secure connection between you the visitor of a website and the website itself. With these, you can rest assured that when you need to pay for stuff with your credit cards, everything is secure and private.

Plenty of Porn Categories including your Fetish

If you don't fuck with this site, then you are definitely missing out on all the free porn categories offered. More than 2 million professional porn and over 260k homemade content for you to fap to. Are you willing to take up the challenge of fapping to all of them?

It's quite something when you see a porntube site with over 70 video categories, all listed in alphabetical order. The category with the least content; being the 4K HD porn category has more than 500 videos and the category with the highest number of contents is the low-quality category, having at least 1.7 million videos for you guys.

To locate these categories simply look to the left of the home screen or just click on the categories option located at the top of the home page.

Apart from the Porn Videos what Else does this porn site offer?

You thought these porn videos were all EPORNER had to offer right? This review definitely won't be complete if I don't burst that thought and tell you about all the other cool features.

Watch your favorite Porn stars: Porn Star English Search

Yep, no need going back and forth trying to find the porn star of your choice. I know we all have different tastes in porn stars. So, Eporner packs content featuring more than female 24,000 porn stars. Just click on the pornstar button and watch your favorite pornstar by searching for her or simply search for her name using the alphabetical arrangement.

Truth is I got tired of counting the number of pornstars since this site didn't provide the data themselves, I had to do the counting myself. So, the number of pornstars should definitely be more than 24,000. 24,000 pornstars are quite a large number for one site.

Explore the Eporner porn picture gallery

I know how you love to wank to pictures of naked girls. No need going through the whole video stress. Just open any image that catches your eyes and rub your cock. The cool thing about these images are they aren't restricted to just porn actors. You get to see pictures if real girls and you also have the option of uploading yours if that's your kink.

The Eporner com community

The porn community for Eporner is quite large. You get options of seeing what these users have watched, their favorite videos and pictures. You sometimes get the privilege of reading these users' bio and all that kinda stuff. More importantly, you can send this user a private message and add the person to your friends' list.

Play Porn Games

For those of you into games, don't hesitate to try the porn games. These sex simulated games can be played in multiplayer or single-player mode. You also get to play these games with gamers in your country. Pretty cool eh?

Engage in Live Sex

Eporner also packs the live sex option to satisfy your big sexual cravings. You get to meet girls whose only purpose for being here is to make cash and at the same time, chat dirty to you while showing you their gorgeous bodies.

I encountered a serious problem while trying to have live sex with one of the 1624 models that were online at the moment though. Her name sexy_coco_bigboobs, but I wasn't able to go any further as the next screen I got was blank. I tried another model by the name of AlitaAngel, but I got the same blank response, so I tried yet another one and I experienced the same. Probably, the link in this section is broken. The site's maintenance team needs to definitely do something about this.

Why not try the Meet and Fuck option

Here you get to meet horny people in your area. Clicking on this option actually redirects you to another website. The website varies, I think, cos the first time I clicked on the meet and fuck option it directed me to, but on the second click, I'm being directed to

Anyways. I think the most important aspect is that these sites try to connect you with horny folks in your immediate community or those closest to where you presently are. No need traveling around the world cos of a one-night stand.

Free Content for you to stream and Download

Finally, what you all have been waiting to hear. Yes, the content is free and Yes, you can download this stuff for free too. With the number of videos, pictures and Gif is offering this seems quite unbelievable. Well, better wake up and believe it.

You get to chance to also upload those your homemade porno movies, but to do this you must be a registered member and all of that other stuff. Just register and get access to all the cool features offers.

HD content

We love watching videos in High definition, actually, nothing makes porn more disgusting than watching a low definition porn video. Eporner packs a massive collection of HD porn videos all in different categories. Get wet to hardcore HD sex movies. Porn sites don't get better than this?

Well, it gets better. There is first, the 4K porn ultra HD videos which promise that you will see every inch of your pornstar's body in very high definition, making you feel like you are live where the video is being shot.

The second is the 60FPS, these sweet videos are said to have been shot and uploaded in 60 frames per second and they boast of having almost the same effect as you being in the room where the action is happening.

Eporner Review: My Final Words

Many other reviews try to discredit the Eporner web Site design and the arrangement of the amateur collection. I think they did and are still doing a superb job in these two categories. The site is well arranged from the most recent, top-rated, most viewed, longest. Pardon me, but I think this is the proper way to sort out videos.

They also have a feature to arrange some of these categories in alphabetical order, excuse me, what else do you want.

I only had issues with the regular popup ads and this is to be expected from a web site offering you free content, even to the extent of giving you the free download button.

If you need free porn that you can watch over and over again, then head down to


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