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Camarads Review

For all, you folks out there looking for something new in voyeurism get ready to have your mind blown by This site features Russian models and couples going about their daily activities while allowing you to peek on them for the fun of it. The top psychologists say that voyeurism is a psychological disorder.

Well that's pretty boring, you say. I probably shouldn't have left the sweetest part out, yh, you guessed right, you also get to see these couples fuck and not cos a porn director tells them to, but that's because it’s what they love to do. You also get to see models topless a lot of times cos we all know girls like being au naturel indoors.

I know you perverts aren't pleased with the fact that voyeurism is outlawed. Peeking into the private lives of your neighbor isn't really cool, but don't fret has got you covered and gives you all that experience. It's almost like you're in a reality TV show with these guys willing to let you into their daily lives through voyeur cams.

Camarads gives you the chance to even replay events which you might have missed while you were away and with the addition of the new picture gallery button, things justgot a lot more interesting.

Camarads Cam Site: The Welcome Page

At the homepage don't expect some kind of ceremonial welcome, treating you like a crowned prince or a war hero. The homepage doesn't even give you previews like porn sites would. Those goodies are for members with a premium membership.

Once I got to the homepage, I was greeted by a voyeur cam showing me a boring-ass sitting room with nothing going on. The time was 06:39 GMT, the couple in that apartment were probably in the bedroom sleeping, ooh wait I just saw a naked couple come out of the bedroom. Damn couldn't watch them cos I’m just a basic member. Keep in mind, these are live streaming cams running 24-hours daily.

At the homepage you see the live, the replay and the gallery button all waiting to be clicked by a premium member, not you - a fucking basic member. Well, the lights in the bedroom just went out so I guess this couple just finished screwing each other and I've missed out on all the fun, well I’ll get them next time.

There is also a preview of the available rooms shown on the homepage, I tried counting every room. I think there are about 9 apartments with more than 70 rooms in total.

If you love watching girls masturbate on live cams, I’ll definitely recommend two out of these apartments for you. The names of the girls in these apartments are Olivia and Anne. Don't say I never did any free thing for you though.

What You Get As A Basic Member has some interesting stuff to offer you stingy folks who don't like parting ways with your cash or would I say you guys who think everything in the world should be free.

As a regular user, Camarads allows you to watch what’s going on in some of the rooms like the sitting room, dining, and kitchen for free. No need to sign up to watch these rooms. Just hit play and probably grab a popcorn cos the only thing you would see is sofas and tables. You would also probably see models just passing through the kitchen or sitting room while trying to get stuff. That’s what you get for free.

Well, since your stingy ass doesn't want you to put down your credit card details don't be expecting any action here. The majority of the time these rooms are always empty. Just get ready to make the sofa your next best friend.

What you get as a premium member

So, you finally got bored of looking at the sofas and signed up for the premium membership plan. I think Camarads and sites like Camarads don’t even recognize the basic members or count you basic members as relevant.

Well, they are now ready to show you all the more exciting features you must have been dying topee all this time you were just a basic member.

Rooms like the bathroom and bedroom are now unlocked for your viewing pleasure and trust me, there is a lot of nudity to see in these rooms. Oops, you said you see tons of nude girls every time, my bad, I forgot to mention and a lot of screwing also.

Get ready to see amateur porn at its finest, the kind porn sites don't even have to offer. I'm talking about live sex all the time with the aid of HD cameras.

Camarads also has a particular feature for only its premium members, this is the replay feature, so it doesn't matter if you are away, you can always catch up on what you have missed. And trust me when I say this, you must have missed whole lotta stuff while away. And guess what this replay goes as far back as 24 hours.

So, you don't need to bother if you miss some hours probably while you were running some of your other stuff, like maybe banging a real chic or surfing other porn sites.

Another bomb feature Camrads gives you the elite members is the ability to go through the photo gallery.

Here, you get to see pictures of your favorite models and couples in sexy positions, this way you always have a picture of them in your mind and on your phone or desktop. Set the pictures as your wallpaper and wank to them, whatever works best for you.

How much does it cost to become a premium member?

You finally asked the big question I’ve been waiting for you to ask, while you were still contemplating whether to become a premium member or not a lot of screwing has gone on. Well, you aren't too late though.

To become a premium member, you just need to pick a plan that fits your budget, enter your email and preferred password.

There are 3 premium membership plans, the first is $29.9 a month, the second is $24.95 a month for 3 months but this will be charged from your card at once. So, what I mean is with this second plan you will be charged $74.70. While the biggest plan lasts for six months and it costs $19.9 a month. Do the math on this one yourself. I know I’m here to help, but this isn’t a math class.

After picking my preferred payment plan, I was directed to a secure payment window, provided by Verotel. It seemed quite safe so I went for the $29.99 a month plan though. I didn't need more than that. I just had to input my card details and some other basic info that I can always find on my card and lastly my email address.

What other cool features does Camarads have to offer

You voyeurs thought that was all camarads was all about, not so fast. I'll give you a glimpse into two other features camarads offers it's premium voyeurs while the second is available for both premium and basic voyeur members.

The first is the affiliate program, camarads claims that when you refer a new member and the member decides to become a premium member. You get a 20%percentage of what your dear referral pays.

This is simply cool, after a successful referral, they ask you to input your preferred payment method, the smallest payout balance and also. They request for your Skype username just so they can remit the accrued cash to you when it reaches the amount set for the least payout.

Next is the news column, here you get to read updates on what is going on with your favorite couples, housemates or models and what is happening to them and their apartments, probably if it is getting renovated, if the couple is getting moved to another apartment, if they would be offline, if there are any new apartments added to the site or if there are any newly introduced features worth mentioning.

Just click on the news column and get up to date with what is happening on your favorite voyeur site.

On a final note after my thorough camarads review, I’ll definitely recommend camarads if you have some cash to spare on your journey into voyeurism and not looking for something free, if you are looking for free content just stop here.

Yet, camarads may need to add some features to compensate for the amount of cash they charge for the premium membership. Stuff like chatting with these hotties is popular on many other voyeur cam sites like camarads. An addition of this feature will definitely give members the feeling that they are not left out of all the fun, especially those that just aren't really into the whole peeping tom thing, or those who are more used to cam sites and love chatting with their fav models on sex cam.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB

24 hours voyeurism cams to watch all day

Video quality is in HD in every room

The mobile site is just as exciting to use as the desktop site

You also get to replay and watch stuffs you missed

Using this site will cost you quite a lot

No action unless you pay

You have to be familiar with the site to be able to navigate if you want to watch some fucking or masturbating action

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