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I wrote this review about ImgBox, a free image hosting site, so you don’t waste your time wondering if it is worth your time and/or money.

Have no fear because Mr. Porno-man is here!

ImgBox Review: Specs

ImgBox has been trucking along for 7 years strong. They seem really proud of that.

Some major specs:

  • 10MB - this is a pretty large amount for the picture

  • Accepts GIF, PNG, JPEG

  • Stack uploads to make a gallery

  • SSL-enabled encryption - usually see this with casino sites; this is the highest protection for your data

  • Unlimited storage time - your ass would spend thousands of hours uploading porno and there is no cap on how much you can upload

  • Hotlinking - direct link with html code

ImgBox Review: Pros

  • Quickest and easiest way to upload images ever; you don't even need an account 

  • Very private type of website; can almost send porn anonymously

  • Allows user comments

  • Fast speeds

ImBox Review: Cons

  • Motherfucker, no porn!

  • Can’t see other people’s galleries

ImgBox is Free Motherfucker!

Dude, this is literally NOT a porn site.

Like, it doesn’t have ANYTHING related to porn on it.

I slipped my Einstein thinking cap on and typed the words ‘ImgBox’ and ‘porn’’ into the Google search engine and viola.

Guess what I have discovered?

Not a damn thing.

No porn whatsoever.

I’m wondering how this site made this list?

I would be afraid of uploading porn here fearing the FBI popping of nowhere and busing down my door. 

  • Can you find free porno on ImgBox? Yes!

  • Is it made for finding free porno - Hell no!
It ain’t no Erome.com. That’s an adult image hosting site WITH porn.

ImgBox.com is so different because it's literally just another PHOTO hosting site. You can upload anything on there and share the content with your friends for free. 

It’s sorta like Google Docs.

You can upload images to your account, get the bb code direct link, and share with your mate.

ImgBox Review: How Does this Private Image Hosting Work?

Who will benefit the most from this photographs hosting site?

Preferably, it’s made for people who want to share porno between each other.

Let’s say you have some exclusive porn pics you don’t want everybody to see. 

You might be afraid of them getting out to the public, but want a secure image hosting site to save them.

ImgBox is your man.

Best of all, you can stay anonymous since the site is free and you can upload WITHOUT an ACCOUNT.

The site will ask if the content you’re loading is Family safe content or Adult content. Obviously, it's good that they got two sections for this difference.


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