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Ms Rihanna can get this banana and create our BannedSextapes. These celebrity porn sex tapes are prohibited from public view, but this website has gotten their greedy hands on all of them somehow. Illuminati? College fraternity partners? I'm only kidding.

Time must have slowed down a bit because most are from 2011, at least it seems that way. I guess 2011 was when "celebrity sextapes" were at their height. However, further investigations revealed they have sextapes from different periods, even the 70s. That's gonna interesting!

I digress. My job to review this site to if what they claim is the real deal. Cum walk me. Review - My View into Nude Adult Hidden Sextapes

I love that Banned Sextapes logo. Feels like I've seen it somewhere before. Anyway, I'm a bit leery about gaudy advertisements on a homepage before entering a site. For example, Banned Sex Tapes has a list of only 5-star reviews from "members." That's questionable.

Entering banned celebrity sextapes has a collage of different celebrities such as Mega Fox, Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna half-nude. You should be looking at it right now. The site claims to have 18,650+ hours of videos. Woah, that's a lot! Boredome will never set in when using this porn site.

I can attest that this banned sextape site is the real deal. I'm looking at naked female celebrity bodies right now as we speak. Hot like fire. Now, we know how to they look under those clothes. No more imagining.

However, there's no need to look at Kim Kardashian's boobs anyway, because we've all likely saw those puppies multiple times. Kanye, how you gonna marry someone who became famous because of a sextape. Life is so amazing at times.

Are These Celebrity Porn Sex Tapes Really Banned?

If I watched the best sextapes before, then I know YOU and OTHER PEOPLE have saw them too. Hell to tha' naw, they ain't banned. I think that's an advertisement plow. The owners probably thought to call a website "Banned Sextapes" to make it seem uber exclusive.

But to play the devil's advocate, some of these sex tapes are hard to find because the publicist for these celebrities probably hit up different xxx sites with cease and desist letters to remove the content, especially when a celebrity wants to "clean up" their image. Therefore, this site seems to have EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY SEXTAPES that you cannot find anywhere else. Remember, all of this is conjecture.

What Celebrities Are on the Banned Sex Video Site?

Everyone who have showed nudity or done something sexual on screen is on this site. The easiest way to see the content is to sign up to get instant access to 95,000 movies in all. So, if a sex tape of your favorite celebrity exists out there in the digital ionosphere, BannedSextapes should have a copy.

Most featured sextapes are of female celebrities. There exist some male celebrity sex tapes sprinkled around. One is Tommy Lee banging the shit outta Pamela Anderson. We've all probably seen that one at one point in our lives. Softcore male nude pics are available like shots of Chris Pratt's ass or Tom Odell shirtless.

Here are some female celebrities sex movies unearthed:

  • Jessica Alba (Man, she has got to be the hottest celebrity ever)

  • Katy Perry (maybe that guy from Catfish who was duped into thinking he was dating Katy Perry can finally see what he is missing)

  • Kelle Hazell

  • Halle Berry (probably her nude boob pics from Swordfish)

  • Pamela Anderson (we've all seen this one)

  • Jennifer Aniston

  • Jessica Simpson

  • Miley Cyrus (acting freaky to sell records)
Not only does the site has Hollywood celebrity sex tapes, but any sextape of any person who is relevant or famous. For example, have you ever heard of a woman named Abi Titmuss? Wow, what a name for this review! Tit-Muss. Like, I MUST have TITS! Any who, she's a famous poker player and an English actress. She does every freaky sex act imaginable on her sex tape.

For all you Bollywood fans out there, I'm 100% sure you will find a sex tape of your favorite Indian actresses. Remember, if a legal sex tape (that excludes R Kelly's sex tape) exists in the universe, likely has a copy. In fact, any erotic sex scene in a commercial movie or porn movie is here in full.

You need to know that some celebrities are tight-asses who play the 'goody two-shoes' role like they would never do something as dirty as a sextape. Yuck! Yet, these same women were praising disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein heavily, often fishing for a movie role, allegedly. Other celebrities who spoke out about Harvey Weinstein's antics early on revealed that a lot of the women in his films might have let him bust their cheeks, allegedly.

However, some celebrities are the real deal and stay very personal and reserved in their private life. But they might have gotten naked in a movie or music video or two. I believe some movies are made for the sole purpose to insert a sex scene and get the actress or actor to strip nude. I say that because some of these movies are boring as shit. Take Penelope Cruz's and Charlize Theron's hot lesbian threesome in the movie Head in the Clouds. for instance. They might not have full sex tapes, but they got a bit freaky. Gotta sign up to see!

Cut the Bullshit & Tell Me How To Sign Up for a Premium Membership!

Broski, BannedSextapes makes signing up so easy. Instant Access banners are posted everywhere on the site. You can't miss them.

3 membership prices will unlock the content. Full payment with a credit card grants access for the time frames:

  • 2 days - $1

  • 1 month - $29.95

  • 3 months - $59.95

BannedSexTapes Review - Final Word

Bannedsextapes is the perfect website if you are into celebrity porn. Any sextape that exists in the universe is here. Check out the largest collection of sextapes on the market. Moreover, this site is one of the easiest I have worked. 100% legit. No complaints.


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