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SoftCoreTube is not the best porn platform in terms of design, but the contents are superb. It comes with few features and categories but in all, it still maintains that powerful erotic pleasure that comes with a standard porn website. Review - Promise

Just as always, NSFW411 will be coming to thrill you with another exciting review, and this time, we will be talking about some important features of Softcore Tube website. Some of the things to expect include: the type of video they upload, their features and categories, Pros and Cons of this website, and relevant points that needs to be made.

Free Softcore Porn Tube Preview

Though with a poor website design, the full movies video contents depict nothing less than professionalism. The mixture of all types of porn videos makes Softcore Tube a hub for different sex videos including cartoon sex, (Hantia) lesbian sex, romantic scenes, e.t.c. In all Softcore Tube is indeed a home of female sex videos.

A Brief Overview of Videos Categories Softcore Clips

Hey sweeties!....its about that time again when we go down to yet another path of another porn review; bringing you another top performing female porn website. But I will be a bit apologetic here, reason is ‘cos this is not my favorite kinda porn site. But who am I to complain, after all I am just a female porn reviewer with big tits! Lol. Okay… Now that you know, let’s get down to business.

Arriving on this platform for the first time, the first impression will be outch!... (mine was Damn!). Not because of the videos there but the outward look of the free softcore tube, without menacing words the website design sucks! Like… big time.

But on going through this softcoretube, we still noticed they added some clips of Hollywood movies to it. Though not entirely a bad idea, but we kinda think that at least it should have been done in an organized way, probably creating a section for it. From the way it is currently arranged, one can easily mistake it for non-porn videos (‘cos I did). Felt like I was in a theater.

Their “Related Video” section comes in tens. When say related videos we mean those videos that comes up beneath every episode. We consider this an important aspect of Softcore Tube because it helps in bringing up newer similar videos like the ones you watched.

We think it is also important that we comment on the social media engagement of this Softcore Tube. Their Twitter handle has only 598 Followers, and the engagement is very low. So if there is anything these guys should be working on, it is to improve on their engagement from all levels.

Free Softcore Tube Review - The Best Categories and Features

Softcore Tube comes with few categories and a lot subcategories. Like always, we won’t be listing all,  but will be mentioning the major ones which we also the most visited. Some of those are:


This is where you get to see the most of both cartoon sex videos and Hentia videos as well. There are two categories of cartoon sex videos: 2D and 3D.

  • Live Sex

This is where you are meant to connect with the models live for real time visual sexual experience via a web Cam.

  • Best Free Sex Games

This section of the website is where you get to best sex video games which is also playable on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Softcore Tube Porn Game

Not too many porn websites have this type of section on their platforms. I guess many of you are yet to come across sex video games, well… this is your opportunity to see one ‘cos Softcore Tube has quite a sizable amount of it. But it will still be important to note that you must have a fast internet connection to enjoy this games.

Softcore Tube Live Cam Section

This is where you get to sign up for a live Cam sex session. All you need is to find your preferred model and join her connection. But we also noticed that you will be referred to for this just like they do on their video game section.

The Comments Section

Softcore Tube created a different section where users can comment on each video but you must first log in to participate. We also noticed that the comments section is not that active as there are very few people who that uses it, this is also an evidence that the user engagement is very low.

Rules on Softcore Tube

Unfortunately softcore tube doesn’t have either a privacy policy section, or Legal terms of use, so one cannot out rightly say the age requirement for viewing the contents of site. But we will be magnanimous enough to do it on their behalf. The expected age of using any porn site is 18 years and above and it has not changed.


Okay honey, we will be ending it here, but let’s draw a few remark before finally rounding it up. The point is that the beauty of every porn website lies in the design, even if the videos are of the best quality, first impression still matter a lot in this case. This is more reason the managers of this platform must focus more on an overhaul rather than adding new contents. Okay… That’s it. We have to go. Thanks for your time. I’m still yo Bae (The Big Tits). Cheers!


Year Launched

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The video contents are top notch.

They have enough videos to make any user stay glued to the site.

There are combination of videos and movies.

Has an active Twitter handle.

It has a very poor website design.

It has a poor video arrangement; both the movies and the porn videos are mixed.

Has no rules guiding it, which is non professional of them.

Lacks creativity from all angles.

They lacks professionalism.

Majority of the contents are original; they always refer you to another platform

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