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Halt, who goes there! Make way for the AssTraffic. Anal, Anal, upon anal sex all day directing traffic - green light - like a delivery driver. Based on the "glow," and high-quality imagery of the site, I would have to say this is the best anal premium porn site I have witnessed so far! Review - Shut Up & Ride

Look at the way she rides that dick! The AssTraffic's billboards look so much better than the rest of the anal porn sites roadways on the internet. I think that the user-interface expert in charge of creating this design has the skills of racecar driver or mechanic by the way the video thumbnails are methodically placed.

The reason I said "shut up and ride" is because all I see is a bunch of guys in the driver seat fucking these hot ass models right in the pussy, right in the mouth, and directly in the ass. So, there is much more hardcore sex going on here than just anal. Anal is a byproduct. However, all of these models are doing anal for sure. Anal, here. Anal, there. Anal, everywhere. Double penetrations happen a lot too!

Make a Right of Way for the SubCatgory Tabs

No one is ghost riding the dicks here. We can identify every model behind the wheel. There is a tab that connects the webpage to all of the models featured in many of these xxx assfucking videos. The thumbnails show a full body photo of the model. She's smiling as if she is taking a family portrait. Directly below there is a caption that says, "View her movie." Well, you know what I did. I pulled over to the side on the shoulder and viewed the movie! This page opened up a bio of the model with details about her skin tone, breasts, ethnicity, and more characteristics. Scroll down a bit. There is a list of all her videos. The upper lefthand corner has the resolution of the video (4K, 5K, etc.), date posted, number of comments, and a rating based on the 5-star scale. Awesome!

Clicking on a movie and I see a large trailer preview with the white triangular play symbol. It does not mean merging lanes, so I guess it's ok for me to press it. Viola! A one minute preview? That sucks. They should be longer. Watching 6 seconds of random scenes crammed in a one-minute video is all you're gonna get.

Pay attention to the crosswalk because there is a download button below the movies. Yep, you can download the full video after getting a subscription. Remember something. This is a PREMIUM porn site, which means you will get no play unless you dig in your pockets and pay up. Now, you can go to PornHub or a Porn Aggregator and watch a few free full movies, but the best ones are under lock and key like a chastity belt.

This specific video with Julia de Lucia can be unlocked for only three tokens. There are a bunch of tags below the videos, but some of them are blocked out - I wonder why. If you keep scrolling down you will a photo gallery of the model posing to be chosen and Screencaps to see still shots from the video scenes. Pretty cool shit.

AssTraffic Background Information: Perfect Gonzo Network

The About page gives information about AssTraffic. I've just discovered they are part of the Perfect Gonzo Network. In fact, you can reach through and the same scenes will be there. Apparently, they have purchased this vehicle (site)  in 2003 and it has over 1750+ miles (movies) on it. Not bad.

You won't get a proper review unless we talk about the filters. has a sorting filter by Release Date and Rating. There should be more options than that. The most popular video only has 10 comments. I can't see the number of views. This video was posted in 2008, and some of the comments are describing the video contents. A few of them are identical. it makes me think someone is adding these comments to make the video or site seem more popular than it is.

The Support tab takes you to a help desk to search for answers to frequently asked questions. There is an entire list of articles dedicated to this section. One of them says, "how can I meet one of the models?" A question many of us have asked since porn was invented. I'll answer it for you - the AVN Awards. When I clicked on that question, the administrator says this is not possible. That's pretty funny. I guess it ain't possible to meet these no-personality whores. Yea, I've listened closely to the dialogue in these video, and they're empty like an airhead. There is a Submit A Ticket to the Help department where they ask for name, email, priority speed, topic, and subscription ID if it's a question about billing.

Fees to Get Your AssTraffic License

Join now opens information to create an account. They won't give you the time of day unless you are coming up off some dough. It's simple to start the membership with general data like an email, username, and password. Putting this information opens the Jack-in-Box full of treats like 2000+ scenes and all-exclusive access to the entire Perfect Gonzo Network, which includes the following websites:

  • SpermSwap

  • TamedTeens

  • PrimoCupe

  • CumforCover

  • PurePOV
I haven't heard of any of these porn sites, except for Pure POV and I love the content there!

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Approximate membership prices:

  • 1-year - $120

  • 3 months - $70

  • 1-month - $30

  • 3 days - $3

Asstraffic Review - It's Time 2 Hit the Road, Jack!

We got the 411 about Asstraffic. It's an ok site, but it feels like there is something missing. I probably would not pay to see the premium content here unless I see a model I really like. The scenes are really hot though, and burns in your mind. Other than that, I give it a dick-thumbs up.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, Epoch via PayPal

Very clean, crisp anal sex based website - doesn't look down, dirty, or dingy like the others

A lot of anal porn models here

Best video quality has absolutely nothing to do with traffic!

No names of the male models - but who gives a fuck about them, right?

Has regular sex mixed with the anal sex

List of models are not in alphabetical order

Short trailer previews

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