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On visiting this Xkeez Movies, the only thing that keeps coming to our mind is a nickname. Yap, you heard that right, a nickname! How about we call it a “Red Devil in Black”? Sounds mean. right? Well… that’s because it is. We couldn’t like to use the word “Rigid” because they still find time to explore.

Arriving this website gives you so many impressions, but the most likely is meticulous; no unnecessary sex positions, just hardcore sex as we know it. Remember those adult parties with a bold inscription on the entrance that says “+18 only”? This is the porn version of it.

We Got Da' 411 - XkeezMovies Review

In this xkeez movies review, we are bringing you the good, the bad, and the sexy parts. Do you also wish to know what makes the site stand out? Well… more reason you should stick around because it going to be a long ride around the world of the “Red Devil… “.

One of the uniqueness of this platform lies in its features, sections, and subsections and we will be examining their contents one by one. We understand that porn models are the heartbeat of every porn site, they are the reason why visitors even go there in the first place which is why we will be talking about that too. Preview 4 U

The black background (with a touch of red) that comes with this site makes it look more like the devil ‘s sex party. Well, mere looking at the video contents lined in a gallery format with those static video picture representation, you will understand that there is absolutely something scary about these sex videos – all looks extremely meticulous.

The platform has less to do with experimental sex, rather they believe so much in conventionality, but their kinda conventionality comes with a special kind of uniqueness. With the most user-friendly interface and tens of partners, your journey to a total meticulous sex adventure has just started.

Good, Safe Porn Content & Sections

Do you think you are a porn addict? Wait till you come across the sections and sub-sections on this site. The ones on the menu bar look a bit innocent, and it has just five sections on the menu: HD Porn Videos, category, porn star, videos, and best sites. We don’t know whether it will be relevant to go into details, anyways, let’s scratch it.

The “HD porn Videos” section contains the site’s xxx HD quality movies. It is a collection of the best quality porn videos carefully arranged in one spot. Each of these videos is designed in such a way that members can actually get to rate them. The Porn Star section speaks for itself. It contains an individual profile of each model which also includes their videos, fan reviews, e.t.c.

The Category section contains all the categories on this site has. It has way over 30 different categories carefully arranged in rolls. This is the place you get to get practically what you want depending on your sexual definition e.g. Lesbians, Gays, Meldon, e.t.c.

This site understands the power of networking and partnership. These guys partnered with independent porn studios who use their platform to showcase their contents which they upload on the Porn Studios section. We also get to understand that these independent porn studios work with the keez porn site management as per the kind of porn to submit to be site. This is ‘cos these guys also have the same “Red Devil” kinda sex videos. Some of these independent porn studios contained on this platform include:

  • 69 Position

  • 720p Porn

  • Amateur Porn

  • Anal Gape

  • Blonde, e.t.c.


Xkeez movie comes with a lot of interesting features that can even make you last longer than some people’s sex performance. The features on this site play almost some role with its sections. It contains links that lead you to some external porn sites with exciting videos. Some of the features include:

  • Advertising

  • Earn Money

  • DMCA

  • My Terms of Use

  • Member Login

  • Best Porn Studios, e.t.c.
Let’s not bore you with their details, but on a subsequent note, we may have to share some important details on one or two, but right now, there are still areas of the site to cover. Let’s move on.

Xkeez Porn Movie - Pros and Cons

We will try and be neutral, we won’t try to play the perfectionist here because we understand that one bitch’s favorite dick, is another’s slog. So let’s play it matured! Okay… let’s go! The point is, this site is like a coat of many colors to porn enthusiasts; some love it, while others are a little skeptical about it. We don’t know where you belong but whatever opinion you share about this site, we respect it. Let’s go back to business.

Rules You Gotta Know

No need to start all over to repeat our respect for porn sites with clear Terms and Conditions, you already know, so let’s move on. The site’s Terms of Use is very clear and considerate, but surprisingly enough their idea of an adult is a bit different. They strictly placed their adult age at 21, sounds discrete right? Well... There you go.

Masterful Models & Pornstars

We will be very concise here, keez pornstars are pretty. If we say pretty we mean super pretty probably better than your gal friend s (no offense). And the fact they fuck meticulously hard makes them even super sexy in the act.



Year Launched

Payment Methods

The “Red Devil…” theme makes it awkwardly sexy, and the characters that put up in the videos make them compatible.

There are more than enough videos on the platform to keep you going.

Their partnership with porn studios makes it have different concepts of sexual experience, but with the same (Red Devil…) peripherals.

There porn full-length HD videos are actually free, meaning that even non-members can access it.

They have an organized Terms of Use, meaning that their management is coordinated

Their videos are too meticulous to be adventurous, there should be something different.

The site design should be reviewed, the red and black colors are cool though, but the site is a bit archaic.

The social plugins on the top of the site is seem hidden; more reason there should be an overhaul of the site.

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