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Who the fuck names a pornsite like! It took me a good couple of minutes to even pronounce the fucking name. Dude, go easy on the name.

Anyhow, it doesn’t matter how crappy and weird the name is, is the content good? Are the pornos sexy enough to help me cum? How good are these desi bitches?!

Well, you’re gonna get all the answers very soon. But, let me ask you this. Do you fap to desi sluts? If yes, have you found a good Indian pornsite? If you haven’t, hear me out, and read this review in full. – Weird name…weird videos too?

Uhhhh, let me be honest, this is indeed a weird porn site. And no, I’m not talking about just the name. There are a lot of weird things about it, but not all of them are bad. Let’s talk about the basics. Are the videos any good? Well, yes and no! Some are better than the others, and we’ll talk more about this later.

How about the site design? Good and bad. Again, I’ll tell you more about it very soon. At least, good amount of videos? Hell yeah, that’s one absolutely good thing about this desi porno website. There are tons of sex movies to go through. You won’t be disappointed at that. In India, people usually call them blue films, rather than porn movies. So, I’d be using the term frequently. Got it?! Review – Let’s talk about the Indian blue films

Ok now! What’s good about the Indian pornos?! Well, you see, with western porn, you don’t get to see the sensual art of getting a dick into a pussy, lol. Isn’t it? The western porn has become too mechanical. And don’t even get me started about the sex performers. They’re too muscular and unrealistic. You won’t be seeing such ultra-fit dudes and chicks out in the real life too often. However, since the Indian porn arena hasn’t been spoiled by the money-hungry adult movie mafia, these hindi blue films usually have people fucking each other, while looking real and natural.

That’s what I love about the Indian blue films. Anyhow, does this website has good Indian porn content?! Oh yes! Well, are all the clips good here? Ummm, let me think, well no!

Let’s just say, about 6 videos out of 10 are good enough for you to jerk off watching. My main issue is the quality issue. However, I’m gonna talk about it later down the road.

As of now, there are 394 pages full of desi blue films. Each page contains about 25 videos. So, a quick math tells me, the website has a bit less than 10,000 Indian sex scenes. For me, it’s more than good enough.

How hot are the Indian bitches at

See man, in general, Indians are beautiful bitches. Of course, not all of them are sexy goddesses. However, on average, an Indian chick is hot, curvy, and cute.

Most importantly, they’re very feminine. When they’re featured in a blue film, expect to see a lot of sensual moves and gestures. They don’t act like your typical masculine af western porno sluts. Nah, we don’t allow it here.

These desi whores are usually cute and innocent to being with, but once the action gets going, you’ll see their wild sides. I really like it that way. Makes me horny af!

Did I tell you that there is some weird stuff here? Well, here goes it. This porn site has tons of Deepfake sex videos with Indian movie actresses.

Yep! You heard it right. If you’re familiar with Bollywood, you can enjoy lot of sex movies with morphed faces of those mainstream actresses. If you don’t know it already, Deepfake is an advanced software that lets you create fake realities.

Actually, it’s not even easy to identify if the video is fake or not. So, get ready to jerk off to lots of fake Bollywood porn.

It’s time to talk about the video quality

This site sucks ass when it comes to the quality of videos. Most of them are available in 240p or 360p video quality. I mean, in what decade we’re living?!

It fucking sucks when there’s a sexy blue film but only available in low quality. Fuck you, uploader!

The video player is basic, but does the job really well. It’s fast and simple. Nothing much to talk about.

Each video comes with a brief description. However, it’s in hindi. So if you don’t understand it, forget about it.

Site Design, Tags, Filters, and Navigation

To begin with, the website is neatly designed. Not too basic, and not too fancy. The theme goes easy on the eye.

There are several tabs for you to filter out the videos. Apart from the standard Home tab, we have a Best BF tab, which includes all the antarvasna sex videos of desi sluts getting pounded by their boyfriends.

And then there are several tabs which are in Hindi. So, let me loosely translate them for you. We have got a categories tab, along with Desi Bhabi (mostly incest), Hindi sex, Aunty, and Tags.

There are about 35 categories with loads of antarvasna sex films. This site is also associated with several other adult websites including sex story websites. So, if you’re interested in such things, there’s something for you at the bottom of the homepage. – Can I fap to the Antarvasna sex videos?

Of course, you can! But, is it worthy of your time. Well, I’d say, mostly. See dude, there are tons of free Indian pornos here. However, I’ve serious concerns about the video quality. The moderation team should take extra care about it. Why would you upload crappy quality sex movies? I mean, who’d still watch 240p pornos?

If you’ve got time to filter out the low-quality videos, go for it. If that’s not the case, screw this site and move on to the next desi adult site.


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