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Reddit NSFW BustyPetite

Imagine a day where everywhere you go, all the young, fit girls all topless. Whether you are walking on the beach, strolling through the park or browsing an aisle, every girl you see bares her breasts au natural. Now wouldn’t that put a smile on your face?

Well guess what, there’s a site where all of these dreams become reality. A place where everyday beauties bare their breasts in private and public places as if it’s a normal activity, just like it should be! The place I’m talking about is r/BustyPetite on Reddit, where you will find:

  • Big tits and small hips

  • Thousands of hot, topless girls

  • HD pics and videos

  • Nude, sexy college girls

Busty Girls on Reddit Review

The first thing you'll notice when you land on BustyPetite is the banner at the top of the screen that shows nine photos of big-breasted hotties. Presumably, these are among the many highlights from the site’s seven-plus year history. Started in October 2012, the subreddit has one million members as of winter 2020.

The name of this subreddit should be half-evident to anyone who comes to view the content. Everyone knows what “busty” means. In case you’re assuming the “petit” suffix means that this feed is about small women with large breasts, you’re almost right. The theme is small-waisted women with huge racks.

Since this is an adult content subreddit, you must be 18 to view the content or post photos to the feed. When you press the Reddit keyboard shortcuts to move between posts, you will mostly see women in the 18–25 age range. A lot of these girls appear to be eighteen and fresh out of home. Others look like professional topless models in their early twenties.

Of all the adult content feeds on Reddit Inc., the site has some of the strictest quality control. Each photo is examined by the moderators the moment it’s posted. Only HD pics of big-breasted, small-waisted females, at least eighteen years of age, are allowed to stay on the site.

Nude Girls with Big Tits

As I press J to jump from post-to-post, I’m struck by the high quality of all the content on display. This is clearly one of the best adult pages offered by Reddit Inc.

The top image of the day, posted ten hours earlier with four thousand upvotes, shows a young woman from the neck-on down with her top pulled up to reveal a pair of natural, milky white, teardrop-shaped breasts.

The next three posts are embedded videos, courtesy of Gyfcat. The first features a young brunette hotty with pert tits and solid abs, pouting duck-lipped into her smartphone while twirling her bobbed hair. She looks like she could be a fitness or beauty vlogger on YouTube.

The next video shows a lip-to-waist view of a porcelain babe flashing her big bell-shaped breasts at the camera. She has some of the roundest, fullest and most symmetrical areolas I’ve encountered in recent memory.

The third video is a somewhat less spectacular overhead view of a soft white girl on her backside, pulling up her hoodie to show her pillowy breasts and shaved snatch.

As I scroll down further, I notice a range of mostly white women showing their full breasts in both indoor and outdoor settings. Contrary to other reviews of this subreddit, about half the posts I see on here are videos. Half the images show the girl’s face while the other half start below the nose or neck.

One of the qualities I really admire about this page is its combination of erotica and innocence. Despite it being an adult feed due to the nudity, there’s hardly anything that could be classified as porn among these images.

We’re talking about natural bare breasts in everyday settings. What could be more pure, wholesome and innocent than that? One pic that embodies natural to my eyes shows a frizzy-haired hippy chick seated chin-up in shallow waters with her hands braced to her hips amid the rich, blue backdrop.

The girls that you see in these photos and videos are your everyday college coeds, baristas, checkers and bank tellers. Basically, each of these models is your typical young hotty.

Some of these photos even look artistic. For example, one pic titled “Cute & Sexy” shows a nude redhead looking tenderly into the camera with her feet straddled between drawer tops against a gradient pink background. This could be the setup for a life drawing class.

A lot of these girls show their faces and could easily be identified, but I doubt there could be any harm done. After all, this is not a porn subreddit ala r/Grool.

Due to the high standards and quality control of this site, you will rarely catch stolen NSFW content or catfish posts on here. The pics are original content posted by the photographer, which in half the posts is the model herself.

The only suspicious photo I’ve spotted in the feed is this image of two smiling girls, eighteen or so, reclined side-by-side on a bed and eyeing the lens with inviting looks. Something about the saturated background, orangey skin and shaggy hair looks somewhat dated to me.

The title of the post says “Kelly Hall and Rhian Sugden.” I look up that second name. Turns out she’s a British glamour model born in 1986. Ah-ha, this photo is from the 2000s. I knew this had to have been from the Maxim/Lucy Pinder era.

Not all the photos actually show the nipples. One pic shows a blonde holding her hair up in a white mesh braw and g-string. It could be taken off an item page from a lingerie e-shop. I recognize the model as Nata Lee, known as natalee.007 on Instagram, where she has 4.1 million followers.

New HD Amateur Porn Pics

As with all adult feeds on Reddit Inc., you get four filtering options on here. The default filter is Hot, which shows you all the posts with the highest number of upvotes within the past 24 hours.

The other three filters are New, Top and Rising. Honestly, I see little difference between the filters, as they mostly show the same images.

Right now as I type, the only surprise is a promising looking selfie posted 16 minutes ago by a smoky-eyed brunette with pink nails, frosty skin and, yes indeed, huge teardrop breasts. I’m sure it will get thousands of upvotes in the hours ahead.

At any given time, there are between 1,500 and 2,000 members signed on at BustyPetite, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a flood of new pics by the minute. Unlike other nude subreddits, where thousands of active users will guarantee an ongoing stream, this feed stresses quality over quantity.

The Top filter gives you the most options by allowing you to narrow things down to six different timeframes, including popular pics from the feed’s seven-year history. Using that filter just now, I find a bouncy Gfycat video from 2016 of a shapely, olive-skinned Latina.

When I press the down key, I spot a nude back-shot of young black-haired girl, about eighteen. She turns to give the camera an innocent sideways glance. Shots like these arouse my protective instincts more than any sexual feelings.

Free Nudes and Sex Videos on Reddit

As with all communities on Reddit Inc., it costs nothing to be a member. All you have to do is log into your Reddit account and join the subreddit. You can even see the content without an account, but you won’t be able to comment on the posts.

The pics and videos are all free to view in the feed and download to your hard drive. To save a photo, right-click the image in the feed and it will download as a medium-sized image, typically in the 640 x 920, 70kb range.

For HD downloads of a given image, click to the post and press the image again to bring up the original size. In most cases, this will bring up a poster-size image at around 685kb. You can also download the Gfycat videos by right-clicking the embedded player and selecting “save as.”

You must be 18 or older to view the content, or so it says according to Reddit Inc. That said, nothing can stop any willing high school boys from gaining access to the site. As long as the girls posting pics are at least eighteen, it really doesn’t matter.

This is one of those nude subreddits that could appeal to both genders. While most men will look at these pics to get their rocks off, many women might appreciate some of these images as art.

If you’re like me, innocent pics of topless girls can serve as peaceful eye-candy, but they won’t exactly take you all the way. Me, I’m a stockings and heels man. I need to see some smoky bedroom eyes and pouty red lips to get into that kind of mood. That said, I saved several pics and clips during my visit to the site.

If raw, topless girls are your main source of sexual excitement, the page should definitely be in your Reddit feed. Sure, you can search Google images for pics of topless girls, but the best photos of this kind, including all the latest ones, are posted by the hour on this subreddit.


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