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KamaBaba, yet another Indian porn tube site that has caught my attention. In Hindi, Kama means lust, and Baba means some sort of guru.

Also known as ClipsAge, this site has been doing rounds in the porn arena lately. However, this pornsite is not a new player in the game. I guess, I’ve been blind all these days.

Anyhow, I’ve been exploring this site for the last week or so. Honestly, it’s not that bad. However, at the same time, it’s not something to be grooved over. Since Indian pornos are hard to find, I had to spend quite some time on this site to see if it fits my taste.

Here’s my no-shit review of this desi porn website!

Clipsage Kamababa Review – Good Indian Pornsite or Nah?

Okay now, I have a 3-point checklist to decide whether if it’s a good adult site or not. The first one is, the number of videos. Here, this site scores well above the average. With approximately 30000 sex videos, Clipsage does it very well in this aspect.

The second point is the site design. I’d say, the pornsite does a decent job. Not too robust or not too shabby. Let’s just say, it stays just out of the mud.

And the final point being video quality, about half of the videos in this site are of poor video quality. Let’s not beat around the bush, in this aspect, the Kamababa does a poor job. I’d blame the website admins. Come on man, don’t allow every other fucking video to be on this site. Get yourself a content review team, I say!

KamaBaba Videos – Hot or Rot?

Alright dude, here’s the thing. When it comes to Indian pornos, you can’t just expect the content to be shot professionally by a porn studio. The porn game in the country is as good as dead.

The Indian government and the local culture is the culprit. Porn is still a highly taboo issue over there. And, the government has already banned a ton of pornsites, including the evergreen Pornhub. Now, you get the point, right?!

So, 99% of the videos are captured by the guy who’s fucking his girl. Expect a lot of 240p videos. I mean, a lot!

However, if you can loosen the lace a bit about the video quality, you can enjoy these desi porn videos. They don’t contain the cringe action play that you see in the western porn. No boy, no gymnastic sex performed by a two ultra-fit humans. We don’t have that here.

Instead, you’ll get to see some natural and raw fucking between two normal-looking people. So, that’s one good thing.

Clipsage Porn models – How sexy are these Indian whores?

Ummmm, they aren’t porn models, are they?! Well, Clipsage is not a porn brand or studio. And, all the videos uploaded here are amateur. So, the girls in them don’t count as models.

Anyhow, let’s talk about the Indian sluts. Are they sexy? Well, yes and no! Come on, how can you label all the women in a country into one category? You can’t!

So, how hot are these bitches? To be honest, an average Indian whore is almost as hot as your next door Latina bitch. Similar skin tone, similar curves, and similar bodies.

But, but, but, Indian bitches are more introverted and shy. Well, at least until you get their clothes off.

I’ve visited several desi porn tubes, but, this pornsite is where I’ve seen the most number of Indian fuglies. Again, the site admins need to do a lot of work. Don’t allow the videos with fat ugly bitches onto the site. – Large collection of desi porn

Do you remember me talking about the huge porno database of this site? Well, here’s the thing. There are about 30,000 Indian sex videos, with new ones being uploaded daily.

So, there’s not dearth for the adult films here. However, are all of these scenes good? Nope, not at all. In fact, only a few of them are good, while most of the videos suck ass.

First of all, the majority of the scenes here are short. I mean, I’ve seen so many less-than-one-minute pornos here. What am I expected to do with those? I couldn’t even get my dick hard, let alone jack off to them.

If the video’s lengthy, then there’s this issue of quality. About half of the videos here are available in low-quality formats such as 240p or 360p. I can’t even see the right tit properly. Fuck that! However, if you’ve got time and patience, you can find real Indian porn gems here. We’ve got a lot of high-quality desi porn scenes here. It’s just that you gotta be smart to find them. – Categories, Tags, and Filters

See man, if you’re stuck on a mediocre pornsite and want to find the few good pornos over there, being smart and savvy is the way to go.

With Kamababa, you need it more than ever. The homepage sucks, so forget about it. Just go over to the categories, and quickly go through the 18 categories presented here. And then we have about 50 tags, through which you could find your luck, stumbling upon a hidden desi porn gem. Apart from these two options, there’s one thing that you should do, to find the best videos on this site.

Here’s the thing. On the homepage, you see 5 options, which are, Newest, Best, Most Viewed, Longest, and Random. Don’t bother about Newest, and Random.

The Best and Most Viewed tags take you to the high rated desi flicks. And then, for more, go to the Longest sections and click only on the videos marked with the HD tag. That’s it.

Clipsage Kamababa Review – My conclusion

Nope, not really worth your time, especially if you’re not a sucker for desi porn. However, if you’re seriously into Indian sex videos, give this website a try.

If you don’t want to waste your time, just follow my suggestions and find the best videos using the homepage video filters.

Oh btw, there’s one more good thing about it. The video player is super-fast, making it very easy to stream the videos.

Other than that, I don’t see anything special about this porn site. So, it’s your call!


Year Launched

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Huge desi porn collection

Neat site design

Robust filters and categories


Lot of pop-up ads

A lot of low-quality videos

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